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Turnmills is one of London's most famous nightspots and continues to draw crowds of party people to Clerkenwell. The venue is also home to two bar/restaurants, a recording studio (available for hire), as well as the main club itself. Hedonism at its very best!

Please note that Turnmills has now closed.

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Opening Hours
Mon-Wed until 00:00
Thu until 03:00
Fri until 07:30
Sat until 05:00
Sun Closed

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Turnmills reviews

By Ronel A.

A group of us spent a Friday at Turnmills recently and loved the place. Groovy decor and secluded alcoves to explore if you've had enough of dancing.

Turnmills has a nice crowd, nice staff and a great atmosphere - no negative points at all. Would go again for sure!

By A.

We've just come back from the New Years Eve do with the Chemicals at Turnmills, and it was off the hook!

There were sexy ladies, block rocking beats, a good sound system, and something resembling a labyrinth of tunnels inside the club, which made it even more fun! All in all, we had an absolutely brilliant New Years at Turnmills in our nations capital! Nice one.

By S.

Yes! Turnmills has been done a lot but what a place. Get some friends who know their music and have a great night - it's all about the gallery.

Turnmills has no queue for drinks so get involved. Leave the Funky Buddha babies to chase Peter Crouch, I'll have this all day.

By C.

Well I think Turnmills is one of the best clubs around, I never found the doormen to be rude.

The music is great, it keeps you going all night and is good right up to when you leave. Turnmills is a very friendly place. I would certainly go back there.

By C.

Have been to Turnmills twice now, and have to say that both times have been a blast. I came up to London from Swindon and it was definitely worth it. The doormen are very rude, but who cares because you don't go to see them.

The music is really hard on a Friday. Turnmills makes you soon forget that hard week at work you have had. The bars are great as there is no queue. Would definitely recomend to all you old time ravers out there.

Remember the fun in the early 90s? Well, this is just as good. The club inside is very raw and the dress code isn't that strict.

By S.

Turnmills certainly has something a plethora of other clubs seem to lack - personality.

Sure it has a fairly tacky interior and bouncers who think they're god but what would normally put you off another place is forgotten about when you head down those steps and make your way into the club.

The size of the main room dictates how much you are going to like the night. It's far from huge and shaped a little awkwardly especially with the bar at the back. But it's personal and intimate, with mostly friendly people and a good sound system.

I've been to Turnmills three times now and for three separate types of nights. It gets great DJs through the week, a far cry from some of the other clubs which vary so much that in the one night you can be elated one minute, frustrated the next.

With the line-ups Turnmills attracts, you can get over the vices of this place.

By S.

I have been to pretty much all the clubs in London and am a regular at Fabric but went to Turnmills for a change. Yes, the doormen are possibly the worst in London but I thought this club was amazing.

Turnmills has a very zany interior but I loved it. I never once queued for a drink as there are so many tiny bars about. Plus, there's a really friendly crowd.

I personally loved Turnmills and will definitely go again. Well worth it. If you just want to club and chill out, I'd go here.

By Andrew M.

Never ever go to Turnmills. The door staff are hostile and rude, the bar staff slow and obnoxious. Turnmills looks like it was last decorated some time in the early 90s and the sound system is nothing short of appalling.

I experienced more of an atmosphere in the queue for the bus on the way there. It was the second time that I have been to Turnmills. I walked out the first time after two hours to go to Fabric, vowing never to step inside Turnmills again. Foolishly I gave it a second chance; never again, and don't you do it either.

Turnmills is a waste of a good fifteen pounds and a few hours of your life.

By J.

Turnmills is the most overrated club I've ever been to. The crowd were average and the bouncers at Turnmills were idiots.

By I.

I wont go into detail about how overcrowded Turnmills was and how expensive it was to get in or the general ambient hostility of the staff.

My main concern lies with the door security, who seemed determined to be as confrontational and aggressive as possible. They were appalling in the queue, grabbing and dragging people where they wanted them to go.

At the security gate a male bouncer grabbed my girlfriends wrist and pulled her, almost making her lose her balance. When I complained he gave a loud speech to me and the rest of the queue about how he was 'god' and could do what he liked.

I later saw these goons in the mens toilets kicking in the doors of the occupied cubicles to shout at the occupants, for what reason I cannot imagine.

I really would avoid this club just for that reason.

By Andrew M.

Tall Paul's club (that's Turnmills people) is a regular haunt for the cream of the world's club DJs. Host to Friday night event The Gallery which is the only night to have its own following, expect to be impressed by the unusual decor of the almost maze-shaped club and have a fantastic time.

The atmosphere is not only cool but exciting due to the fab DJs, music, decor, and layout but the friendly and diverse types of clubbers you will encounter. Trendy trainers are permitted which is a godsend as you will be here till the early hours, although you could wear your high heels and not look overdressed as long as you're enjoying yourself!

Turnmills treats its clientele well, with regular free members parties, an upstairs restaurant/bar/chill-out room, and giveaway CDs. (Be sure to grab a helium balloon on the way out!)

By Andrew M.

Turnmills...what can I say but totally praise this sparkly, but not overdressed, club? I have been on various nights and have never been disappointed, I must say Tall Paul has to be one of my favourites although the Chemical Brothers on New Year's Eve were rather special also.

The people range from your casual every weekend clubber to glitzy glamour babes, all of whom are friendly and there to have a wonderful time and through my own experience that's what you will have. The top room, I would say, is the best, it feels like a little close community as you dance to the happy, funky breakbeats.

Drinks are a little pricey and the main room can get a tad overcrowded but with the amazing atmosphere and good crowd of people you won't care about any minor faults!

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