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Vanilla is a stylish bar and club offering cool cocktails, great music and a laid back atmosphere.

Ranked #375 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Vanilla reviews

By Ms S.

I love Vanilla, im not sure what the bad reviews are about. This is the only club i would go to in Windsor. The crowd is always good, its the only place that sells proper cocktails and the music is always perfect. See you all on Saturday night.

By Riccardo F.

A friend of mine booked a table at Vanilla last Saturday for his birthday and and invited me and a few pals to come along. I was last there a year or so ago and always remember it to be a good night out but after reading these reviews I had second thoughts. I decided to come along anyway and definitely don't regret it. Since I was last there the place has been renovated and now has a massive dance floor. We got there at 10:30 and although there was quite a lot of people there, the club didn't seem overly busy. By 11:30 the place was starting to get really busy and by midnight the place was rammed. The place had a great atmosphere and had a good crowd of people in there who were all having a good time. There were plenty of pretty ladies all dressed for the occasion which also made for a plesant night. Only one small gripe was that they only sell doubles. Towards the end of the night I was getting a little bit drunk and would have liked a few singles but was told they don't sell them. Overall we all had an excellent night and will definitely be back soon. ?????

By Ms S.

Vanilla Fridays is quite possibly the best night around. I spend most my life in london's west end and it is so nice to go somewhere as good away from town. What a good looking crowd! Drinks prices are good! bottle prices are quite low! The DJ's are spot on! This night gets a lot of hype, and its for a good reason, i recommend getting there early tho! it gets busy! see u all on the dancefloor

By Sandeep M.

Avoid this place at all costs. I went in here last night eying the place to have my wife's 30th party early next year. The manager there called John let us in to have a look and then allowed us to party there. Then somehow I got chucked out (I have never been thrown out of a place in my life!) because some idiot who was partying there (who apparently works there too) started on me for spilling a little drink on his friend even though it was his friend that bumped into me! Very petty stuff. When i was escorted out in very amicable circumstances, I complained nicely to John and then the door staff started getting very aggressive! Never again will I be going to this place. Basically one idiot who loves himself too much and nothing better to do in life than party there every week and the bouncers took his story and didn't listen to me! Also place was 40 per cent full and they were charging 10 quid at the door making it look it was busy. Be aware.

By Sarah P.

Myself and my best friend had a joint birthday party at Vanilla last weekend. We had an amazing night, ive never been looked after so well by a nightclub. We were greeted at the door and taken to our table, where we found the bottle prices to be really good, cheaper than the west end by a long way! Great all round service, We have already planned my other half's birthday there next month.

By Gary B.

I went to Vanilla about a year ago and was not that impressed , however i was there last weekend and what a difference! From what i understand its under new management! The club looked incredible, We had a table and incredible service, Nice crowd, great DJ. This is by far the best club outside of London. I will be back this weekend.

By Mark A.

Terrible. Door staff rude, pretty much strip searched before u go in, £10 to get in, £5 per drink! This is a awful little club full of the chavtastics that adorn this area, music terrible too, good if u like tunes from 10 years ago, plus went in at 11.30 on a sat night and it was dead. Save ur money go somewhere else.

By Lucy W.

wow the girl below really didn't like the place. But i have to agree, yes its expensive but you don't expect to pay those sort of prices for a place not even half full like girl said, we got in at 11.30pm on a Friday and it was soooo dead. We walked past some other venues up the cobbled street and they looked very busy. Then to top it off my boyfriend got started on in toilet by some idiots in baggy jeans around there bums ! not nice place at all

By Fran F.

Skanky.... half empty and well expensive. Was warned not to go , should have listened. Will go to one of the other places in the Arches next time

By Shelley H.

Vanilla used to be the only late place to go in Windsor for half decent music which is the main reason it stood out from the crowd. Unfortunately after the refurb this is no longer the case. Saturday 01st Oct 2011 - £10 to get in and then £40.50 for 5 spirit drinks. I had to ask 3 times if they were serious! This is not an exclusive Central London club where u would expect to pay drink prices like these. I had spent over £50 within 10 minutes. Oh well. Hoped it would be good anyway. Wrong! Music is utter cr*p now. Just the same as all the rest under the arches. Nicevenue, but music chops and changes from genre top genre so you cannot get into anything and are lucky if you like one out of each 10 tracks they play. We will certainly not be going there again for a long time!

By Andy M.

What a pretentious group. Thought based upon The hard work in getting in and The crazy entrance Fee that it might be worth while. Forget it! Drinks were so Expensive and music was 6 years behind! Stay in London! Don't venture!

By Jose L.

Vanilla used to be the venue where everyone wants to get into. After a very disappointing experience on Friday 5th Feb 10! This is no longer the case, well for my friends and I anyway. A very good friend travelled over 200 miles so I could show him, just how we do it in Windsor. What best way to show him than to take him to the coolest joint in town, where they play the funkiest kind of house music around. Getting in for once was easy, perhaps as it was still quite early (10pm). In the past, we and others have been refused entry many times because there was four - five guys in total and no girls. Sorry, I know that not all straight clubs want to end up with just guys inside, but I think this is the point most people go to clubs isn't it? Pick up girls or even other guys, have a great time and enjoy the music.

So after paying £15 for entry, which is a little shocking for it still being early! We were then frisked by the bouncers, which in all fairness do they’re job very well and keep it quite safe for all in the club. As some may know, Vanilla is split into two rooms. On the night, the second room wasn't opened till about an hour or so later. Therefore it was becoming extremely crowded and quite annoying for some. This can cause some issues, because it seems that most groups of guys in Windsor, have a real attitude problem. If my friends or I bumped someone, we’d immediately apologise and wish them a good night. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with the others. This actually happened on a few occasions whilst we waited for the room to open up next door. One good thing I will say about the club is that the bar service is very fast and reliable, but it’s probably because not many are buying drinks as a round I got in was £49 for 5 drinks! Shocking… It was only gin and juice! Finally, the room next door was opened. The boys and I were having a great time and even made a few friends, before we started getting fed up of the rnb music they

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