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VOC is a punch house inspired by the 17th Century Dutch East India Company. With church candles, exposed brickwork and antiques it has a warm and intimate atmosphere. The fully stocked bar offers cocktails, punch, barrel aged drinks and light accompaniments.

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"VOC is a bar and restaurant tucked under an archway in King’s Cross. A 'gem' capturing the feel of adventure and discovery. We're named after the Vereenigde Oost-Indische, also known as the Dutch East India Company which, from 1602, enjoyed a monopoly of the Asian spice trade. We’re excited and proud to introduce our new small plates alongside our decadent, barrel aged cocktails - both inspired by the spice routes. Our bar and restaurant has gained recognition from well-known publications and have been featured as one of 'London's most stylish bars' and the 'World's Top 50 Bars'. We're a 'gem' worth visiting and we welcome you to try our new menu and cocktails for yourself. We specialise in bespoke designed cocktails based on centuries old recipes brought up to date with modern mixology techniques. Our cocktails have been aged in wax sealed bottles and oak casks to ensure their richness and ripeness - to replicate the feel of 17th Century drinking. In keeping with our concept, the bar is filled with bottles reminiscent of delicious potions; cocktail barrels suspended from the ceiling, antiquated spyglass, huge church candles and exposed brickwork. Guests can enjoy a meal in the restaurant as decadent as the drinking experience. Our new menu builds on our concept of adventure and discovery. Diners can expect to be transported to different regions of the world with small sharing plates inspired by the spice routes. Sharing and communal dining was the focus of the meals eaten by those adventurers and our dishes are influenced by that era."

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VOC reviews

By Diedre L.

I was out with my mates over the weekend and we were doing the rounds in Kings Cross. There is this place called Varnishers yard where all the local yuppies love to frequent. We ended up in VOC, which looked a little like one of those colonial bars. The mixmaster was really good here as he made us a few rounds of cocktails that only this place does. My favourite cocktail was the old ironside cobbler, refreshing and strong. After a few of those we decided to order some food off the menu and dine alfresco. We had a selection comprising of Grilled Halloumi, Nachos, Chicken Wings, the VOC Classic and Old Smokey. All I can say is, it was the best food we have eaten in any grill, restaurant or wherever. It was simply very good. Recommended.

By Iskander A.

A truly excellent concept in that this is a new generation cocktail bar serving food from a very high quality gourmet kitchen. I was really surprised as we entered the establishment the decor resembled some parts of a museum but still felt nice and comfortable. Curios and ancient books lined the walls and shelves, adding to the rustic atmosphere. Our bartender made us a raspberry shrub and a south sea mountain, probably one of these new generation cocktails, They were very refreshing and tasty. We decided to dine al fresco, so we had our nachos and calamari starters outside, The steaks were done just right and i'd say the secret is in the quality of the beef, it was simply very tasty. I intend to put this place on my list of places to frequent. Its very good.

By Diedre L.

Wow. An all in one cocktail bar and up market steak house in one. This place is right in the middle of the most popular entertainment area in Kings Cross called Varnishers Yard. The great part is that its now open for lunch and as we work in the area, we dropped in today. We had a selection of starters and burgers all around. the burgers were exceptionally tasty as they used aged beef, probably never done before in a burger. Hats off to the chef and our excellent waitress for the recommendation. A1 food and service.

By Douglas B.

I need to leave a review here as I think i've discovered one of the best place to dine in Kings cross today. Have you ever heard of a blackstrap swizzle? or a standoff no2? If you have you have'nt tasted it done right, because this lad in VOC does it right! Some of the best cocktails i've had the pleasure of tasting and some of the tastiest steaks i've had in years make this the number one wining and dining spot today.

By Michael M.

The ideal business lunch, right here. I have been scouting for a good restaurant to take clients for some time now as my business is based in Kings Cross and I meet most of my clients right here.My secretary had been to this place recently and recommended it, highly. So I went online and checked out their website, which actually had some offers on, which was exactly what I needed. I made a reservation and took my accountant with me. The place had a lovely design, cosy and the furniture was really rustic. We had cocktails at the bar, very nice, and moved to the dining room upstairs when the food was ready.I decided to take advantage of the monday 2 for 1 offer, in which the second or less expensive main course is free. Everything else was at normal prices. We had the nachos and chicken wings starters, both tasty and left us wanting more. Our mains were the Sirloin and Tenderloin steaks. They came with fresh green salad and crinkle cut chips. The outstanding part was the steak, the beef tasted really good and fresh. I'll be taking all my clients here from now on.

By Giorgia G.

We got invites to this modern day interpretation of the punch house inspired by the Dutch East India company recently and decided to try the place out. It's got a nice friendly atmosphere.I really like the museum like feel and the fact that we were surrounded by books probably a hundred years old. The mixologist recommended the Blackstrap swizzle which was very unique and refreshing. In fact , most of the items on the menu are unique creations. On the food side we went for burgers. I'll probably never have a mac or any other kind now, as this is what a burger should taste like. The beef was so fresh, the burger so tasty , there was no need for any sauce or relish. Well done, chef. This place is a keeper.

By Annie S.

Finally, a great place to have steaks and drink in Kings Cross. Went there, ate the best steak i've had in years. Clearly these people have something good going on here. Try their Pirates curse cocktail -their mixmaster does it right. Great atmosphere.

By Beatrice T.

I was just expecting a night out with good friends and cocktails. We were surprised there were a lot more items on the food menu, including steaks, Not just a good cocktail bar here. We took our cocktails and had our meals in the restaurant upstairs. My grilled halloumi and mixed bean falafel were incredible. Everone else had steaks and the overall consensus was that the food here is really very good. We will return soon as we need to work through the cocktail and food menu.

By Daniela S.

Lovely place! went there last evening for drinks and we were given a food menu as well. Best chioce ever. I have never had food this good from a pub before, ever. Turns out that the restaurant section is upstairs, very posh , and they bring the food down to you. We had a selection of Panko Calimari, Chicken Wings, Aged beef burgers, a couple of steals, all Bistro style. It was amazing. The local mixologist also knows his stuff as the cocktails were very good as well.

By Tanya B.

This is my review of The VOC bar and grill in Kings Cross. 1)The bar is very extensive and all of the people in our group like the drinks and cocktails. 2)The outdoor seating atmosphere is very nice and inviting. One you sit, you dont want to leave. 3) The menu is actually very suitable for both bar and restaurant and many items like hot wings are great for the bar and the burgers both fore bar and restaurant. the steaks were properly done and i think we should have had those in the restaurant. 4) The service was very good , the waitress very attentive. I will recommend this place for high quality dining as well as a good place for a friends night out.

By William B.

Finally, a decent Steak and burger house right here in Varnishers Yard. Personally, this has always been a great place to drink. I went in with some colleagues the other day and we had a round of burgers and those were not ordinary burgers, THEY WERE ROCKING! My favourites - The cheese burger and old smokey. And if your'e going to eat with your hands, stay at the bar. The upstairs is a little posh. BUT GREAT FOOD! Two thumbs up.

By Piertone M.

We loved the concept and interior. Bar is bit small and large group will not enjoy much out here however this place is perfect for rest. We ordered for many cocktails and we all enjoyed with every one of them. out of all barrel aged cocktails and bottle aged cocktails were the excellent one which blown us away. A beautiful bar girl (Mary) was a fantastic bartender we ever met with. She was very friendly, charming and professional person. Mary explained us about all the cocktail's receipt with every single ingredients. We loved everything about this bar from atmosphere to cocktails, food, service, place and Mary's smile. We are coming back again with more friends to try VOC's specialities.

By Georgina B.

I really loved this surreal place; it is tiny but gives a great all rounded experience for drinks and atmosphere. The cocktails are a taste discovery and completely capture the feel of the 17th Century punch house they are trying evoke. You have to try the bottled cocktails that have been aged for a week - fantastic! Service too was above par - friendly and warm, even when two of my uncouth friends turned up right at the end of the night slightly worst for wear, rolled up and went off menu asking for a Mojito and a long island iced tea - not an eyebrow was raised and their requests were rustled up immediately!

By Laura R.

This unique bar, from the people behind Purl and Worship Street Whistling Shop, is inspired by the 17th century, and takes its name from the Dutch East Indian company. To this effect, VOC cleverly attempts to meld ancient seafaring tradition with 21st century mixology.

The Venue
Located just by King’s Cross station but tucked away from the buzz of travellers, VOC is a treasure chest for those who stumble across it in Regent’s Quarter. The bar combines plush and comfortable sofas, armchairs and poufs with maritime artifacts, and goes all out with its nautical theme. The wooden deck is covered with worn, vintage rugs and the exposed brick walls add a rustic charm. Glass-caged candles are suspended from the ceilings and walls, harking back to simpler times. A small bar that holds old cask barrels and interesting-looking bottles is found to the rear, and little sailing ornaments and the bust sculptures of ancient admirals are balanced on shelves and tables. The nautical theme even expands to a top deck, where black candlestick holders line the tables, illuminating the portraits of even more admirals that decorate the walls.

The Atmosphere
Dingily lit and cosy, VOC carefully apes the 17th century atmosphere of a sailors’ tavern. Every nook and cranny is filled with comfortable and secluded seating, and they make the most of the bar’s small size. Sea shanties are, however, up-to-date folk and gentle indie music. Customers include young professionals enjoying a relaxing drink after-hours. Despite this, it rarely becomes overcrowded here, and there is no queue at the bar since staff come to take orders from your table. This all makes VOC a cut above neighbouring bars.

The Food
There is a limited bar snack menu here, to help soak up the heady punches and home-made brews. Sherry washed cheese and artisan bread (£5.50) certainly echo the sailing theme. Anchovies on toast (£4.50) is another simple dish on offer, however sailor’s bruschetta (£4.50) and vermouth cured olives (£3.50) are a little less in keeping with this bygone era.

The Drink
Sailing the seas wouldn’t be complete without a big glug of barrel-aged punch. At VOC they revamp three age-old recipes for a modern audience. As such, Old Dutch Punch (£7.50) is a contemporary blend of Bols Genever barrel-aged with lemon oils and zest, Dutch tea bitters, cloves and honey. It seems a bit more fancy than a sailor’s tipple, with a sophisticated bitter-sweet taste that does a good job of warming the cockles and quenching a thirst. Barrel-aged beverages (£8.50) are left to mature for two months and come in the form of Bergamot Grog, a brandy cocktail, and VOC Spiced Rum. And if barreled beverages are not your thing, mixed drinks are at hand. The Porter Cup (£7.50) is a blend of ale, brandy, ginger, nutmeg and chocolate porter, garnished with cucumber, which is a refreshing and lady-like take on a hearty pint of ale. Other mixed drinks include Dutch Trade (£7.50) – a cocktail of vodka, lime cordial, Bols liquorice bitter and mint – and the Raspberry Shrub (£8.50) – a blend of Pampero Aniversario rum, lemon juice and fresh raspberries, all bottle matured for a week.

VOC also does well to house an extremely good spread of spirits, which can be navigated by continent on the menu. This list is vast and includes rums, whiskies, brandies and vodkas, as well as some rarer continental wonders, ranging from £6 to £20 a measure. There are a few wines and champagnes served by glass or bottle at VOC, but they are select choices, including two Veuve Cliquot champagnes, a merlot and a viognier (£5.30 a glass, £21.50 a bottle). Similarly, there are four ciders, ales and lagers to choose from by the bottle, including Grolsch (£4.50), Meantime Pale Ale (£4) and Chocolate Porter (£6.50). Even cigars and tobacco are available, to finish off the full effect.

The Last Word
Taking inspiration from maritime history, VOC is an unusual and inventive find. The revamped barrel-aged punches and historic cocktail recipes are out of the ordinary, and VOC embraces its nautical theme in a bold, tasteful and contemporary fashion. This all guarantees that VOC is an essential port of call for the discerning cocktail connoisseur.

By Hannah B.

Despite being in the centre of the very busy Varnishers Yard, Regent's Quarter, in Kings Cross, the moment you step through the doors it feels as if you have been transported to a different era. Comfortable surroundings, attentive friendly service and above all some of the most interesting drinks I have ever tried. Alex the mixologist creates them all with precision and ease and his spiced rum is a must. I will definitely be back.

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