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The Vortex Jazz Club is a legendary and world renowned live jazz venue that is suitably shabby and welcoming, whilst retaining an air of exclusivity. The Vortex Jazz Club promotes live music seven nights a week and is a non-profit making organisation, ensuring that all surplus money is invested back into the club.

Ranked #33 of 225 clubs in London

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Vortex Jazz Club reviews

By Andrew M.

I love Vortex. It's probably the only place in London where you can consistently hear good jazz at a reasonable price.

By Andrew M.

Vortex is more of a cafe bar than a venue but bands do play here from time to time. I've been to a few jazz nights at Vortex but nothing recently I'm afraid. I just may have to pay it a visit this month to see if it lives up to my memories of the place!

By Viv S.

Vortex jazz club is the place to go to see some smooth jazz bands! Had a very good night here, shall definitely be returning!

By Vera D.

Vortex is an old standing Jazz Club, still pulls in a good crowd but feel the venue itself could do with a sprinkle of TLC, sort our the interior and the rest will sort itself out!! x x

By Ed H.

I try and make it to Vortex at least once a month. Love the openness of the space and always a great atmosphere.

By Tina G.

Not the best Jazz club i've been to - not bad but not the best. Could do with a nicer decor and more seating. 3 stars from me on this one.

By Blanche D.

The service I received at Vortex Jazz Club was brilliant - very attentive and made us feel very welcome, especially as we were not locals or from London. Thanks you! x

By Bernard S.

Great for Jazz and laid back atmosphere. Been to a few Jazz clubs but Vortex is up there. Dalston is getting better and better and Vortex is at the centre!

By George L.

The Jazz Band this weekend were great. I've seen a mixture of bands here but this one was great. Hopefully going to book again when they are next playing. I live in Amsterdam but will coincide my trip with their next performance!

By Imogen H.

Vortex Jazz club is just another jazz bar with some average jazz band playing in the corner. Not that impressed, and I play the trumpet so I know about music.

By Sam P.

I took my wife to the Vortex Jazz Club on one of our date nights and she loved it there, we shall be returning!

By Dave S.

The Vortex Jazz Club plays all sorts of live music, from Jazz to Rock to Blues. I am seeing a brilliant folk band called She'Koyokh

By Tim L.

The Vortex Jazz Club is the stand out venue in Dalston for live music, they have a live act almost every day of the week. 90% of the time you end up with a very good act playing, I have seen many there now but am particularly looking forward to seeing Anita Wardall who does scat which is amazing!!

By Sally N.

I love a bit a jazz and Vortex Jazz Club in Dalston doesnt disappoint! I had a lovely evening here with wine, Jazz and friends...what more could a girl want!

By Shaun B.

Vortex Jazz club was a great find one evening when i was out with my wife! She loves a bit of jazz and this place was right up here street!

By Carla L.

Great laid back club with proper jazz music. The bands are excellent and we will definitely return for another chilled night.

By Julia D.

Vortex ticks all the boxes for me, it has a shabby look which I feel goes with the ambiance and vibe that the Club tries to give off. Then the music, the acts they get are second to none. I have seen the London Jazz Orchestra which was brilliant, think there back there soon and have tickets to see Ian Shaw who is so very good.

By Imogen H.

Dalston’s best jazz bar and the music is fab. We love it here we always have a great night visiting. Can’t wait to go again with the girls.

By Katan K.

The Vortex Jazz Club is one of my favourite places in London. The live music is of excellent quality and programmed seven days a week - a huge achievement for a small venue. Anything from Phronesis, to Jah Wobble and Tim Berne's Snake Oil... Not only is there a good selection of beers and decent wine, the prices are also very reasonable. In my view the smallness of the venue (capacity of 80)contributes to the intimacy of the club which is why Vortex aficionados love it. We need to support small independent places like these...

By Lilit R.

We went there last weekend and it was great! The atmosphere was really good, the gigs were very interesting, people was nice and the bar had a few affordable/cheap options as well as a wine menu. The program shows a varied range of music, lots of Jazz and last weekend they had the Exotic Pylon Festival, a delight. They have a membership card for those music lovers who wish to attend several gigs, which seems like a good deal. We also liked the location, in Dalston. 5 min from Turkish meals and with a bar Downstairs where they do meals as well. And now, with the new overground line seems much easier to get there. We had fun!

By George L.

Love Jazz Love Vortex, all that was missing was Ron Burgandy playing Yazz flute and the night would have been perfect!!

By Max K.

I love Vortex Jazz Club we often go for a night out and the music is really good. Best jazz bar in Dalston.

By Cyndy N.

I haven’t been to a better jazz bar, Vortex Jazz Bar is soooo good and I love it, really good place for a relaxing night. I recommend this bar to anyone who is visiting the area or who hasn't found it yet.

By Danny D.

Vortex Jazz Club was a great night out. We had a few drinks and chilled out to the music, we really enjoyed our night and we will go again if we are in the area.

By Sabrina S.

I haven’t been to a better jazz bar, Vortex Jazz Bar is soooo good and I love it, really good place for a relaxing night. I recommend this bar to anyone who is visiting the area or who hasn't found it yet.

By Brian A.

Dalston is a real up and coming place but the oldies are still the best!!!!! Vortex Jazz Club remains my favourite and has been for a long time now, cool music, good atmosphere and a decent beer.

By Thomas P.

The club seemed quite nice and prices cheap compared to ronnie scotts (what isn't?) Unfortunately although I had booked and paid over a month in advance and arrived 20 mins before the place even opened I found that my reserved seat consisted of a windowsill (seriously. complete with window). I was fortunate. Other windowsill dwellers had travelled from far and wide (I'd only come across London) I understand that the usual procedure if If there is only standing room (or windowsill) space available then you should be informed of this beforehand and/or the ticket is cheaper. When I put this to the person in charge I was offered no apology and told the reason was the club was too small. Well I never!

By Paul M.

Affectionately known as the 'Dalston Dive', The Vortex is a small, intimate and welcoming live jazz venue. There is a bar, which serves a good selection of bottled ales and lagers, as well as decent wines and a limited range of spirits. However, The Vortex is very much about the music and the interaction between the performers and the audience. The programme is one of the most varied and exciting of any jazz club in the UK. Often referred to as the 'listening jazz venue', people really do go to The Vortex to listen to the music, rather than to eat pizzas or drink and chat. Though considered to be a serious jazz club, the atmosphere is far from stuffy and the staff are both helpful & welcoming. There is also lift access for people in wheelchairs or with mobility limitations. The bar/restaurant below, though often busy, serves drinks and good food at competitive prices, and there is also a good selection of Turkish eateries within five minutes of the venue. The Vortex aims to keep prices low in order promote a diverse range of both established and up and coming musicians, and to support the maintenance of a healthy and thriving live jazz scene in London. I've visited most of the live jazz venues in London and, in terms of the quality of the live acts and value for money, The Vortex is head & shoulders above the rest. With recently improved transport links and the current buzz that 'Dalston is about to become the new Shoreditch' I just hope that a sudden rise in the trendiness of the area will not detract from the unique appeal of The Vortex.

By O.

I love Vortex. Good value for some of the best music around. I am back there too often! There is now a pizzeria downstairs, Il Bacio, where there is good Sardinian food. If you go there before a gig, Vortex do an offer for £10.00.

By Roxanne R.

This world famous jazz club in Dalston is a cultural haven that has to be experienced to be appreciated.

The Venue
Previously, this venue was located in a small room in a gallery on Church Street in Stoke Newington, and over the years it has attracted some of the best jazz musicians in the world. Today, after various decisions about the development of the club as a jazz venue, it has found itself on the ground and first floors of the Dalston Culture House in Gillett Square. Sat behind Dalston Kingsland Station, this venue is easily accessible from Liverpool Street, Seven Sisters or Angel.

When you think of a jazz club, you might imagine a dimly lit venue with lots of sofas and low-level tables, so you could be in for a shock when you discover the Vortex Jazz Club is nothing like this. Enter downstairs on a modern-looking staircase and you'll approach a medium-sized rectangular room on the first floor. Here, you'll find marble topped tables and chairs that look as if they'd be better suited to a restaurant. It's quite a light venue, too, due to the large windows that look out onto the square (although these can be blacked out if you hire the venue). The stage area is at the far end of the room. It's relatively small and has a grand piano and a space for other instruments – bands are often a little squashed in but that's all in the name of an intimate performance. At the other end, you'll find a smallish bar area and the toilet facilities.

One bonus about the club is it's air conditioned – some may argue this takes away the authentic sweaty feel that you get at a lot of jazz venues, but in reality, it's actually a pleasant feature.

The Atmosphere
As you'd expect, it's very laid back on the regular jazz nights at the Vortex Jazz Club. You'll find people from all over London (and even further afield) visiting. Well-dressed educated types mix with arty locals and neither feel out of place – what everyone is here for is an appreciation of good music. Payment for shows varies considerably on the door, but you'll never pay more than around £15.

The Music
This club has a reputation for attracting big name artists from across the world, and contemporary folk and world music shows are put on every night from around 8.45pm. The Vortex Jazz Club aims to offer music to suit everyone, so you'll hear a selection of things like big band, contemporary jazz, piano trio and folk-orientated tunes. Occasionally, they host guest open mic nights where you'll hear people reading poetry or improvised performances.

There's a huge focus on local talent, so you'll hear some unknown people playing alongside the big names. Generally, if jazz isn't your thing then this isn't the place for you.

The Drink
The Vortex Jazz Club offers a range of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks, all of which are reasonably priced for the area. Expect to pay around £12-£15 for a bottle of wine or £4 for cocktails. The choice isn't massive and you're not going to get any of your favourite specialist beers, but the menu includes a number of well-chosen wines that change from time to time. Often, when you visit a famous place like this, you expect over-inflated drinks prices, but this is definitely not the case here.

The Last Word
Classy and cultured, you can't beat the Vortex Jazz Club for a civilised evening watching jazz.

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