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VQ (Vingt Quarte) is a 24 hour diner and cafe found within the St Giles Hotel in Soho. VQ Bloomsbury offers a variety of dishes served within an informal and friendly environment.

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"Welcome to VQ Bloomsbury!
We serve a classic range of dishes around the clock from Breakfast to Ribeye's - in whatever order you fancy!
Whether its Dinner for 2, Afternoon Tea for 1 or after clubbing for 10 you will always receive a warm welcome in spacious surroundings... The perfect place to watch the world go by!

Free Wifi and plug sockets available at every table."

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VQ Bloomsbury reviews

By Laura S.

VQ is about 2 minutes from Tottenham Court Road tube close to most clubs/bars in West End. As its name suggests, it is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week). It serves all sorts of food but it is most famous for its mouth-watering breakfasts. The eggs Benedict in particular are to die for! A lot of youths head here after a night out in the area to tuck into some quality English fare and a good cuppa before hitting the sack. Love VQ Bloomsbury! L. X

By Jennifer S.

I went to Vq with my friend, 2 weeks ago on Sunday afternoon. We were shopping and saw their poster outside the tube station. We were hungry and tired so we decided to go and check the place out. The restaurant was full and yet we were seated immediately. Our waiter was very friendly and took care of us exceptionally. Food arrived very quick. I ordered burger and my friend had pasta with salmon. It was delicious. We also had Mojitos and chocolate brownie to share. The atmosphere in VQ was amazing, funky music, young and friendly staff, we relax and had a great time. We will be back soon, definitely!

By Agnes G.

We visited VQ twice. First time we went with friends and ordered lots of food! The stand out dishes were the crispy prawn wraps, breaded jalepeno peppers, eggs florentine, apple crumble and bannoffee pie (which was amazing!) The wine was also really good and the service was friendly. We all had a really good time. The second time we went we had eggs florentine and eggs benedict. It was great to be able to have "breakfast" at 6pm with a glass of excellent house wine! Would definitely recommend this restaurant :)

By Catherine L.

A group of friends and I went to VQ as they had 50% off to celebrate them opening a second restaurant in Bloomsbury. We had Eggs Benedict, the burger, the super burger, the meatballs and spaghetti, and the full english breakfast. My eggs benedict was probably the best eggs benedict I have ever had, the superburger looked incredible and according to my friend tasted incredible too. The full english and standard burger were also highly praised. Sadly although the meatballs were great, the spaghetti tasted quite artificial. We also shared some sweet potato fries which were amazing - very crisp and not greasy at all like some places. Yum! For drinks we had a mixture of beer, cocktails, and I had a honeycomb milkshake. The cosmopolitan cocktail was delicious, however the honeycomb milkshake just tasted of vanilla and was quite pricey for what you got, it was essentially just milk and flavouring. That price would be fine if it was a real ice-cream milkshake, but it isn't. Overall we loved VQ, and will definitely be back even without the 50% off. The atmosphere was really funky and we found the staff were friendly and attentive, but as the person below said, stay away from the milkshakes!

By Alice F.

My boyfriend and I went to VQ last night for a date. We decided to choose VQ over The Diner or Byron as it had an offer for 50% off otherwise it's way too expensive for us. We ordered the cheeseburger, the super burger, a Strawberry ice tea, a honeycomb milkshake and some sweet potato fries. The food was delicious, however before it arrived we chose to move as the table next to us was very large and loud. We notified our waitress and sat down. Shortly after that our food arrived, however the supervisor brought out one of our dishes and when she saw we'd moved rolled her eyes at us. Our fries arrived about 10 minutes after our burgers though we asked them as a side. The milkshake (which was £4.50) was very plain - it did NOT taste of honeycomb and when I mentioned this to the waitress she said it was indeed honeycomb. Very odd. More importantly the shake just came as it is in a singular glass. At The Diner, GBK or Byron you pay about 50p less for a milkshake and you get the glass and the half full mixer it was made in as well. Effectively giving you two whole shakes for the price of one. At these restaurants the shakes actually taste how advertise and are far better in flavour. So; with eyes rolled, one small vanilla milkshake and a late side later: we decided to leave without even looking at the desert menu. And alas at 50% we still payed £27 for our very basic, poor serviced food. I wouldn't mind paying that much if the food was incredible and the service was to match, but both were average to poor and to be quite honest I feel a little conned. Bad experience all over. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

By Sophie C.

Fulham's favourite all-night eatery for almost 20 years has opened another branch in Soho – perfect for the late-night clubbing crowd. Serving tasty comfort food to the (often drunk) masses, VQ offers a decent range of dishes that don't break the bank.

The Venue
Located on the ground floor of the St. Giles Hotel in Bloomsbury, this is an eatery that is perfect for a post-club bite. Forget your local kebab shop and walk past the chicken shop – this is the stylish way to do the after disco gorging. Although not quite up there with similar late-night restaurant Balans in terms of atmosphere or quality, VQ is spacious, with long, wooden tables, benches and brown leather booths, enticing passers-by with its colour-changing VQ sign in the window.

The Atmosphere
Staff at VQ are friendly; sometimes a little overly so, interrupting your meal a few times to check everything's as 'fine' as it was 30 seconds ago, but the intentions are good. There's a buzz that is no doubt present throughout the night, peaking at around 2am. Tables tend to be filled with groups of rowdy friends at night and families in the morning – the venue's not quite right for romantic meals.

The Food
One of the lovely things about VQ is that menus are available all day – whether you fancy a cheeseburger for breakfast or a full fry-up at 2am. The breakfast menu boasts an incredibly tasty bubble'n'squeak with perfectly cooked eggs, crisp bacon and a deliciously creamy hollandaise sauce, a Full English breakfast and bacon or sausage bap, as well as all-American buttermilk pancakes. The lunch menu has all the usual suspects; juicy burgers, hotdogs, a variety of sandwiches and some pretty damn tasty spaghetti meatballs – just the right combination of sauce and meat without drowning the carbs.

When it comes to dinner, don't miss out on the truffled potato chips with blue cheese sauce - they are perfectly baked and bathed in truffle oil to give them an amazing rich flavour, then slathered in creamy, tangy cheese. Other starters include bang bang chicken, marinated olives and breaded red jalapeno peppers filled with cream cheese. When it comes to mains courses, the grilled salmon with hollandaise and spinach is light and flaky – a great option if you're not after anything too filling – while the menu also offers the likes of chicken Milanese and battered fish and chips. The desserts tend to err on the more nostalgic side – think generously portioned ice cream and jelly, Knickerbocker Glory and banoffee pie.

The Drink
The alcoholic drinks menu at VQ is fairly good; cocktails are pleasant enough but the menu is quite basic and the White Russians could do with a bit of a mix to make sure the ingredients don't curdle. The wine is served by the glass, carafe or bottle, and is pretty decently priced, while Champagnes tend to be on the more expensive side.

Non-alcoholic beverages, however, do better, with some pretty exciting flavours on offer. The honeycomb milkshake and strawberry and honey iced tea are particularly noteworthy, perfect for a lunch accompaniment, and the smoothies go nicely with brunch.

The Last Word
VQ is a pleasant eatery with tasty comfort food, its key USP being its 24 hour availability. Unfortunately, the alcohol licence means drinks can only (!) be served between 8am and 2am, and so people can't carry on their night here. Nevertheless, this is one to try if you're in the area come night or day.

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