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A 9 screen multiplex with free parking, full wheelchair access and a hearing aid loop system. Fully air-conditioned with stadium seating and digital sound.

Ranked #1 of 89 cinemas in London

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Fri 19 Oct 2018 to Thu 25 Oct 2018

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Vue Cinema Acton reviews

By One O.

AVOID! Absolutely full of selfish prats (chavs) who will ruin your movie, and want a fight if you tell them to quieten down.

By Cimeow M.

Must mention I only go to this cinema early in the morning, taking my child to kids AM (10 am) other than that no opinion.

By Cimeow M.

Going to Richmond Odeon today made me realise how much I take Acton Vue for advantage! Ok some of the seats could do with a bit more love and attention but Acton is organised, spacious, nice big screen, loads of adverts displayed around the Cinema for coming new films and please not forgetting the amazing free parking where I always get a nice parky space. It also has a cashpoint machine near, petrol station, Mcdonald's , pizza hut. So thank you Acton you are much loved!

By Cimeow M.

The cinema has excellent parking facilities. Conveniently situated, quite big but the biggest downfall is that it does need a good clean. The seats are filthy, sometimes dripping with the awful juices of those who feel they need to quench their dying guts with Tacos, hotdogs, what ever happened to popcorn and ice cream. Anyway the seats and drink holders need a good clean, other than that it's OK.

By Keerat K.

Went to watch an indian movie last night at vue cinemas , acton, london and had a really bad experience with the service at the time of buying the tickets as well as during the interval. Please avoid going to this cinema.

By Susan K.

I've been going to this cinema since it opened some 15 years ago and I don't think it deserves all these 1-star reviews. I go in the afternoon so don't encounter the horrendous chavs that other viewers mention, nor are there any fights. The staff in the afternoons are usually older people who are pleasant and friendly. Plenty of free parking and well raked seats so your view isn't obscured so tall people in front are other good points. Downside: it's all a bit tired and the lavatories could do with a refurbish (and to be moved so you don't have to actually exit the cinema area in the middle of a film to use them).

By Joe L.

Richmond odeon is the worst, but that doesn't make Park Royal a 5 start. Its my most frequented as its closest to home, and I'm not to snobby about the clientele of a cinema, but if you want a nice establishment check out Westfields or even the Shepherds Bush vue is of a higher standard. If you are going to Park Royal only bother on a Wednesday when you can pick up half price tickets, sneak food in and accept that they will be some standard heckling during your film.

By Jassa S.

one star but just about. avoid this cinema at all costs; staff are ignorant waste of space food is overpriced the people that go to this cinema are of the stupid, loud, chavy, uneducated, dumb, wanna-be American gangster type teenagers. the seats have fleas the decor is outdated the only good thing about this cinema is the locality, parking and .. thats it

By Cheryl D.

usless booking service website down took two payments then said refused. then when i rang film i wanted to see was not showing . then was put on hold after 15 mins trying to get customer services was 23 in que so waited went to 19th then 92nd then 80th been 1 hour on hold need to find out if they took two payment from my card due to and ooops error notice... useless service .. quite unpleasant viewing too when people talk on phones in films all round very poor

By John R.

I have to agree with most of the other reviews here. If you want to see the most chavy dregs of society then this is the place to be. On a Friday night visit the film was stopped due to a fight in the cinema. The staff were extremely slow to react and we were all left sitting in there for 30 minutes while the police came and sorted it out. For the few people left in the cinema they set the film back 10 minutes and offered us free tickets to any film we want, but still, this is not what you want when you go to the cinema. Then last weekend we went to see a children's CG movie and the chavy father behind us was talking and swearing at his child throughout the film while his son kicked my girlfriend's head. If you buy VIP seat tickets as we always do (it's only a pound more) virtually every time you have to ask people to move and occasionally they're extremely rude/aggressive in response. The staff are also pitiful and unhelpful - I'm amazed they can get themselves dressed in the mornings given how useless they are at work - they have no idea what they're doing. I don't care if they're students or not - if you're charging these prices then we deserve some modicum of quality and professional service. The popcorn, hot dogs and nanchos are always stale, the ice cream scoops minuscule... I'm genuinely upset that what is essentially an incredible cinema complex is ruined by the staff and the patrons. The only reason we used to go to this cinema is because it was convenient. At what amounts to £30 per visit for two people including tickets and food is nowhere near worth it. This could come across as overly-dramatic, but the only thing a visit to this cinema will do for you is upset you. It'll just make you despair at the state of society and wonder why people feel the need to act so stupid, disrespectful and rude towards each other.

By L D.

Total lack of customer service for the past 3 years I've been going... Shame, coz it's a kinda blessing to have such a convenient cinema to enjoy a great movie !

By Rob W.

This place is a dump and a rip off staff are rude and have a IQ of a cave man.Bye a large drink and 3 quarters of it is ice and the ticket system on a Saturday is crazy you have to get the tickets from the same Que as you by popcorn with the prices they charge and with a young child to hand screaming they want something is a recipe for disaster good tactics,would never go here again and i thought staples corner was bad.I'd rather by a bad copy of a DVD off a china man then go here !

By Hank N.

ok.... the birthday kid, must of only just turned 15 that day! their friends must of all been around the same age (14/15) and u expect the staff to KNOW that they are 15 without any ID? wot do u expect??.....u absolute moron!

By Fed Up O.

NO stars The place is filthy, the staff are incredibly rude and unhelpful and the food is scandalously overpriced. Plus they recently completely ruined a 15 year old's birthday party. When booking teen tickets to an age 15 film over the internet there was nothing to indicate that people had to take proof of age with them but when the kids turned up they were refused entry to even though a parent there could vouch for them all being over 15 This was atrocious behaviour

By Mo M.

Should be shut down. I would only leave this as a comment but I'll further explain. 1) every-time I've been there, there's always some, I mean there's always dozens of idiots (who are hooded up, because its obviously raining indoors), who think they can talk, throw food, shout, add their own commentary, act like absolute prats, and run riot as they please, ruining the film for everyone. 2) staff are rude, and they give out free tickets to their hooded friends who go on to ruin the film for everyone.3) price is just ridiculous. I go to the imax 3d for £12 max! Where you're greeted and watch the film in silence. 4) the place if filthy! Seems the owners enjoy taking money off of people but not maintaining the place.5) food prices are just blaphsemy.6) its as if you're walking through a ghetto. The place is mobbed with idiots (yeah the hoodies) who think they can shout abuse at my girlfriend as they please. I'm sure if a normal human passed judgement on their girlfriend, they'd probably gather in their hundreds like vermin and beat you up. My opinion, set up rat traps, sort out the rude staff, and refurbish the whole place. Or don't bother wasting your hard earned money.

By Elisa M.

Definitely and by far, the WORST cinema in the whole of London. Down in the doldrums, full of the local chavs whose idea of watching a movie is scoffing dozen of greasy nachos, washed down with Diet coke. Shouting, being loud and disrespectful- can't blame them, most of the clientele have no education/manners whatsoever and are from lower than low households. The seats are dirty, the atmosphere is wannabe America without the full wallet to go with it, the staff cannot speak English properly. Standing on the parking for a few moments give you an idea of the place: Mc Donald, Donkin Doughnuts, Nandos- dreadful. Coupled with all the numpties in their rubbish cars playing louder than loud music- hellhole! Those who leave Anonymous reviews need to grow a pair too.

By Jack H.

I've read a lot of the reviews they all have a common element not many based on fact.

If you have a problem with some one in the cinema making noise then tell them to turn it down a bit ,if they don't report it to a member of staff ,if it is not sorted out then ask for a refund.

I have never had a bad experience here that can't be managed this is not Beirut.

The point about the staff is unfair most are students trying to make an honest living training is an issue but that is a management problem and if anyone has reason for concern they should address this with management.

crime on the complex is minimal with CCTV and a security office and two guards in the evenings.

support local business so they might reinvest in you the consumer.

I like this cinema I don't like the high price of food and drinks but apart from that well done all at the vue if you deal with people in a fair way you will get more try looking for the good I like the complex and live in the area it wouldn't be the same without it.

So let's stop putting it down have fun enjoy and if you can't do that stay at home who wants to meet a nit picker on a night out.

By Mrs Archer T.

I don't care wah you guys say your all probably like them couch-potatoes that sit at home all day on benefits.. didn't your mom ever tell you ;; if you got nuffin good to say don't bother . !..

if you didn't like the noise so much why didn't you get up of your lazy arse's and tell a member of staff you diff.

next time you go cinema don't go to this one if it bothers you that much, people go out to have a good time not to sit there and be boring.

1. a Hooded Jumper is a type of clothing man jus cos some1 might wear one it doesn't mean there carrying a knife or a gun.

I HATE STEROTYPICAL PEOPLE. Why you gonna complain about Hoodies you were in Acton What did you EXPECT !

Wasteman Chaa. love to be the first to complain. My Opinion of the cinema. !!!Its too GOODD !!Arcade to kill time until the movie places to eat Say No More Its The Best (Y)

By Johnson M.

My 15year old daughter and her friends have just come back from this cinema and said that they were charged exactly the same price as adults even after showing proof of their ages. What a disgrace. They won't be going back there again!!!

By Richard S.

Agree very much with other users complaints about behaviour of other patrons at this cinema. Your film can be ruined here by kids and the worst thing is that this is on top of the extortionate prices (especially should you want a drink or anything to eat).

I continue to use this cinema out of convenience, it is close to my home and it is easy to park, but I tend to take my own drink and snacks as I don't particularly enjoy being robbed.

I notice that Vue have introduced adults only screenings which they say are in response to complaints about disruption of films. I think that this is a cop-out.

Why should I be forced to accept limitations on when I can see a movie in order to avoid anti-social behaviour? Does this mean that if I should dare to complain about these idiots that I will be told that I am at the wrong screening?

By Ben J.

There are two words which some up this whole establishment. Absolutely dreadful. It was an unmitigated disaster when I decided to come to this “place” for several reasons.1. The staff looked like something out of Extras. Completely useless, bad mannered and absolutely no regard for doing their job. Their ability to even speak the English language was under serious question when I made the bold attempt to buy a ticket. Even queuing to buy it was dreadful as it took 10mins to move a few feet forward.2. The Area. Hoodies were everywhere, and the motive to move a few inch from my car came under fire as I saw 3 of them peering into some poor guy’s Mercedes. Was politely asked for my phone at the door (I told him to **** off) and listened to a charming discussion conducted by a 14 year old acne ridden youth about his impregnated girlfriend. You’ll laugh at this one, I went into the arcade where I thought I was going to lose money deliberately, unfortunately when I was getting my change, Alpha Hoodie ran in, took a handful of 10p’s from the tray at the bottom of the machine and did a runner. A member of staff with a box of gel in his hair walked by like nothing happened.3. The Film. The sound broke down and all hell broke loose, which wasn’t surprising as it was pretty much hell anyway. Kids aged 7-45 lined the back, having their little civil war consisting of some inspiring insults and popcorn. After a box of popcorn flew past me into an old woman in front, followed by a vocational (after about 10 seconds of retarded laughter “soz bruv”, I left.CONCLUSION: Should be closed down by the Government and burned for witchcraft.

By Jade N.

well...if you are going to see ADULTHOOD a film that is based around young people in west london obviously the cinema is going to be filled with young people from WEST LONDON and the last time i checked there were'nt a rule that states the number of people you could bring to the cinema. SO WHAT IF THEY TOOK UP THE WHOLE OF THE BACK ROW IF THEY DIDDNT KNOW EACH OTHER THE BACK ROW WOULD OF BEEN FILLED ANYWAY!. maybe next time you would be better off seeing mamamia.

By Dominic V.

This cinema must have one of the worst records for poor service in the country....maybe even the world

Group of children accompanied by an unfit supervisor managed to take up the entire back row. They had been continously talking after 3/4 of the way through the film. I felt like getting my cola and pouring it over them - that will teach em. - no staff had been on hand to deal with it - POOR.

There had been a 2 minute sound cut off in the film - which we had not been pre-warned for - POOR

The seats still had popcorn on them, it took us a while to find the perfect clean seat - that was a mission and a half - POOR

If it was'nt for the film I would have demanded my money back

By Paul W.

This cinema can be a dreadful experience if you are unlucky enough to have groups of kids in the film you are seeing. They are noisy and inconsiderate and the staff do absolutley nothing to help. Indeed the staff here are generally unhelpful and seem to be badly managed.If you can go elsewhere do so , because I want this cinema to improve and it will only do so if people vote with their wallets.

By K.

Although the facilities are as described, going to this cinema is not a pleasurable experience due to the other filmgoers. It's not unusual to find pop corn throwing, mobile phone ringing, getting up and wandering about and screaming kids during a single film showing!

Avoid if possible.

By Sum1 N.

Vue Cinema Acton is an excellent local cinema. It's easily accessible and great for a night out at the movies. It has great facilities such as a small arcade for children to be entertained in whilst waiting for their film to start. They've got a Baskin Robins so you get quality ice cream while enjoying entertaining film. The queues go really quick and there is never a time when you can't guarantee that you'll have a great time. Really convenient as there is a McDonalds, Pizza Hut and many other attraction in the area, as well as Bowling ETC.

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