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In Mexico, there are as many ways of eating as there are flavours. Have a healthy salad lunch, light snack or antojitos (little treats) with drinks. Share small dishes with friends, or have a hearty taco all to yourself.

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Mon-Sat 12:00-23:00
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Wahaca reviews

By Stephen F.

Went here the other day - were you that bird with the pink dress? You were very annoying if it was.... Quite fit though love. Give us a bell if you fancy it.

By Josh W.

I was advised to try Wahaca after being stumped for a venue for my boyfriends birthday get together. I knew there was going to be about 20 of us dining, so needed a venue that was big enough to accommodate so many people. The annoying thing about Wahaca is that you can't book in advance, so after waiting an hour and half, my party and I were starting to get a little impatient. After reassuring me that we would be seated after 20 minutes, we were still stood waiting at the bar. Two hours (and alot of cocktails)later, we were finally seated. After that the service was much better, very attentive, friendly waitress and the food was very good indeed. I shared the platter with my boyfriend and the variety and size of the dishes was more than enough to keep our appetites satisfied.

By Gustavo V.

Terribly disappointed! Being Mexican I was quite excited to take my friends to try some real Mexican food, Wahaca’s food is OK-ish, not the best but equally not the worst, just flat nothing special. The tostadas where tasteless and the esquites tasted like Indian food. The decoration feels cheap and lacks originality. The staff was terrible. I didn’t feel welcome at all. I won’t go back and I wouldn’t recommend it.

By Naomi J.

WOW, what an amazzzing place!! A fantastic atmosphere that is both buzzy and alive, but with such relaxed staff and lovely decor its also very chilled and a great place to just sit sipping on a cocktail and chat away... Then there's the exquisite mexican food, that is so exciting and fresh with incredible flavours. The Chicken Burrito is one of my faves, its spicy,zingy, fresh and served with a nice big pile of Nachos and Salsa, leaving you full and satisfied with just enough room for the amazing spicy infused rich,creamy,chocolate ice cream or the crispy sweet churros doughnuts with dark chocolate sauce..YUM!! Its great value for money and will leave you wanting more! Be warned, it's addictive.!

By Rodrigo C.

If you are Mexican or you would like to know what authentic Mexican food tastes like? Then please do NOT go to Wahaca.

It is the most disappointing experience ever! The food is really bad (even if you were looking for a Tex-Mex type of food).

What is more frustrating is that these guys using the name of Mexico to position themselves as a Mexican-food restaurant.

Please think twice before spending your money in a restaurant like this.

By Rodrigo C.

If you are Mexican or you would like to know what authentic Mexican food tastes like? Then please do NOT go to Wahaca.

It is the most disappointing experience ever! The food is really bad (even if you were looking for a Tex-Mex type of food).

What is more frustrating is that these guys using the name of Mexico to position themselves as a Mexican-food restaurant.

Please think twice before spending your money in a restaurant like this.

By Christine Y.

Delicious! Authentic Mexican food in a really fun environment.

The margaritas are to die for and the salsa and guacamole are fabulous. Every dish I have ever had at this place has been wonderful (and we have been there quite a few times).

The churros dipped in chocolate are a decadent dessert to finish off a wonderful meal there. Only downside is that they don't take reservations and there is usually a queue every night and especially on weekends.

Best idea is to get someone by early in the evening to put your name on the list and then either get drinks at the bar or head to a pub nearby and come back to check occasionally.

Looking forward to more wonderful Wahaca meals to come.

By Grahame W.

Really tasty and authentic food, at reasonable prices and a good selection of drinks.

Good for families, too. Enjoying growing chilli plants from the free seeds !

By Hattie Trixie R.

i went there for my birthday recently and they are really child friendly. I had to stand onto the chair and everyone was singing happy birthday.

It was so cringe. I go there all the time with my dad but they should make a service here you can call up and book a table.

By A M.

I have just been to Wahaca for the first time today. I went to their restaurant in the Westfield and I am still bloated from their food. The service was slow and unfriendly. In particular, the restaurant manager was rude and made us wait for a table, when half the restaurant was empty. We were promptly told that the food would come in the order it came out of the kitchen, which meant that some people got their dishes while everyone else had to wait. Main courses came before starters and it was an overall confusing experience. The chorizo and potato dish was particularly revolting. The margaritas were so sweet that I thought I was having a desert wine. In conclusion, in addition to its appauling food, the cynicism with which this place has been put together, the faux marketing and lack of any Mexican authenticity makes Wahaca nothing but a ploy to take money from people who know no better.

By Ross F.

This restaurant is the best Mexican I been to it is brillant. All the food is lovely and fresh always boiling hot.

It is also very well priced, service is perfect too. I can't fault this restaurant at all. It is all fresh, local cooked food!

I would recommend any one to go there. You got to try the Guacamole!!!

By Hattie Trixie R.

This is one of londons best restaurant because it brings londons central to life. It is very posh and is for kids to.

Ilove it because when do you get really good place to sit down eat a lovely rap or tacoo and enjoy yourself.

So i would vist it some time soon. My only concern is that it isn't that cheap but i would treat yourself once in a while. If it is your birthay come alone grab a couple of drinks and enjoy yourself.

What is nicer on a saturday lunch time. But the only thing is that it gets excrimly busy. But you cant book that is the slight disadvantage to it.

It is my birthday soon and me and my friends are coming to this magnifsant reastraunt. It is right by cyber candy and many other places witch is great.

love from
Hattie Ryan

By Sarah M.

Too long of a wait. Seems like the only thing they want is as many people in the door as they can. Didn't really like waiting for that long and then being forgot about. Food okay, drinks good. Will go back - but with some feedback.

By Kate S.

great food although I've been there several times and the portions have got smaller! The churros and chocolate sauce dessert is a winner as is the salad with marinated salmon that comes in a bread basket. I love all the little dishes and it's a great place for kids as they can try a lot of smaller dishes. However!!! I detest the policy that if your friends are 5 minutes away they will not seat you! Every member of the party has to be present and without a booking policy and with a usually 20 minute plus wait, it would be much nicer to be able to sit and drink margaritas and snacks at your table until the rest of the party arrive!!!! Come on wahaca-it's an offensive policy that goes against social etiquette...not to mention London parking!!!

By Laurence W.

Wahaca or just WACK this place looked pretty cool from outside ? My newspaper had rated Wahaca best for cheap eats so i thought it must be good after all this is a good paper on entering its instantly apparent that they have ripped of the Wagamama which undoubtedly works! canteen style benches where you dine in close proximity to your fellow hombre's - the kitchen fully exposed they even ring your order on the place mat menu - they must waste thousands of sheets a day and really whats is the point of this ? I know what i've ordered thanks ! and the waitress wrote it down right ?The service was good and swift I must point out we ordered the wahaca selection £19.50 for two - with a green salad £3.25. The green salad came out first which was in a small ramekin the lettuce was yellow and it had some pine kernels or something on the top we immediately sent it back ive been served some s***e in my time but really ! We told the waitress that we ordered a green salad not a yellow one but the main problem was the size of the portion - if your up for a laugh and have £3.25 to waste go in and order one!So the waitress came back with another salad which was bright green really fresh but still in a tiny ramekin i bet i could fit the entire portion in a matchbox if i had toWahaca serve Mexican Street food I would compare it with London street food ( Those Hotdogs you get on street corners from dodgy Turkish blokes )Main course - apparently it's fresh and not frozen hmmm it tasted really processed and I had the feeling I was putting chemicals into my mouth We left most of it The only good thing was the nachos which come in a bag I would say that Mcdonalds could do a Mcmexican better than these boys

By M C.

Yum! 1. Expect an hour wait - but they will call your mobile while you have a drink elsewhere 2. Decent priced, fresh mexican food 3. Service is ok. Sometimes they forget about you. 4. Favorite mexican spot in London for sure! Highly recommend.

By James T.

I have been to Wahaca three times now and each time I have come away thinking it can't get any better! The food has always been delicious, there was one dish that was wrong but the right one was brought out with an apology and we were told we could eat the other one free of charge (which was great because it was delicous as well!) The service has always been fantastic. Took my veggie friend once and there were plenty of options for her (including a feta,broad bean and mint burrito which was incredible). In fact I am running out of nice words to describe the place - just ignore the bad comments and GO! and no-one makes you wait 90 mins idiots - you choose to! It shows how popular it is anyway which is always a good sign.

By Maia M.

I am Mexican descent and this place ain't great. Screwed up our order several times. You want authentic Mexico got to Green & Red or Mestizo. You want tourist crap for fat Americans - here's your place.

By Paul B.

I disagree with the negative comments.

The wait can be a pain but just go and have a few beers and come back. for what it is, this place is awesome.

Cheap good quality food with friendly service.

I loved every piece of food we had and we ordered starting out what I thought was a conservative amount of food. We were stuffed (though I did manage one more sneaky dish).

Glass of wine, couple of beers and 6 dishes for less than £30. Can't complain.

By Matthew M.

My girlfriend and myself were really looking forward to going to this place, as when we'd passed by it previously, it looked like a fun place with good food. However...

As a vegetarian, I don't eat meat (funny that!). Yet this was something that the kitchen and staff at Wahaca seemed to have particular difficulty understanding, as they not only served me a main meal that I hadn't ordered, but also one that contained pork! Since this was presented in a burrito, I didn't realise until I had eaten some of it, which was a surprise.

This was bad enough; but amazingly, even after I had told them and agreed to wait a little longer for what I had actually ordered, they AGAIN gave me a meal that contained meat! - This time, though, it was chicken... Perhaps they were working their way down from larger to smaller farmyard animals, and they would, had I not left, eventually worked their way down the food chain and served me some vegetables!

This rather unique gastronomic experience was made even more interesting by the audible bad feeling that was taking place between a member of the kitchen and the waiting staff.

The vegetarian options weren't even that great in the first place, but I decided to stay and give it a try... What a mistake that was!

By Vicky B.

I went to wahaca about 2 months ago on a saturday night. Me and my boyfriend had to wait for 1 and a half hours for a table, they told us that, that was good for a saturday night. I understand that it is a table in london but the fact they told me that was a short waiting time! When we did get seated the food came out quickly and it was really nice food. They explained the menu well to us. They did mess up one of our orders but sorted it out quickly. I would go back to this place again

By Sofia M.

I titally agree with the previous review. Wahaca is really disappointing if you are expecting good and AUTHENTIC mexican food. After all the fuss created by this restaurant (advertising itself as authentic) I felt, as a Mexican living in London, I should give it a try. I went on sunday evening so I cannot complain about any queues, I got a table as soon as I got there.

However most of the food was terrible disappointing. We ordered the pibil tacos, they were ok, then we got the tinga tostadas, which didn't taste like tinga at all, it tasted like pibil tostadas . Then the tortilla soup, which is an authentic mexican recipe... I want to believe they forgot to sieve the soup as they should have done, as I got the thickest soup ever, I couldn't finish it and there was too much chilli in it to actually enjoy it (yes, Mexicans eat a lot of chilli but we add it gradually through the sauces on the table, the dish itself shouldn't make you get red and sweaty after two scoops).

I got the churros with chocolate as dessert, Wahaca's chef might be a bit confused here, in Mexico the chocolate is a milk based drink with cocoa, here it is pure melted chocolate as in SPAIN!!!
A few tips to find out whether a Mexican restaurant is authentic or not: we DON'T eat sweetcorn, that is American, we never prepare aubergine and goat's cheese tacos, Cesar's salad is not Mexican either... service was not good either. In summary I do not recommend it and I do not think I am going back. You want real Mexican? Try Mestizo, not perfect but a lot better.

By Lizzy G.

well if you managed to reserve you shouldn't have a problem! This was my experience and it really was incredibly disappointing. Hope you have a better time - you never know, with so many people complaining on one night they may have sorted out their seating and serving problems.

By Lizzy G.

Where do I start? The 90 minute wait for a table, the rude sitter, the cold, over-cooked food or the left-over food on the table we were (eventually) sat at?

The food is good and it's great value for money and the concept of no-reservations is great (works for Busaba), but on the visit the service was atrocious. We arrived and were told we had a 40 minute wait, but to go away and they would call us. They didn't. We came back anyway and had to wait longer, we only got a table because we kicked up a fuss to the manager. The food we received was cold and the sweetcorn overcooked and tasting like rubber.

Great idea, on-and-off food, totallly rubbish service.

By Delta P.

K179 has obviously never been to Mexico or even eaten Mexican food before. Enchiladas, properly made, will always be described as "soggy". And yes, chorizo is very much a traditional and beloved part of the Mexican cuisine. Fajitas are Texan (or TexMex), not Mexican. Wahaca does an excellent job and is probably the best Mexican restaurant in London.

By Helen M.

I agree with the last reviewer, I thought Wahaca was great - food, decor and service. I went in a group which is probably more suitable than a romantic dinner for two. We all shared from a selection of street food. The food was good quality, freshly prepared and great value for money.

By Sine M.

I give it two stars because of nice decor and the reasonable prices but the service was either intrusive or obnoxious. The drinks were taken away before they were finished, the waiter gave a patronising speil on eating Mexican food despite being told no necessito twice.

On the next visit (because we wanted to be fair), we were ignored for long tracts of time - 50 minutes to place order; 45 minutes to get bill. Food was bland and in much need of the closely-guarded chilli bottle, too much cabbage in pork pibil, and churros were not available on either visit.

By Lisa E.

I totally disagree with the previous review. The decor is great but Wahaca is so much more than that.

It's really reasonably priced (particularly for a restaurant in Covent Garden), service is quick, friendly and knowledgeable and the food is delicious. I have been to Oaxaca when I went on holiday to Mexico and know several Mexicans and they were all impressed by what Wahaca is doing as there are so few good Mexican restaurants in London.

My only criticism is that the chicken was quite poor quality in the enchiladas when my friend and I visited. It's certainly worth trying for the rest of the dishes though, especially if you are veggie - and the cocktails are reasonably priced and delicious too!

By K.

Not impressed. The decor lured me in - funky modern - but when the food arrived I was only disappointed.

We tried the enchillada (soggy), Chicken Tinga Tacos (bland, undercooked), aubergine/goats cheese taquitos (bland). Only the chorizo quesadillas were vaguely exciting but chorizo being traditional Mexican...? The chilli sauce on the table added some flavour.

Everything was only lukewarm. Small tapas sized portions. No fajitas at all. Tries too hard being modern and thereby misses the point completely. Would not go back.

By Matt M.

Thomasina Miers, Masterchef winner and lover of all things Mexican, has boldly imported a slice of Mexican market life to London’s West End.

The Venue
Wahaca is the onomatopoeic spelling of Oaxaca, a southern Mexican state and city renowned for its prominent food culture. This underground space just south of Covent Garden piazza is a long way from home, but the L-shaped room's modern Mexican decor, with a bustling open-plan kitchen at one end, does a decent job of transporting diners across the Atlantic; think early noughties industrial-chic injected with the vibrancy of the country’s colour palette and you are halfway there.

The Atmosphere
An upbeat Latino soundtrack keeps energy levels high, creating a youthful ambiance that is duly reflected in the mostly under-35 clientele. It’s a shame there’s no bar area however, and a few more Mexican waiters and waitresses would seem an obvious way of adding to the authenticity levels too.

The Food
The extensive menu is divided into nibbles, street food, soup and salads and platos fuertes (bigger plates). Mexican market food involves eating several small snack-sized servings on the run, typically in between main meals, so Miers has also introduced a selection of larger, more substantial fish and meat dishes into the sit-down restaurant concept to beef up the menu a little. In keeping with Wahaca's green-friendly approach, many of the ingredients are sourced from within the UK - even the Habanero chillies come from Devonshire.

Fiendishly moreish tortilla chips and fresh guacamole break the interlude between ordering and the street food starters are all priced between around £3.00 - £4.00 with fillings including flaked mackerel, marinated pork and frijoles (smoky black beans). Mains such as chicken or steak burritos come generously stuffed with more of those frijoles, a light salsa and plenty of shredded, succulent meat; all cost around £6.00. The churros y chocolate are immensely popular and deservedly so - the lightly-fried doughnuts are crisp, perfectly cooked and paired with a sinfully sweet chocolate sauce. Ingredients are undoubtedly fresh but, despite the sprinkling of sauces offered on the table, the kitchen appears reluctant to employ the spicy and intense flavours normally associated with the very market stalls that inspired Wahaca in the first place.

The Drink
A selection of four Mexican beers is on offer, with the welcome option of upgrading to a chelada, beer served in a glass with freshly squeezed limejuice and a salt rim. A concise selection of South American wines all come in at around £12.00 - £17.00 while the separate cocktail and tequila list should go some way to educating local palettes on the delights of genuine drinking (as opposed to slamming) tequila.

The Last Word
Wahaca is a fun, reasonably priced introduction to Mexico’s food culture from a passionate and dedicated chef. Covent Garden’s Tex-Mex restaurants should be quaking in their fake cowhide boots.

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