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By Homoki J.

The jack bonanza burger is awful

I was here a couple weeks ago. The hamburger and beer was good and nice. Today the menu is less than before. The burger is disgusting the garnish is awful.

By Qwerty 1.

Incredibly rude bouncers and owner. Had a terrible night and would never go there again. The owner showed no professionalism towards customers and the bouncers seemed like they were force fed bull shark testosterone as a kid because they have some serious anger issues. I would give 0 stars if possible. If you fancy a good night don't come to this dump.

By Dave C.

Love this place especially after the re-vamp. Staff are so friendly, great drinks deals and I could not think of a better place in London to watch sport. Shame about the others closing down but this is for sure the best.

By Valdenize S.

I just love this place, Its the kind of place you can be careless, if you want to have a really good time this is the place, I know almost all the clubs in london (jalouse, the collection, embassy, and many others posh clubs) but I never had fun as I do in the walkabout, really nice people whom go there to have real fun and they know how to do it...its my favorite spot in London...

By Melanie P.

I was always a fan of the "walkie" due to the good sporting coverage and cheap drinks. But make sure you always check the change they give you as I was overcharged by nearly £10 at the Socceroos game on Wednesday. When I went back to query it, I was refused, as I was conveniently not issued with a receipt in the 1st place, I had no leg to stand on. I only hope that the money they ripped me off went to the hard working but sometimes slow staff and not to the grossly rude manager who looked about 15! Another point I would also like to make is that you train your staff to learn how to take more than 1 drink order at a time. You want to be an Aussie bar? Then learn to take orders the way we do in Oz! Not just 1 bl**** drink order at a time that's how the bar tenders do it in Oz! I should know I worked in the industry for 10 years!

By David W.

This isn't the place to go for a fancy meal out but the food in walkabouts is generally good quality pub food.

With the discount card you can get fair priced drinks in here and if you're looking for somewhere to go in London that's got a bit of an atmosphere to drown out any awkward silences, cheapish drinks and a late closing time (1 o clock on a Wednesday) this is the place to go.

If you feel like having a bit of a dance then there is a dance floor that tends to be reasonably busy but if you are simply there to have a few pints and a chat with your mates then there is a strip across the length of the bar with sofas which is quite out of the way.

Also, lots of big screens for showing different channels for sporting events to be played on.There's nothing wrong with this pub. I think the other reviews on this page have simply missed the point of a walkabout.

By Joey R.

When a work group decided to go to the Walkabout for lunch today, I was under no illusions of what to expect.... burgers, chips, probably a surly member of bar staff... and we weren't disappointed.

Half of us had ordered when a faulty printer was blamed when the rest of our party were initially told they weren't taking any more food orders, it took over 45 minutes for lunch to come (always good when you only get an hour), and other people who arrived later got their food before us.

The best bit I thought was when the waitress brought two plates of food over, said "f***ing hell" and walked off again, still carrying the plates.

Food was not as good as mediocre and customer service is conspicuously absent. This pub obviously only knows how to cope when it is ankle deep in Fosters and the clientele are too blotto to know what is going on.

By Johnathan D.

What a disappointment.

Anyone who knows Walkabout well would have noticed it is a bit hit and miss of late, but on the whole a good laugh!

I will however not be going back.

On Friday evening a whole bunch of mates and I paid several different prices for an unchanging round of drinks.

Also avoid their little discount as this is where the confusion comes in.

By Shana R.

I completely disagree with the below, Walkabout is certainly not boring. I love it there, the people are fun, and the dancing crazy - everyone always is up for a good time! It is also never empty in the evenings, it definitly starts to pick up around 10pm, and thats when the fun begins! Sure, i have had my fair share of inappropriate stalkers in there, but at least they're not the horribly, sleazy lot that you find in the more *happening* clubs in London. I also like the bouncers, they have never given me a single bit of trouble, and always a nice big smile. Long Live the Temple Walkie!!!!


It's quite an empty large one room venue! but boring really..

By Campbell B.

It had to happen, I had to venture back into the dark antipodean depths of one of many countless Walkabouts strewn across this country.

I myself am a proud antipodean who has lived in this country for 5 years now. Like anywhere you live it has its good points and bad points when comparing to home but this export of debauchery and mayhem from down under is truly diabolical.

Standing in Walkabout Inn amongst my fellow antipodeans trying to watch the ab's crush South Africa (again) I began to feel claustrophobic. The place is full of digusting sights and smells and when you add to this the massive bouncers, and you are on to a truly crap experience.

The only saving grace for Walkabout is that it has good coverage of sporting events and reasonably patient bar staff (considering the crap they get). Please only go to these establishments if it’s the last conceivable option.

By K.

I have worked at quite a few of the Walkabout Inns in London. If you are looking to have a few drinks, catch up with some mates and listen to some awesome Aussie music, then head to Walkabout Inn.

By D.

Walkabout Inn in general are all good. However, recently I have been trying to watch a number of rugby matches, and I have not been able to watch the games advertised by the Gum Tree. When I turn up, they are not playing or it has been a misprint, and this has happened more times than not. Come on guys what’s going on? They’re supposed to be a sporting bar. Still I stay loyal but alas there is no rugby at Walkabout Inn.

By S.

I love going to the Walkabout Inn as it is the only place in town that plays decent music. I mix with fellow antipodeans and they are on the whole polite. Food is good and the service is great at the Walkabout Inn. I do however agree with previous comments about the bouncers, the management did change them and they were terrible. They made more trouble and stopped you having a good time. I stopped going for about a year and recently went back to see that the bouncers have changed again and they seemed more reasonable.

By S.

To the last comment, if you had only allowed the door staff to look in your bag without you trying to hide the contents you would have been allowed entry to Walkabout. Bags are searched to guarantee the safety of patrons. Like other readers have said, if you are polite to the staff at Walkabout, they are polite back to you.

By A.

The Walkabout Inn employ a group of Russian speakers as bouncers and all the comments about them spoiling your night are true. They even behave that way with full support from the management! If you're not looking to be treated like a bag of rubbish, then Walkabout Inn is definitely a venue to avoid. If you have very low standards however, this is the place for you.

By A.

Walkabout Inn does exactly what it says on the tin, it is full of Ozzies, Kiwis and Saffas and there is decent music.

The food is acceptable at Walkabout Inn and most of the bands that play there are pretty good. It is also a decent place to watch big sporting events (get there early). If you don't like Antipodeans don't go there.

I have been to Walkabout Inn countless times and have never had a problem with any of the bouncers. In fact, I am on first name terms with several of them. If you are polite & reasonable you will probably find they are the same.

By Andrew M.

I am going to have to disagree with all the other statements about the Walkabout Inn. Yes, the bouncers might not be the friendliest, but no worse then any other place I've been to in London! I have to say as a student Walkabout is great, especially on a Wednesday night. I've been going there with all my friends all year and we've always had a laugh. It's pretty much the only affordable place for students in London. If you are a student you should definitely go there as on a Wednesday it's packed with young people and students wanting to have a good time! Thumbs up for the Walkabout Inn! We love it!

By L.

I agree with the previous statement. Bouncers are rude. They spoil everything whatever there is good in the club. I've put it on the ignore list.

By R.

The Walkabout Inn could be a fun night but for the terrible attitude of the bouncers. Anything but the friendly night out you want with friends. Avoid!