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Located in fashionable Shoreditch, Walluc boasts a café with a variety of good, Modern European food. Walluc also has a great selection of wines to complement your meal.

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Walluc reviews

By Andrew M.

Walluc is great. Having frequented the Savoie region a lot and being a serious cheese addict, I jumped at the chance to go to this restaurant last year. The food is pretty much authentic with raclette, fondue and many other Alpine dishes. I was disappointed that they didn't have the traditional raclette grill but the one that was provided was still very good at it's job.

I seriously recommend this place to anyone that loves Savoie/Apline food. Walluc is small and friendly with a homely atmosphere but unfortunately they don't have an alcohol license.

By J.

A raclette restaurant anywhere is nothing short of amazing!? A raclette restaurant near me is astonishing. I've not heard any reports from people who have been to Walluc though. Would anyone recommend Walluc?

By Pascal M.

went last week , we had a Swiss cheese fondue with emmenthal gruyere. Same as in Neuchatel, bread was also good ( from a local bakery). We were surprised to find many wines all at the same price , the owner offering wine tasting and explaining origin and making of different regional wines. I m shocked reading the previous reviews. I'm from France and I think this is an authentic place. Pascal.

By Emma E.

Oh dear. Literally indelible. I have never tasted fondue quite like this. Such a shame lovely surroundings but just awful food.

By Kunal K.

We went in to try to fondue at this restaurant. This would probably be the most terrible fondue we have ever written. The fondue was being warmed up by candles - the cheese wasn't hot. It was being prepared in a shabby kitchen. Customer service was appalling. To top it all - the food was expensive.

By Sandra W.

Unbelievably horrible! I spent my Birthday Dinner at the Walluc and we are all lucky if we only got away with a cold. This place has NO heating. The raclette was done over tea candles. The Fondue was not hot. Although, they did heat it up after we asked them to. The ingredients were poor and processed and the portions were small. Definitely not the experience we were hoping for. Have alook at this place from the outside.

By Jeanluc B.

after a few days in London we decided to eat some reminding-home food. despite all the reviews we were in that area -Redchurch Street and choose to enter anyway. worst choice ever. the Walluc bistrot is a total fake and is expensive!. its not the cozy place you see from the outside: candles hide a poorly maintained and scruffy room. staff is lost running after power strips and -again- candles to warm fondue pots...the whole meal seems just coming out of the supermarket . wine bar? we took our third option,barely 9pm not busy - they ashamed said to have sold almost all wines, no beer at all... the only advice, apart go somewhere else: better asking first for what they have of the food and drinks menu and do not go to the toilet if you don't want risk your life.

By Mengacci L.

Dear Alexour boards are all made of fresh ingredients and these are delivered once a week from France and Italy. We offer a board of raclette with 5/6 slices of raclette cheese, vegetables, potatoes, a choice of salami,smoked ham, mortadella or chicken turkey and bresaola beef which I can garantee its the real and original and comes from the famous area of Valtellina. Our raclettes grills are electrical ones and of course we need to plug them in a socket. Our Raclette boards are at a very convenient (low) price and made of right portions, I dont understand the nature of this complaint as we serve the same type of food every night for the last years hosting also big parties. In France for the same you would spend twice but we tray to keep prices low being a rustic and familiar like type of restaurant. Best Regards Luca Recanatesi

By Mitchell D.

Walluc, Shoreditch. Great, funny little place.

food was quite good, small selection of wine and i think one beer on offer. Thier own website is old and states this restaurant is BYOB but it now has a license to sell alcohol.

It looks like someone's living room and a bit quirky when you walk in but generally very nice staff, good music, good food and good drink. The prices are reasonable also.

By Alex L.

I cannot believe any of the reviews are not from staff or owners...

the raclette was served on an old dirty raclette grill which the waitress plugged into an extension lead which crossed the restaurant...

the meat selection was processed devon, turkey and who knows what the Bresaola lookalike was made of...

the raclette cheese was the cheapest version I've ever seen... infact this place reeks of cheap and dirty...

can't believe I went all the way over there for that... I couldn't wait to leave...I am leaving this so you don't waste your money on this kind of restaurant... eww!


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