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Located on Bishopsgate, Wasabi offers a comprehensive selection of Japanese food and drinks.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 10:00-23:00
Sat 11:00-22:00
Sun 11:00-21:00

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By Max @ P.

Wasabi adds another branch to its burgeoning number of outlets in and around Liverpool Street with a larger eatery opposite the station. Is Liverpool Street ready for more of the same?

The Venue
Whereas the other Wasabis nearby are purely takeaway counters, this new outlet is a large unit offering a wide range of choice. It’s the familiar Wasabi design, which is to say bright and modern. Curiously for such a large space there seems to be little thought about those whom might want to take a seat rather than eat on the move: there's a lack of seated space, and the what there is often has used trays and packaging left by staff otherwise engaged.

The Atmosphere
As would be expected from its City location and close proximity to the station, there’s a steady stream of customers - Bishopsgate is almost painfully busy throughout the day. Whereas nearby Itsu would perhaps be somewhere you catch up with friends over lunch, Wasabi is less so - it’s much more grab and go.

The Food
Choice isn’t a problem, with an array of options whether you want to pick and mix the individual sushi (for around £1 each) - nigiri, hosomaki, futomaki or gunkan - simply have a mixed set (from around £3.95 to £7.50), or go for a fresh salad. From the counter there’s the choice of hot meals, which are predominantly noodle based, and with various katsu options. The chicken katsu is a little overdone, as well as lightly and very loosely crumbed, to the extent that the batter comes away almost like chicken skin, or is just left flapping. The noodles are passable for a quick meal but better can be had at the Japanese Canteen nearby, or the superior Itsu.

The Drink
The usual soft drink selection as well as some more unusual choices, such as bottled Pokka green tea.

The Last Word
No more than a place to pick up something for the office or a quick bite, this new Wasabi is convenient but there are better options close by.

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