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Waxy O'Connor's is a lively Irish maze of bars that you can enter via stairs or long passages. The atmosphere is welcoming and the beers are always cold.

Ranked #163 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"Receive a warm Irish welcome at Waxy O’Connor’s, London’s biggest and best Irish Bar in the heart of the West End. Waxy O’Connor’s is a labyrinth of 4 unique bars over 6 levels each with its own atmosphere and personality so there’s something for everyone at Waxy’s. Named after the famous candle maker from Dublin, Waxy’s has gained worldwide recognition for its warm hospitality, friendly staff, traditional wholesome food and extensive range of beers, spirits and coffees. With live music 4 nights a week, including Irish trad sessions on Sunday night, you couldn’t ask for a livelier environment. As an official ‘London Irish Pub’ Waxy’s has three large screens for showing all major sports including Football, Rugby and the GAA. Waxy’s take bookings for drinks as well as food and you can even hire a private area with your own bar. Waxy’s is turning 21 in November and will be throwing a party to celebrate. Also coming up this year, Halloween celebrations, Christmas functions and of course a fantastic New Year’s Eve party. Next year why not celebrate St Patrick’s Day the Waxy’s way!"

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Waxy O'Connor's reviews

By Chris B.

really cool venue, different to the usual pubs and bars

I popped into Waxy's yesterday lunchtime for a much needed respite from the sun, and to grab a quick shandy. The staff were really friendly and chatty and thankfully the air-con was turned up to the max! I was so impressed I ended up booking one of the private areas for a birthday party in a few weeks time.

By J.

Bars like Waxy O'Connors make me wish I was Irish. All my Irish friends say that this pub is a real home from home. If you can't make it to the Emerald Isle any time soon, Waxy O'Connors is a good place to drown your sorrows.

By Ania M.

I was very unhappy with the way they have treated me and my friends! The crew was unfriendly, the waitress was rude and oversensitive, the manager was rasist. I would not recommend to anyone to visit this place The waitress overheard my conversation witm my friend where i said 'shhh', simply 'shhh' but it was inbetween us. She thought it was to her and she ordered us to leave the bar. She called manager. The first manager andthe bouncer heard our explanation and let us stay, but then the waitress was acting like drama queen, threaten them that she will quit if we stay and called another manager. This one,who claims to be Mark, was rude and offensive. He was from Scotland and he was racist towards my Swiss friend (she speaks gesticulating :) and he said that she can do it in her country but not here. Seriously, even if we did say shhh its not the reason to cause such a stirr. And using your hands while talking is not prohibited anywhere. Very bad service, very unpleasant experience!

By Rita W.

Waxy's is such a strange place. You don't really feel like your in London anymore. The design, the staff, the general feel of the place is very Irish and I love it! I went during Ireland's humiliating defeat in the 6 Nations against England. There were a couple of England fans who were being a bit cheeky but the Irish fans (who were naturally in abundance) we’re actually quite pleasant, a few were even laughing. I was surprised to say the least as everyone was pretty drunk. The drinks there are pretty standard, but I was impressed with the service given that it was pretty busy. They were very courteous. I must admit I did get rather drunk and had to leave quite sharpish; but the bouncers were very polite and didn’t bully me. Again another pleasant surprise. Would love to go again and this time I shall stay there later.

By Diana C.

Very nice pub, in the centre of the city the perfect place to hide from all the tourists and the rush... very nice decoration :-)

By Wayne B.

Went along with a couple of mates after going shopping. Had a really nice time. Loved the rustic look of the pub and the service was good. We really enjoyed the atmosphere of the pub. If around Leicester Sq. again will make sure to pop in for another drink.

By Fiona K.

Being Irish I had my 30th birthday at Waxy's at the beginning of October and I'll never go back there again. After reserving an area I turned up to find that despite the doorman being aware that I had reserved no tables had been saved for us. We were then moved up to the top floor after I complained to the manager - where there was no bar and it was 3 floors down to the toilet. Until the toilets broke and we had to walk down 3 floors and then to the very back of the pub to the loo. The worst part was a female bar person at the main bar who was downright abusive to the customers.. including my 62 year old Dad. She threw drinks up on the bar spilling them and when people complained she refused to serve them. She shouted at me because I repeated a drink order to her thinking she hadn't heard me. All my friends came back from the bar saying she had been aggressive towards them for no reason. If I could give Waxy's 0 stars I would.. awful place..

By Josephine I.

Great Irish pub, interesting surroundings, which has well designed, good atmosphere and service.

A pint of Guiness was poured well and the food: Fish and Chips with mushy peas, and Sausage and Mash were perfect partners. Excellent.

By Chantal A.

Waxy's is fantastic. I was in London 02-04, it's one of the only 2 pubs that really stuck - the bands were always fab - especially those guys that played every wednesday or so during late 03. Cant even remeber who they were - travesty! it was the friendliest, mopst comforatebl pub around. If only it had've traded later when I was frequenting it. Memorable place. And if anyone reads this & can also remember the pub that had old bottoles lining it from top to bottom - pls let me know what it was called - was in the city somewhere

By Wenia L.

They should be ashamed of themselves or just stop advertising that you can watch the Olympic Games at the pub. 1. Although they had loads of screens to broadcast the opening ceremony they decided to put sound over only one screen and it took a lot of people to complain to the manager to convince them to put the sound on everywhere else. 2 Shocker - they decided to throw everybody out at midnight, 30 mins before the opening ceremony ended. I understand that the staff worked hard all night etc. But we are the Olympic city, everyone (apart from people working in that pub) embraced the atmosphere and kept places open. They knew it wouldn't take longer than 20-30minutes for it to end, why not close the bar and let that 1000 customers that have spend loads of money in your pub throughout the evening watch the end! I will not return again.

By Izobe A.

Mediocre. Not the best bar in London but probably not the worst. Only really suitable for a noisy p*ss up on a stag-do, when you are in the area and everywhere else has a queue to get in. Not somewhere to go for a chilled/quiet drink! I've been twice and had problems with reserved areas and the service was nothing to write home about. Leave this one for the tourists who don't know any better - the drinks are expensive considering the lack of "added-value" in terms of atmosphere, comfort or luxury.

By Maryam H.

I love waxy O'conner, I 'm not a big drinker these days but still can enjoy the tea in there, the atmosphere is unlike any other,it looks like an old church with lots of nice artefacts to look at, the staff are lovely and friendly, I didn't even mind waiting a bit for my tea as they were very apologetic. it has many cosy corners and floors with very good lighting which makes it one of the most exiting bars. defiantly recommend .

By Jill O.

hi just wondered if kids are welcome? i have a 14 year old and really wanted to go but if i did, she would have to come to because we are on trip from eastbourne. please reply asap as am not here for long. many thanks

By Raj P.

I was at Waxy's O'Connors yesterday and obviously there was a huge line at the entrance. I waited in the line for 20 minutes when I came to the entrance I had my id ready. They looked at the Driving license and said, this is not valid ! They asked for credit card, i showed them the credit card. I also showed then another Id with photo. The person at the entrance was so rude and stupid the birthdate was not matching ! I told them 'No it IS the same!!' . All that I got was 'Not gonna happen mate' !! All that I have to now ask is Waxy's Racist ? -Raj

By Bob M.

On a Saturday night it was packed full, and being my first time there i was disappointed i couldn't get the see the tree and decor in all it's glory.

I would definitely go there again, but maybe on a weekday or a day less busy.

The staff were OK, but seeing as it was packed and they were obviously stressed i could understand.

The bouncer was nice and chatty as well!

By Paul S.

Not only is decor of Waxy's worthing noting, but the bar may well be one of the best in London. It is a go to anytime I have mates visit me in London who always leave saying they had a brilliant night. The drinks are very standard but the atmosphere created from an enthusiastic clientèle really make Waxy a special and fun bar.

By Dan G.

It's worth coming here just to look at the place! Stunning. A great atmosphere too. Shame about the inflated prices though.

By R.

I have been in London a few months and love Waxy O'Connors. It is as good as any bar in Ireland.

By D.

I love Waxy O'Connors. The atmosphere is great, the staff arevery good (and I think they're all Irish which makes the theme brilliant). They sell club orange and Taytos, and I think Murphys on draught. If I'm not wrong they also show the GAA games. Waxy O'Connors is wicked.

By R.

The reviwer Lucy missed the point entirely about Waxy's and others of its ilk. Sure you have to suffer the Corrs, but in real Irish pubs the music is incidental the only way you'd ever know there was music is to visit the toilets where it's piped to... No, Irish Pub's are first and foremost meeting places, places to catch up for a chat and some craic with friends and family over a jar or two. They often do food which for most Irish folk 9like myself) is incidental, some menu's more exotic than others. To this extent Waxy's fits the bill, it's larger than you're average English Pub (as most Irish Pubs are), and Irish Pubs nearly always offer nooks and crannies to it's users to sneak away to for a bit of peace and quiet if they so choose or to stay in the communal areas and watch Big Screen sport or just to let their hair down. The pub often opens it's doors early for big rugby matches (as they did for the Rugby World Cup 2003) Oh and lest I forget, the Guinness & Irish Breakfasts isn't too shabby either.....

By David W.

Slap bang in the heart of the West End, barely a 100-metre walk from Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus and on the edge of London’s bustling Chinatown, Waxy O’Connor’s is perfectly located for everyone and anyone who is looking for a fun, busy and satisfying pub and restaurant. It’s a packed, exciting and noisy bar and a good place to start or end a visit to the vibrant centre of London.

The Venue
Looking like any other generic, Irish-themed bar in any city in the world (apart from Dublin, obviously) from the outside, upon entering the bar via Rupert Street you’ll be surprised to find that Waxy O’Connors expands out into a labyrinthine warren of little areas and separate bars. The smaller areas open into larger areas, and then you find yourself walking down steps, up stairs, into smaller spaces and then larger areas, and it feels as if you’ve wandered into some Alice in Wonderland-style fantasy bar with a Celtic twist. There are many little areas of comfort and seating, with larger open spaces for dance floor activity.

The Atmosphere
The four bars do a roaring trade, and drinks never stop flowing. The management pride themselves upon serving up to 600 or 700 people at a time on a Friday. It’s almost like the greater the number, the greater the craic; which is as it should be in any Irish establishment. But, don’t let this put you off, as they stop the venue from getting too packed and it closes at midnight, so it’s more of a fun pub than a night club. Whether you want to stand at one of the four bars in the venue to have a drink, have a dance or to chat up the many fun-loving members of the opposite sex, all is perfectly possible. Or you can take a seat in one of the quieter, more secluded areas of this Irish-themed place and relax after a hard day’s shopping or a busy one at work.

The music is as wild and eclectic as the bar’s clientele and design: the frenetic Irish pop, rock and folk tunes are interspersed with sing-a-long music favourites and roof-raising power ballads. It’s as if a 90s-packed iPod is on shuffle. It’s sometimes too loud though, and Waxy’s may not be the best place to bring a first date, as you’ll be shouting in each other’s ears over the food you’ve ordered. Instead, Waxy O’Connor’s is a great location for a Friday night (or any night) out. It may not be a place to spend the entire evening, but to start a night off with a bang or to finish off a night on the town, you can’t go wrong.

The Food
You might not think of Waxy O’Connor’s as the place to go for food, as you may assume it is all about the craic, but the menu is quite large, and the traditional Irish and pub grub fare is surprisingly diverse. Portions are as full-on and hearty as the fun atmosphere of the place, and are large enough to conquer anyone’s appetite. Those with experience of holidays in Ireland will recognise large plates heavily laden with good, honest and simple food, sure to satisfy any hunger created by the dancing, the beer-drinking and the blarney you’ve been spouting ever since you walked in.

For starters, you might like to opt for an Irish-style seafood selection with either seafood chowder, oysters or smoked haddock fish cakes, or maybe a delicious and thick soup of the day, like the dense and hearty tomato and basil. The sharing platters are good and tasty fun for you and your friends to dive into. There is also a nice range of sandwiches available – in the form of artisan baguettes, no less, and served with chips – with fillings like gammon and cheddar, bacon and brie, and steak and stilton. Main courses again feature the Irish pub fare motif, with mussels, Irish sirloin steak in a rich peppercorn sauce, a large and impressive fillet of haddock in Caffrey’s beer batter with chips or a steak and Guinness pie. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth considering the portion sizes, especially given that you’re in the very centre of the West End.

The Drink
If it’s bar drinks you’re after, you won’t miss out on your favourites as Waxy’s caters for all tastes with an impressive array of popular beers, lagers and ciders. With its four different bars, you’ll always be served swiftly and with style, too. There’s also a fair selection of wines, and it’s quite likely you’ll see a group of friends sharing a nice bottle of wine or something bubbly from the Champagne menu. The drinks selection ensures that you and your pals will have plenty of popular drinks to choose from at whatever stage in your evening itinerary.

The Last Word
Waxy O’Connor’s is a fun-filled, boisterous and often very busy bar with an intriguing layout and interior. Look beyond the craic, and there’s hearty and good value pub food to peruse, too, in such close vicinity to Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. Just so long as you can stomach a power ballad or two.

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