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West 5 is a welcoming gay venue split into different areas, offering everything from a quiet night in to quiz nights, film nights, a piano lounge and a big party atmosphere.

Ranked #87 of 225 clubs in London

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West 5 reviews

By S.

Got taken to West 5 by a friend and we had a wicked time! When we walked in there was a huge drag queen show and lots of people having fun.

Prices were ok and didn't seem to make a huge dent and the staff were really nice. If you want a fun night out with smiley people you can do no better than West 5!

By Dan W.

Hello Thanks for you comments Unfortunately the venue was hired out on the night you have mentioned for a private party; and the night was advertised by us for this reason. The promoters regrettably did not for-fill what had been agreed and we have pulled future events with them. West 5 typically has a later door unless an event is on. We would love for you to try us again as this night is not typical of what West 5 is all about. Many thanks Management

By Dan W.

Hi Thanks for you review. West 5 over the last two years has actually seen an increase on numbers Friday and Saturday Night, but we do agree it has become run down and was in desperate need of a refurb. The refurb has not effected our opening times, and we are trading whilst the work is going on; so please feel free to visit us :)

By D C.

It's pleasing to read that the place is being refurbished. I used to go here alot, but because I've moved away, I don't go as often now. On the occasions that I have-either a Friday or Saturday night, I have been disappointed. The crowd is small and the place seems really rundown - it's freezing cold, smells damp and the furniture could really do with replacing. I think this place has so much potential and could be a really good night out if you're local. As I said, it's pleasing to read that refurbishment will happen and I hope to visit again soon.

By Daniel G.

Went to W5 last night with my partner to check out the West London gay scene and we were pretty disappointed. It was a Thursday to be fair but we were the only gay people there at 9-10PM. The only others in the bar were a group of straight Ghanaians dancing to banging hip-hop and it was a really uncomfortable. I would not have felt comfortable showing affection to my partner in that place at all. The bartender was really nice but he seemed equally uncomfortable and said it was his first time working a Thursday and not what he expected. I had to ask him "is this actually a gay bar?" We won't be going again. Headed off to the Windsor Castle and had a nice time with friendly people and karaoke.

By Bal S.

Hi Slon, many thanks for your feedback. However can I just clarify a few things firstly we have lowered drinks prices, and at the same time raised the quality of the brands for example previously single house vodka was Odessa sold at £2.10 we now only serve Smirnoff Red as our house product retailing at £2.00. Jager bombs previously were sold at £2.50 for the Jager then £2.70 for red bull we now offer the same shot for £2.50 all in. So if it is these drinks offers that were pushed on you when you visited us last I think you'll find you got a much better deal, you will also find the door entry charge has been lowered therefore please think twice before making slanderous comments. Secondly our website is under construction and should be up and running with in the next few months sorry for the delay. With regards to the venue it is in much need of an overhaul and as you should have noticed this has begun with the brand new Piano lounge, new look reception area and the rest of the venue will follow shortly. So forgive me for being confused as I think perhaps you did not not really get a proper look otherwise you would have noticed the hard work that has been put into the venue. Finally with regards to me being a slimey toerag, i'm afraid I totally agree!! However I treat all my customers with the utmost of respect and fairness if you feel you was not treated appropriately when you visited us then you should have raised this at the time and I assure you it would have been dealt with. For now however please do try us again and perhaps this time you may have a clearer mind and get a better picture of what's going on at West 5. Kindest Regards

By Seth A.

The old manager has gone and the new one is really nice and friendly. But the place is terrible; it still has the same owner (Bal) who is a rude, slimey toerag. The barmen seem to be nice though, although I asked what drinks offers they had and they pushed the most expensive ones. The place needs an overhaul, a new website, clearer prices and a new owner!

By Liz S.

If you fancy a change - has anyone tried the new Re-opened Escape Nightclub in Kingston, Management are lovely, and really friendly, a few friends of mine both former members and new have been there since it reopened only a few weeks back, and said they have had a great time, not open now till Friday 13th :-( so I think I will try it out... new year... new venue Yay!

By Gary T.

Completely agree the manager treats the place like his own personal kingdom and is vile to anyone who has the nerve to challenge him. He refused to tell me who owns the pub when I challenged him. The format is still the tired music, drag you've seen a million times before followed by disco while the piano bar sits empty. Definitely needs new management.

By Alex L.

Great friendly bar with something for everyone. Bingo, quiz, dance floor, piano bar, pool room, karaoke! Friendly staff and no attitude - you always feel welcome.

By Kyle I.

Jon is an amazing guy and with him and the gang there would be no west 5 ............... (ex bar-staff)

By Jennii B.

Watch your step! Beware of a dangerous unmarked step down from one area of the club to another. As it was quite dark (and the step being unmarked) I fell here and sprained my ankle quite severley. In my opinion, W5 need to invest in a reflective strip or some signage to point out this hazard. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has taken a fall here. Don't let this happen to you.

By Ewa L.

Hello Everyone !! i thought this club is good but after last night i change my mind... I went there with my friends and my girlfriend.. When we both went to the toilet and we got in two to the same cabin someone knocked the door n smashed the lock and hit my girlfriends head, arm and her back. When we got out we found out that that was a manager of the club. He started to scream at us that we can't go in together to the cabin. So we said that if they have that kind of policy they supposed to put that on the wall so everyone could read it.We are just thinking why that man was so aggressive??Where is respect 2 other people? Just want 2 tell u guys that club is not a good place for fun .... Go and u will see ! Thanks. Hopefully, you Jonathan (manager) will get sucked!

By Michael V.

You sound exactly like the type we try to escape when coming to W5! Keep your Pink Pounds where they belong, Zone 1. This place is a joy, flawed, friendly and human. Michael.

By David H.

Haven't been to this place for a while. Has so much potential, but please get rid of the damp smell and give the place a good clean ! Not being a smoker my mate and I decided to take a look outback. Again sweep the fag butts up and take care of the place, Everywhere u looked needed a good cleaning, as you go past the dancefloor and into a dead end u find the door to outside smoking area, i thought i was in a junk store. Finally u reach a nice garden area but again the smell and mess was un-acceptable. Bar staff very friendly and cute but this place is a gold mine if u can get the place cleaned up and freshen the pots of droopy peacock feather's !.We will return and give it a second chance otherwsie it's a no go place for us queerfolk, maybe the butch lesbians enjoy this enviroment but us classy queens with a few bob to spare will not give it a second glance. remember the 'Pink Pound!'. Plenty of it around to put into the right establishment. So Management Please pull your finger out and give it gocd clean.

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