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Whites is a premier adult entertainment club, with comfortable spacious surroundings and a range of premium drinks.

Ranked #17 of 225 clubs in London
"Whites Gentlemen's Club has established itself as the No.1 independent lap dancing club in London. For the past six years, we are a celebrity destination whilst being a discreet and laid back club. We are famous for our 7 themed VIP areas which include The 1960's foreign Office, The Victorian Moulin Rouge, The Russian Revolution inspired Romanovs retreat, The Las Vegas style Wedding Room, The 1980's Tiger Room, The Royal Apartments and the jewel in Whites' crown... Studio 54, based on the Superclub of the late 1970's early 80's. The House champagne is Perrier-jouet, Grey Goose is our house Vodka, whiskey of the year 'Kilchoman is our house whiskey, Berkeley Square our house Gin and all other top level premium spirits are available from our world class bar. Ultimately we want you to enjoy yourselves and have a party x"

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Whites Gentlemens Club reviews

By Andrew M.

Whites Gentelmens Club is a classy venue with some classy ladies. Went for a mates stag do and had a very enjoyable evening. Whites is quality. Top birds and top beers. Will be back to Whites Gentlemens Club for some more gentlemanly activity soon.

By Andrew W.

A night at Whites

i went to whites and married a stripper, lol the most fun ive had out in years!! one of my freinds told me about the new las vegas wedding room at whites OMG don't tell my wife ha ha.
thanks whites x

By Andrew W.


By Andrew W.

I tell you what, this club is rated as the best , i am never disappointed when i go , it's true that i go there pretty often but what i am saying is the truth, this club has it spot on in my opinion and i recommend highly once again, the girls , the management, could'nt be better

By Andrew W.

Yeh , it is quite confusing in there, they have two different prices for the dances if you pay cash it's 20 quid a dance, but if you pay by card it's £24, to cover the surcharges, it's not the clubs fault but the girl whoever you were with should have tell you , nevertheless it's still the best place

By Andrew W.

Honestly!, well shocked that you think that, my friends and I almost live in the place and have never experienced that, you are obviously entitled to your opinion but you should try again, you must have got a rogue dancer

By Andrew W.

does it get any better than whites. the answer is no , they seem to have the perfect blend , 5 stars for this venue is highly recommended ive heard some people complain about the tenner to get in when there i another venue 30 seconds away that is free , i tell them what my dad told me growing up " beware of clubs that are free to get in " it normally means that their rubbish, or there hiding something , and yes you guessed it ,was useless compared to whites and the drinks seem to be the same price as whites but are actually twice the price because they serve singles, not doubles like whites, believe me i am not biased i would go to any club that took my fancy , like the other reviewers i love this club

By Andrew W.

went to whites this week and was well shocked, it is easily the best lapdancing club in london, it is a really cool club and the girls are not to overpowering, well laid back in there, saw a couple of famous faces aswell but won't mention them on here, or shall i ? look out for the fire eater, you don't see that in other lapdance clubs, well worth the tenner to get in.

By Chris B.

This venue is a real find!

This venue is a real find! The girls are amazing and the cocktails were the best I've had in a strip-club. Very highly recommended!

By Anna G.

Being female, I don't normally think of strip clubs as my first point of call for a night out, but I ended up in White's on Friday night with a colleague. 'Just one' I thought, 4 hours later I finally emerged! I had a fantastic evening! Although I have been to a couple of lapdancing clubs before over the years, like most girls I tend to feel a little uncomfortable. Not here! It's a nice, relaxed, friendly environment. People aren't pressured as soon as they walk in the door & can have a drink before they decide on a dance etc.. The girls are of course gorgeous(!) but it's nice to see a more laid back approach. I felt completely comfortable throughout the whole evening and could of spent all night in here! As I was leaving, I saw a guy in the 70's disco area studio 54 having a whale of a time, so any guys wanting dances I would try and go in there! ;) Looked like a mini nightclub! Bit of an unusual review as written by a girl so maybe a different perspective, but if your looking for a fun lap dancing club with a nice tongue in cheek attitude I would recommend White's (I'd definitely go back!) xx

By Rory W.

Worth checking out this place, really different to your normal strip clubs, start the long bar as though your in a East End pub, until you get taken to one of the rooms! I love the Bond room, equipped with a roulette table!

By Craig R.

I agree with all the other review, amazing venue!! Went to a couple of other London clubs first after reading various reviews. Browns and Griffin have such a quality website i expected the experience to follow suite but it didn't!! This place however was perfect. Went in at about 5pm and it was dead quiet, about 3-4 girls at the bar having a good time dancing. Went to the bar and got my drink (quite an expensive small coke but i didn't go for the drink!!) and was shortly greeted by red-haired Alex. All the girls there were leggy and amazing and Alex was no exception. She treated me well and talked me in to a basic £20 dance. As i said earlier, Browns was pretty poor. Went in expecting quality and it was just a grotty little pub with girls who seemed more interested in their phones and chatting to each other. Also after every pole dance they walk around making everyone pay £1, even me who had JUST come out of a private dance and saw none of it!! Anyway, enough of that. Whites is top value for money as even the basic dance was real up close & personal. Somehow she talked me into a session in the Champagne room, which was £150 for 30mins of dancing & a bottle of champagne.... quickest 30mins of my life i tell you, but it was a lot more personal, saves money in the long run and i got to spend a lot more time with the wonderful Alex. Can't recommend this place more and it's well worth a visit.

By Peter G.

A client took me here and I have to say it was one of the best nights at a gentlemens club. You instantly forget that you're in London, you could be anywhere in the world :) gorgeous girls, elegant surroundings and excellent spirits on offer. I look forward to my next visit here. High end stuff

By Camile R.

Replying to the comment below, you have got it sooo wrong, all there drinks are double measure, I come here every week and always have the best nights at this place girls and staff are so welcoming and amazing, its truly the best strip club in London, highly recommend the VIP rooms you get what you pay for which is an amazing time, i love this place keep up the good work whites, by the way Sophie and Crystal are amazing girls make sure you get them 2 worth every penny.

By David S.

White's has always been the number 1 in Aldgate but have competition from the Club across the road, White's still is top as it is different from any of the others as it has a separate Club area and a do not push you into dances. The guys from work have been there and not had a dance and just stayed for drinks!!

By Sarah S.

Top notch!! Beautiful ladies who put no pressure on for dances, funky music and a real mixed crowd. Will be back again!

By Stev S.

This place is the nut's , recommend Blue , seemed to be interested in what I had to say which was nice, done an hour In the Lanson room with her my friend was with her Scottish friend Sunny, it's so relaxed there , I'd heard that, this was my first time here but not my last, I relly recommend this club,

By Da A.

Had an amazing night at Whites Gentleman's Club few weeks ago, good service and nice girls, but would highly Recommend the amazing Pole show, the girl had an amazing body, and in private dance she made me feel like James Bond lol, she's naughty and innocent at the same time, she gives and takes it back very nice player ;-p if u know what I mean! Tried the Moulin Rouge room and had an amazing experience with her. Club service was really good and a very good atmosphere. Definitely going back there. M.

By Gavin H.

What can I say, I visited Whites for the first time this week and it will not be the last, I found the atmosphere laid back and the girls not only very attractive but intelligent and easy to have a decent conversation with. I thought the drinks were reasonably priced and never felt harassed in any way. This was my first visit to a gentlemen's club and I really wasn't sure what to expect and now Ive realised just what I've been missing!! A particular recommendation would be "Kerry from Stirling" who is not only very attractive with a great personality but who also took the time to have a real conversation with me. Here's looking forward to the next time :)

By Mike S.

An excellent experience! certainly the best Gentlemens Club in the City! Beautiful girls and terrific services! Bring your wallet and flexible friend however as it is an expensive night! I cant fault the place - recommended

By Adam B.

Hi terry, it has been brought to our attention at Whites by our account manager at view that you may of had a genuine bad experience at our club this does disappoint us deeply and can only sincerely apologise to you,however it is only when you hear bad things that you can rectify the problem and make us a better club, We know that you were unhappy but please let us make it up to you and offer you a handshake and a good night, if you contact the club we will be more than happy to try to win your friendship and your custom, give us this opportunity to prove that we really care if somebody has a bad experience, you also openly accuse one of our many customer's that they actually work for the club, i am sorry to disappoint you terry but this simply is'nt true , however he is a loyal and satisfied patron of the club, that we sometimes think is actually addicted to the club and won't mind us saying that he spends as much time there as he does at home if you come down i am sure that you will become friends, and the last thing terry of this lengthy apology is the our official rating , the fact is that fluid london has rated us as the number 1 club in london, and view london has been great and awarded us a 4star club, we are ranked number1 club in the city by view these ratings terry are there opinion and i must say we are very proud of our rating, please accept our apology hope to see you down there Whites Gentlemen's club

By Allen M.

My boss organised a lads night out for our Insurance company, we entered all nervous but were escorted by some friendly girls to the VIP Champagne lounge where we were treated like royalty. Great girls with a brilliant selection of Champagne High recommended A++++++

By Jon H.

Lazy and lame

Yet another lazy and lame Euro-style joint. Ladies mostly stand around, very little dancing. Lazy. Only about half the dances were actually topless. Private "lap" dances are no touch and £20! Lame. Will not go again.

By Rob A.

Classy, discrete, funky music, amazing decor and lovely ladies. White's offers an alternative evening to a City based crowd, it is not in your face but subtle and relaxing. A real treat

By Frank G.

Went here after work with a couple of mates, had a brilliant time! Not the cheapest of drinks but the atmosphere definitely makes up for it! I was rather impressed by the quality of the girls and would highly recommend the Moulin Rouge room!

By P K.

The same happened to me last year.Pls request a copy of the CCTV from the night you visited under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998. organisations/data protection.aspxand report it to the local police station and to your credit card company. The more of us that complain the more may be done to stop this.

By Kelly H.

I visited whites on the 16th December an felt that there was a fantastic atmosphere all the staff and dancers were very proffessional, there was many different girls to choose from, all of which were approachable! The atmosphere was buzzing, and everybody seemed to be having a great time! I'm shocked after reading some of the reviews as I visited the club also before it closed for a short while and I believe the club is back on track to being one of londons top clubs again!! Id highly recommend and will be visiting again

By Robin B.

I don't understand some of the other reviews written here and i'm not exactly a strip bar expert, but I've been to enough of them that I know a good one when I see it. Whites has the best dancers (and by best I mean good looking and relatively sober at work), the girls are really fun, and not trashy at all which is what I tend to look for on my nights out after a long days work.

By Ian S.

Had a bit of a mixed evening here last Thursday. It was very busy and lots of girls around and one in particular caught my eye and I went off to the VIP area with her. However after half an hour of not doing much I wasn't too impressed to be honest so I left. I used to go here on a regular basis but I'm not quote what's happened since my last visit. I may give it one more try before making my mind up so I'll see how it goes then.

By Adam D.

She then sat down instead of dancing for me and talked small talk for five minutes and then asked me to go to the more private room for £300 for half an hour! What a cheek! I instantly knew I was being taken for a ride and felt cheated. I kept telling her to dance and she wouldn't! Imagine that! Paying a lapdancer to dance but not actually getting a dance! Did I mention that she didn't even strip!?She kept yabbering on and changing the subject all the while just sitting there. When she eventually got up she didn't dance but just postured and then promptly sat back down. All the while there was staff walking in and out of the area. Then she looked at her watch, told me time was up and asked if I wanted to pay for another 30 minutes! I got up and left. I used to remommend Whites to everyone and enthuse about how this place was the best club in London. Now I can't do that and all I can recommend is that you stay away. In my experience the service was shockingly bad and on top of that I was scammed. Awful. Absoluelty awful. Stay away. My friends speak of other clubs as being 'The new Whites', which is really sad as this place was truly great. The end of an era for me on a very sour note.

By Wes M.

Really good night at whites recently. Emily - simply awesome. She could raise the titanic. Kerry - not too shabby either. Great girls, good fun and no eastern European accents. Thanks girls. Wesley Malcolm

By Darren A.

I had the same experience as you. I loved this place prior to it being shut down. Visited it last month and it all felt a bit flat. However I went back in for a few drinks last week Wednesday and it was banging. I Didn't want to leave and ended up sleeping on the floor in my mates flat because I missed the last train from Liverpool St. When I was outside having a smoke I spoke with one of the staff on the door and asked why my last two visits where so contrasting? He explained that the school holidays really effect this type of industry. How the months of August & September are normally very quiet. That girls tend to take their holidays also in this time. He mentioned the bank holidays and the riots and the fact that the city had been in a bit of financial trouble......It all made sense. From what I can tell you about my last visit on Wednesday is that Whites seems to be back to its best. Great music, great girls. A totally relaxed environment. Really enjoyable floor shows. And staff that are really friendly and approchable. From what I was told on the door outside when having my cigarette the club has had a real unfair time of it. Allegations that amounted to nothing, adverse publicity, doors shut for 4 months. But Londons number 1 club seems to be back and myself and the rest of the city couldn't be happier. Well done Whites.

By Holly B.

Hi smdavies1977,We are very sorry to hear you was not satisfied with our club, customer satisfaction means everything to us so therefore we would like to invite you back for a night out along with free entry and a free bottle of champagne to show that we are still the best club around. If you would like to take up this offer and we sincerely hope you do, please contact Holly at look forward to hearing from you.Kind regardsWhites Gentlemen's Club

By Jason A.

Had my stag do at Club Whites this week and my first visit will definitely not be my last, as soon as we were lead to our VIP room i knew this was going to be the stag night i only dreamt of. Highly recommended with the highest possible regards to quality

By James J.

Visited Whites earlier in the month and was amazed at the style of it. Whites Gentlemens Club has a high level of class and very good and honest service. I had previously visited Whites before the new owners took over and brought the club to life, and i have to say...Whites is one of, if not the best Lap Dancing club in London.

By Andrew W.


It's been a year since I went to Whites, it's alway's been my favourite club but they have this new bird there with a Saxophone , this little lot really know what there doing it's unreal in there , what an atmosphere !! , I can't believe it, SO COOl well done everyone down there x

By Hali H.

whites in algate east?o yes i been in lots strip clubs in london,and i never have a good time,when i go to whites i have the best time ever,the girls in there is so nice,and have beautiful girls from brazil,mexico,nices girls.i realy reccomended to all.

By Robert M.

I'll be back!

I found Whites to be a luxurious evening surrounded by beautiful women and adhered to by attentive staff, I cannot complain at all and will certainly be returning with my clients in the future!

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