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This elegant and sophisticated gentlemen's club offer dancers from around the world performing in lingerie and fully nude shows. At the Windmill International you have a choice of intimate dancing in one of the private booths or at your table. There is a different theme each night of the week.

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"The Windmill, located in the heart of London's Soho, is one of the capital’s most iconic night time venues. It became infamous for remaining open during the blitz in World War II, despite a bomb blast in the same street. The venue presents a unique 21st century decor thanks to a chic overhaul of its interior. Yet the heritage of The Windmill has been preserved. The Moulin Rouge style theatre remains and nude shows will continue to run on the stage. With over 100 mesmerizing girls, a large selection of drinks and cold buffet, The Windmill has been a breeding ground for some of the biggest names in British show business during its colourful 80-year history. Peter Sellers, Harry Seacombe, Tony Hancock and Bruce Forsyth all began their comedy careers at the venue when variety shows were a feature of the entertainment."

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Windmill International reviews

By Stephen E.

A spontaneous urge to visit, coupled with an unwillingness to go home after a night out brought me here. After an entry fee of £15, that I was willing to pay, I was told that a dance would cost £20. However once I got in I was charged £40 for a dance. The girl asked if I wanted a VIP dance, but she seemed to give me two different prices. I said I would think about it, but after some general chit chat in which she told me she didn't like working there, I decided that I was put off, and left. It's a shame, since I would return, but I'm not sure now. This was my first experience of such a club as well.

By Hey H.

What a joke. After all this "world famous" nonsense I finally went because I wanted to see the historic place (as a fan of all 1940's history) and was treated like I had an IQ of 50. I was fine with a 15 pound entry fee, and having to tip the cloakroom man, but my understanding and patience ran out immediately after that. After only having a choice of 2 non quality beers (Becks and Budweiser, really?), I finally settled to pay 6 quid for one. As soon as I entered I was hassled and had to keep saying that I just wanted to take it easy and enjoy the main show. At this point I was told that the main show was "boring." Well they were right about that, obviously they were more worried about whoring out the girls for private services than having a nice, relaxing main room. Every other minute I would be asked if I wanted to go upstairs and I finally ran out of ways to politely say "no thanks" (one time I had to literally stare down a girl after saying no) and left. I would of assumed the girls would start telling each other I wasn't interested but evidently not. What a waste of money

By Christopher E.

Went to this club last night for a catch up with a pal and had a fantastic night. Really friendly even met the managers son, also really nice guy. Great night

By Jim B.

Good night out. Been a few times. Tip - thurs/fri/sat are the best nights. Great atmosphere, cool music and hot girls. What more could you ask for?

By Adam G.

Agree 100%, it hurts me to see that some people write negative about this club, i think like you just said it is probably the best strip club in London, Staff, girls amazing, food selection tasty and well presented, staff very helpful, highly recomended

By Chris B.

Been a couple of times now and thoroughly have enjoyed myself. Very sexy girls and staff were great. Also have to say one of the best gentlemen's clubs for music - Both the shorter and taller 'resident' DJs are very, very good. Would have been nice to hear some more hip hop but as I understand they aren't free to play exactly what they want. My friends and I are on the kinder side of 30 and we would all 100% recommend this establishment if you are looking for a good (expensive) night with sexy girls and the best music in London! Chris.

By Simon D.

Took some clients out last night to the Windmill. I thought it would be rude not to comment on the venue seeing the how bad some reviews were. I had a very pleasant evening and so did my clients, so much so they have arranged to come back for a stag event. It should be pretty obvious you will have to part with some cash but well worth it. Lap dance venues are never cheap but saying that £8 for a beer to me is not expensive for a west end establishment nor is £40 for a dance including tips.

By George A.

I completely disagree!! I had been ripped of from other venues who claim they are 'reputable' which lead me to try the windmill. 5 years later I have become a member and happy to admit a regular. You obviously didn't see the Brazilian dancers do their 'party tricks' on the stage. The dancers are nothing but sexy and beautiful and very very accommodating.

By Pål Christian K.

This is the best place to go in London, I went to London just for a week, and the service and the girls were so great that I went there every-night instead of going clubbing as planned

By Neil M.

Visited this establishment Tuesday 25/11/11. My colleague was insulted by a waiter when he tried to order our drinks at the bar. The waiter at the bar was very aggressive and angry towards him and appeared to be drunk. Three pretty girls took us to a table where we ordered several bottles of overpriced champagne. I was shocked at the treatment once we sat down. The staff gave us very poor service. My dancer attempted to call one miserable looking waiter. He reluctantly came over to her said "you know" then walked away!! My dancer Eva explained to me that we would have to tip the waiter separate on-top of the service charge for him to serve us!! I reluctantly agreed he still refused to serve. In addition i had to tip the staff at the dancing booth for my dancer to dance with me!! Two of my clients later told us that they were not offered a sexy dance upstairs but offered a sex service that you would get in a sleazy brothel. On our way out a very sharped tongued red headed lady swore at me as I all left. "To go and F myself''' I really would not recommend ever bringing your clients to this sort of establishment. The staff are awful. Zero service. There are much better clubs in London.

By Ed G.

I was in this venue last week , during my short stay in London .. I was also so disappointed .. from the entrance , at the reception desk , the girl looking so sad ,, she said to me " Mondays are like that " .. BUT the worse was with the club manager , "the wearing glasses man " .. I asked "How many dancers tonight ? "... " ~ 20 , was the answer " .. no too many I replay ... and the answer was " Piss off , if you don't like , you can go .... !!!!! " .. I had paid the entrance already , so I step in ... I ordered a beer and stay at the bar , a girl comes and start chatting ... then " the wearing glasses man " - manager call the girl to him .. then girl come back and speak to me: " My manager says to do not lose the time with you , because you will not pay any dances "... What ?? ... I let my beer unfinished and left ....

By Doug L.

This establishment is absolutely stunning. My pals and me rocked up on sat night after the match and the place was buzzing, could have done with having less people in there but either way was a fantastic night. Not many strip clubs feel like a nightclub/cabaret. we were even treated to a cheeky performance from a burlesque act who to our amazement were completely naked!! Great Night

By Harold K.

Attended for a stag night, booked a week before hand even maneged to get half my party free entrance. Everyone at the Windmill from the dancers to the waiters are very helpful and polite. The dancers are beautiful and really made the groom regret his big day... Ok well not really but the girls were very sexy and fun. All spoke english which is a plus and were very accommodating. Will definitely be going back to revisit. May I recommend Morgan she is so hot

By David W.

Windmill International is a late-night gentlemen’s club that offers full nude erotic dancing on stage, an extensive bar and table service. And all this is topped off with the fact that this establishment is one of the mainstays of Soho nightlife – a visit is a step back to the glory days of a decadent and racy past.

The Venue
If you ask anyone in the know about The Windmill, their response will include one or all of the following points: it’s a grand old feature of Soho life; it was a theatre and a cinema famous for nude tableau vivant for excited theatregoers; and it offered a mixed programme of variety acts before becoming an adult nightspot. Famous as the place that never closed during the Blitz, the Windmill Theatre (as it was known then) launched the careers of many post-war comedians and variety performers. Today, Windmill International (as it is now called) still has a strong reputation as a component of central London nightlife in the form of a gentlemen’s club of some renown, and the venue is full of the finest, friendliest and fittest ladies in all of Soho.

Upon entering the club, after a quick hello with the courteous door staff, you step into a modern club that still has one foot well in the past. This is not in any way a bad thing as the club retains that element that is in short supply in much of London, particularly in the field of gentlemen’s clubs: glamour. The old theatre style is still evident and the stage is set like a scene in a classic black and white musical. You might expect Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to dance down the stairs onto the stage for a quick twirl, but these days you are more likely to see a few of the house girls showing their pole dancing expertise, twirling and writhing at the very top of the poles that rise some 20-feet above the stage.

The floor in front of the stage is bedecked with small tables and chairs, giving the whole place a charming, old-fashioned cabaret club feeling, especially with all the scantily clad ladies walking about. The lower area has an extra bit of stage that can rise up electronically to increase the square-footage, if the ladies are putting on a cabaret or group dance. As the Windmill used to be a theatre, you can spot where the stalls were once located, and up a narrow flight of stairs is the VIP dance area where the balcony seats used to be. In these secluded and discreet nooks, the lady of your choice will dance in a glorious, fully nude manner that’s sure to raise your heart rate.

The Atmosphere
In the heart of Soho, you could imagine yourself to be in a speakeasy bar, in the cool 1950s or in the hip 1960s, or perhaps you may feel like Dennis Waterman in an episode of The Sweeney. Windmill International has that sort of effect on its punters; it creates a feeling you won’t get anywhere else in London, and particularly in any other gentleman’s club. You feel like something could happen, as if you are living the real life of Soho.

It is impossible not to mention the amazing cavalcade of ladies. The number of girls at Windmill International is in fact a little astonishing. Everywhere you look there is a cluster of beauties, and they seem to be rapidly increasing in number by the hour. The sheer choice of international, gorgeous girls will keep you entertained and coming back for more. You might be suddenly approached by a gorgeously athletic Brazilian lady, by some statuesque blonde from Eastern Europe, or maybe by a coolly seductive girl from Trinidad and Tobago. Any and all of these girls are friendly, attentive and willing to chat, hang out and dance for you. You may prefer to sit by yourself or with your friends to take in the dances on stage, but don't miss out on the upstairs delights, when the lady of your choosing takes you by the hand to lead you up to the VIP section and give you the dance of your life.

Entrance to Windmill international is £15, private dances are £20 each, and the rules and regulations regarding the time that the girls spend with you at your table (separate from the VIP dances upstairs) are printed on cards on each table, along with a drinks menu. Things really start to get busy after midnight, and as you find a table and get settled in, you will be presented with a very nice fresh fruit platter for you and the girls to happily nibble away on. But, you will need to purchase drinks, and with that in mind, the facts of adult entertainment venues come into play. The Windmill International is for alert and switched-on punters only; do not assume that the girls are there for your chat-up lines. You will have to pay if they stay with you for a while.

The Drink
Windmill International has an exceptional range of drinks on offer, from lagers and spirits to wines and excellent Champagnes. You can order wines, vintage Champagnes and spirits by the bottle if you are feeling very flush, and these will be served to you, and the ladies you may choose to share with, at your table. Then you can enjoy the scene, the on-stage dances and the cool ambience of the Windmill. But, do ensure you are aware of the prices before you buy as you may end up overspending. In fact, it’s quite good fun spotting those punters who have been presented with their bill only to flinch like they’ve just been slapped. Look before you leap.

The Last Word
With its friendly door and bar staff, its welcoming Maitre D’ and its amazing location, reputation and atmosphere, Windmill International is quite an experience. Anyone keen on London’s adult nightlife should visit, if only to see a truly classic venue still operating at the peak of its powers. It may be long-established, but it stays relevant thanks to a bevy of lingerie-clad beauties and a sophisticated, old-school atmosphere of decadence.

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