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Yalla Yalla Beirut Street Food brings authentic Lebanese cuisine to the heart of Soho, and is open throughout for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Yalla Yalla reviews

By Harriot H.

Came here after a theatre matinee. (The Green's Court branch was nearer and is very small). It was the first time we'd tried Lebanese food. The meal was delicious and the service really good - efficient without being hurried. The staff were genuinely concerned to ensure that you enjoyed your meal. Will definitely visit again.

By Michelle M.

The place was buzzing when we stopped for lunch, though service was quick. We punted for 4 mezze dishes for two of us; each costing £4-5. Good choice for veggies. Dishes were a nice size and 4 was plenty. I sampled the falafel, spinach fatayer and vine leaves. The chunky, spicy falafel and refreshingly lemony vine leaves made for a tasty meal, but the spinach fatayer was dry and weirdly sweet. Without houmous or baba ganoush, it was all a little too dry, which resulted in us guzzling some nice lemonades from their selection.

By Josh W.

I came to Yalla Yalla last December with my partner and having never tried Lebanese food before, must say I really enjoyed it. I had an open chicken kebab style pitta on a bed of coconut right which was extremely tasty. The price was pretty decent, and the portion sizes extremely decent! The restaurant itself was rather small, but we were lucky and didn't have to wait for a table, though I can imagine it can get very busy!

By N.

Brilliant restaurant. Excellent food and worth the wait. It is busy for a reason. Great value also.

By Andrew M.

What a great place! Food amazing, but most times I've tried to return it was full up. Small so you have to come at off times to guarantee a table. But the food is so good and the presentation is really lovely and felt very authentic. The only reason I'm giving a 4 is because I found the servers were too busy to give their full attention. Still a favorite for the west end though.

By James S.

There's a difference between bad service and spiteful service. I have no problem with the former, but unfortunately - and I say unfortunately because I truly wanted to like this restaurant - I received the latter. I can't recall being angry leaving a restaurant. The time I spent at Yalla Yalla - namely, the three hours waiting for food that never came because the kitchen had closed - was enough to make me angry. I strongly urge anyone considering to eat here to reconsider.

By Ann C.

Went here for lunch, had to wait about 10 mins for a table as it was absolutely rammed. Had the Lamb Moshou (spelling?? it's the first course listed on the Main menu) and it was amazing! Tender and juicy and smokey at the same time, very nice surprise. The chili sauce makes it extra tasty - would definitely recommend this little hidden gem !

By J G.

this is an outstanding jewel with fantastic, great staff and wonderful atmosphere. the only downside is that it has been discovered by everyone else and you have to book a table !

By Dom D.

They never answer their phone!

The food is not bad, a touch dry perhaps. Good value for lunches I suppose.

By V D.

I made a reservation for dinner (2) and when we got there the girl said our names were not on the list, so, after getting incredibly excited to celebrate a special occasion, we were terribly disillusioned and were asked to come back another day or 1 1/2 hours later. Very disappointing.

By Anon Y.

Had a takeaway Chicken Sharwama.

Turned out to be very dry, with little or no sauce inside, and it wasn't helped by being toasted.

Also, having cardamom pods still inside was far too overpowering.

By David R.

Incredible new place! Stumbled upon it by chance & don't regret it.

The food is fantastic & incredibly cheap (a take away lunch can be as little as £5!)

Probably my favourite new place in London! It's likely to remain so for a long while. I ate there already five or six times.

I lost count.

By Gee N.

Totally wow! quality food; you can actually taste the freshness, and without doubt excellent value for money. Who wants to go Edgware Road now?

By James G.

New spot place in London!!!

Was there on Friday night, food was so tasty, the best falafel and mixed grill I ever had. Staffs were so helpful and friendly, ice atmosphere and very cosy place.

Lovely cocktails and fresh lemonades!!! Superb place to go, the best quality for only £20 (including cocktails), going back next week!

By Fran B.

What a find! superb food, friendly staff, warm atmosphere.

The children were welcomed and it was spotlessly clean.

We had 6 starters and 4 main courses. The Lamb was so tender it melted! The kids loved the seafood so we ordered more of that half way through.

Apple, mint and ginger lemonade is amazing stuff. Non-alcoholic but not stuffy/health foody either - and the kids loved the pomegranate.

Everything is made fresh on the premises and it didn't matter that we didn't understand what was what or couldn't pronounce the words - the staff were happy to help and the chef appeared too while we were eating to check all was to his standards.

5 full tums, we had loads of drinks [ mostly coz i couldn't stop drinking the mint and ginger! ] and all for about £10 a headthis is the best place to eat so far - worth going to find - and we'll be back!

By Margaret N.

Great new restaurant in Soho, went there today for lunch break, the food was amazing, very cosy and relax place.

Definitely will be there again, especially to smoke shisha and have amazing fresh apple, mint and ginger lemonade.

By Claire Marie S.

Serving up authentic Lebanese street food at pleasantly affordable prices, the original Soho branch of Yalla Yalla is a very safe bet for tangy meze, excellent service and a vibrant atmosphere on almost every night of the week. Cosy and compact, the little eatery has the capacity to transport your taste buds – at least for an evening – away from Soho’s side streets to the busy lanes of Beirut.

The Venue
Located just off Brewer Street, this branch of Yalla Yalla is tucked down one of Soho’s lesser known, cobbled side streets. There may be less hustle and bustle here than in the rest of surrounding Soho but this doesn’t mean that the venue follows suit; it’s gone from being one of the capital's best-kept secrets to a newly discovered favourite of many – and all the while retaining its charm. If you're heading down after 7pm, be prepared to queue outside every day of the week, waiting for one of the handful of tables to become free. Once you're inside though, you can marvel at the walls spattered with authentic paintings and artefacts, amid the yellow and black décor.

The Atmosphere
If you’re looking for a quiet, refined vibe, look elsewhere – Yalla Yalla is busy and bustling at all times, and in such a compact venue you’ll be seated just a few inches from the neighbouring tables, with waitresses squeezing past as they balance plates of mezze. But far from this proximity being frustrating, the bustle creates an authentic vibe, with lively music just audible in the background over the cascade of chatter. All told, the atmosphere in here is just what you’d expect from a restaurant whose name is the Lebanese for 'let’s get going'.

The Food
The impressive selection of mezze on offer is the highlight of the Yalla Yalla menu; order around 3 per person and, at a price of around £5 per dish and with complimentary flatbreads and olives thrown in, you should be pleasantly satisfied.

Traditional staples such as falafel and tabbouleh (a fresh salad with chopped herbs, olive oil, tomatoes and lemon juice) are excellent here, but the real joys of the mezze menu are found a little further down the list. The soujoc (homemade spicy Lebanese sausages with tomato and herbs) are tangy but not overpowering, while the samboussek jibne (pastry stuffed with feta and halloumi cheese, and infused with mint) are melt-in-the-mouth bites, the pastry a perfect stage between soft and crispy and the cheese creamy and salty inside. The kibbe lahme (deep fried lamb and cracked wheat parcels) are packed with herbs and full of flavour, while the halloum meshoue is a simple but brilliant addition to the menu, with grilled halloumi cheese served with black olives and fresh mint.

One particular highlight on the mezze menu has to be the sfiha - a beautifully presented pastry with an aromatic combination of minced lamb, tomatoes and spices, topped with pomegranate seeds and lime juice; the unusual flavour combination is mouth-wateringly good. If one larger dish is more to your taste, try the lahem shawarma main. At slightly over £10, it’s a mass of mint-infused, marinated lamb with a cool and refreshing red pepper side salad. Finally, make sure you don’t leave without trying the manaeesh cheese – an oven-baked doughy bread with melted cheese and seeds that’s just incredibly moreish.

If you can manage the desserts after working your way through all that mezze, try the baklawa for a touch of Lebanese authenticity, or sample the excellent 'Yalla Coco', a coconut mousse and mango sorbet served with glazed coconuts, for a lighter, refreshing dessert choice.

The Drink
For something to sip with your dinner, go for one of the Lebanese wines – the Chateau Musar Mosaic rosé is light, full of blackcurrant, strawberry and redcurrant flavours and, like everything else here, pleasingly affordable at around the £15 mark. If you’re tempted to linger a little while longer after dinner, finish the evening with some traditional Lebanese mint tea.

The Last Word
A firm favourite with Soho locals, all it needs is one trip to Yalla Yalla for you to see why queues for this place go all the way down the street, even during the middle of the week. With great quality food and a bustling atmosphere, you'll be hard-pressed to find better, more authentic or more affordable Lebanese cuisine in central London.

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