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The Yard Bar is a gay bar that has regular DJ nights over the weekends. You can choose from a wide range of drinks at this friendly venue in Rupert Street.

Ranked #67 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Yard reviews

By Andrew M.

It is so refreshing to walk into a bar like Yard right in the centre of the sticky and bustling Soho surroundings on a hot summer's day and be able to just breathe. The bar staff were very friendly and just as cute whilst the clientele were also relaxed and non predatory as they are in many of the neighbouring bars. I give the Yard a big thumbs up!

By David M.

Always pull in the Yard, ;) always brings in a good looking crowd, the venues gorgeous and the drinks are pretty good too

By Tom T.

The Yard doesn't look like much from the outside but Wow what a little wonderland when you get inside..definitely my new favourite playground..

By Dory F.

The Yard is one of the best gay bars in town, always a friendly crowd and a lovely looking venue, will always return

By Claire F.

My faith in the human race has just jumped to the highest level and it is all due to a very kind person at this lovely bar. Over 2 weeks ago I visited The Yard and as always had a great time, the staff are friendly, the beer is reasonable priced and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. I left the bar and was devastated when on my journey home I released my purse was no longer in my bag. I am afraid to say I automatically thought the worse and thought that it had been stolen. The bar is a busy place in the heart of Soho and as sad as it sounds pickpockets are often about in the area. Add in the fact that it’s a big purse, I just couldn’t see how I could have dropped it or let it slip out of my bag without me noticing. As with many females my purse contains far too much ‘stuff’, but to me having pictures of my nieces and nephews, a memory mass card of my mum who died many years ago, a list of my Dads current tables to hand over at the next doctor’s appointment, plus driving license, credit cards etc. etc. are things I want to have with me at all times. So why is my faith restored? last night I received a parcel from some kind person from The Yard with my purse and all its contents (including cash) still inside. There was no note so I can’t thank anyone personally but this person paid to return the purse to me special delivery, (ensuring it would arrive safely) and I can honestly say this amazed me. I was so touched at this action that words cannot really explain the sheer gratitude and wonderful feeling that it has given me, there really are still kind honest people in this world and whoever you are Thank you thank you thank you. The next time I am in town I will be sure to come back to The Yard for a drink and offer you my thanks in person. How honest a pub / bar can you get. Claire

By Barry M.

I came here on a date and had a lovely time, great atmosphere, it was very busy on a saturday night and the drinks were good.

By Larry S.

I came here for my birthday and had a wonderful time, me and my friends really enjoyed it, the music was great and really got us in the party mood, would come here again

By Polly K.

Me and my sister ended up popping in here on a random trip to London and made friends with some really nice gay guys, we had a great night. It was so nice to be in a bar where your not gonna get hit on by lots of sleazy men, we wil be back.

By Wayne K.

HOT topless bartenders is all you need to know about The Yard! ;) oh and the bar looks pretty good too! well worth a visit!

By Barry M.

The Yard is great for drinks on a week night, friendly staff and normally a nice atmosphere. Perfect for getting a bit merry for the train journey home!

By Mike F.

If the guy who I saw on the sofa in the Yard with the Philipino guy this evening 21/12 reads this message get in touch please. It was great to catch you eye as u were leaving! My email address is Mike507@hotmail.comThanks Mike

By Max K.

This is a great bar for all the young guys. Everyone has a good time in here and every time I have been it has been one of my best nights out. We always end up here after a pub crawl, always a good place to finish off the night.

By Leo M.

My new favourite place for some after work drinks, very chilled atmosphere and no pushing and shoving that you get at other venues.

By Neil B.

I went in with friends recently (Id never been before) and the place was packed and looked amazing (the entrance is sooo camp! greek statues and fairy lights!) Its hidden away on rupert street - you enter a tunnel that leads to a big courtyard where you can smoke (which was very helpful for me as a non smoker as usually I always end up on the street with my smoking friends.) The barman (topless) were really hot and actually friendly (as opposed to the usual arrogant ones you normally get) The only down side was the slightly dark toilets which were also quite cold. But all in all I would definitely recommend.

By Polly K.

Yard is my favourite bar in Soho, everyone is friendly and the guys are really genuine. I am going again next week and I can’t wait. I love the cocktails and they are really good.

By David R.

There is a nice courtyard where people can stand outside in the summer. It seems however that the bar staff expect to be tipped which is not the normal custom in English pubs. If one spends £3.40 on a pint of lager, what is one supposed to give the barman ? Another £1 ? The drinks are expensive enough as it is.

By D M.

The Yard Bar is a good venue to go to if you're with friends and want to chat and unwind.

It is not, in my opinion, a place to go to if you're alone and looking to meet new people.

That said, I'm only basing this on going during the week (on a school night) so the vibe at weekends could be entirely different.

A bar similar in feel to The Yard Bar is King Edward IV (nearest tube: Angel) where you don't feel like a Norman no-mates if you go there on your own.

This is due to the layout of the place: the bar is such that you can hang out there and check out the crowd without looking like a desperate predator whereas it's more difficult to find a vantage point at The Yard Bar.

But if you do want to meet new people at The Yard Bar during the week, then I recommend going with a few mates (not just one) and breaking away from them every so often to survey the scene.

By Polli E.

Date night at the Yard was great! Had a few drinks before going to Bodeans for dinner - great night out with fabulous company!

By Tabitha T.

My boyfriend took me here for a night out, I really enjoyed it and everyone was really friendly and comforting. I am definitely returning to Yard.

By Knight H.

Yard comes alive in the summertime when the courtyard is packed with a fun-loving crowd enjoying an after work drink.

The Venue
In the heart of Soho, this predominantly gay bar has three distinct spaces – the courtyard, the downstairs bar and an upstairs bar. Set back from the street it feels like a little oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Old Compton Street. Yard attracts a mixture of ages and is lacking in the attitude of some other Soho haunts. There are comfortable sofas to settle into if you meet someone worth getting to know better. The loft bar can be booked for private parties or events.

The Atmosphere
Laid back is the name of the game at Yard. A DJ plays funky tunes at the weekend. It is usually quite busy, sometimes even crowded, but it just adds to the energy. The bar staff are usually rushed off their feet.

The Drink
This is a basic bar with the majority of drinks ordered being pints or the odd gin and tonic. Prices are reasonable for Soho.

The Last Word
Yard is like a comfortable, old pair of jeans you slip on for the weekend. It is convenient for meeting friends and casual enough to just hang out at. Nothing fancy, but it works.

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