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Yauatcha Soho is a contemporary trendy dim sum teahouse spread over two floors with contrasting atmospheres. There are over 60 varieties of teas on offer as well as cocktails, macaroons, chocolates and a selection of petits gateaux in its front-of-house patisserie.

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Yauatcha Soho reviews

By J.

I love Yauatcha! Not only is the venue great looking but the food is delicious too. You feel as though you are part of an exclusive club at Yauatcha but that doesn't mean it's pretentious, just really special.

By Stephen F.

Yauatcha might be seen by some as just another trophy bought by Abu Dhabi’s investment arm but the Michelin-starred quality of the food remains, not least in the very impressive dim sum.

The Venue
Ever since Alan Yau opened his dim sum baby back in 2004 it's been a popular spot, with those early days seeing queues out the door and waiting lists as long as the tally of dim sum. It’s marginally easier to get into these days, but this modern take on a classic Oriental teahouse still looks quite the sleek part, with an attractive interior moodily bathed in brilliant blue by backlit fixtures and an impressive aquarium of similar hue. Views of the bar through misted glass look like cataracts but the rest of this polished dining room offers the kind of clarity and precision you might expect from somewhere designed by Christian Liaigre, who has married vogue and vintage pretty well.

The Atmosphere
The fashionable reputation, the celebrities popping in, the undemocratic prices; this is dim sum for the discerning diner. There are plenty of local Soho types, so expect to spy trendy looking sorts discussing PPMs and telecine colouring, or the more successful denizens of the theatre industry swapping amusing tales of particularly theatrical thespians. Add to that a host of chic, well-heeled ladies lunching, a few special occasions and, of course, the obligatory bloggers with ludicrous lenses, and you’re set for an atmosphere most would gleefully describe as ‘vibrant’. Lunchtimes are relatively casual, whilst evenings come over all glamorous, with natty numbers the norm.

The Food
With those kind folk of Michelin bestowing a star (that’s stuck) upon Yauatcha back in 2004, there’s a certain elevated expectation from most diners. And whilst those looking for sophisticated pieces of artistry might be disappointed, those wowed simply by flavour should be very pleased indeed.

Most of this pleasure will probably come from the really rather delightful dim sum, of which there are quite a few. And whilst to try them all you’d need pockets deeper than the pit in which you put them, a few standout options just have to be sampled, with the signature venison puffs (£4.50) chief amongst them. These brilliant, buttery bundles of flaky pastry play host to deeply rich, sweet and char siew-esque venison, with sesame seeds popping to provide an extra layer of flavour - it’s a seriously good dish.

Others impress too, with the har gau (suitably delicate with big and bouncy prawns - £5.30), scallop shui mai (a bugger to grab but every bit as dainty and delicious as the har gau - £7.50) and the seabass in black bean sauce (big on flavour and big on fish - £8.80) particularly worthy of note. The sheer number of different dim sum would bring Barry Schwartz out in a very cold sweat but just stab a pin in the page a few times and accept that you’ll have to return.

If you don’t fancy the dim sum then there is plenty more besides, with a very good crab salad (doused in a judiciously restrained peanut and soy sauce - £9.80) and a stir fry of sugar snaps, mange tout and edamame (£8.80) being good shouts for those seeking something a little lighter. A Szechuan seafood and tofu claypot (£19.80) might not be anywhere near as spicy as the demarcation suggests but it is packed with flavour – just keep an eye out for the whole cloves of garlic, lest you lose friends.

Desserts (all £8) go a little more global, with posh rhubarb custards and sorbets sitting alongside milk chocolate praline (with jivara milk chocolate, salted caramel and peanuts), a cassis chocolate pudding (with violet) and chocolate selections. The macaroons (£1.50 a pop) really impress though, with folds of flavour found within the kind of yielding chew found only in the very best.

The Drink
If you’re popping in for some lunch and don’t fancy something boozy then you’re in luck, with the iced teas and tea smoothies being particularly good. A kumquat and jasmine version is lusciously fruity, but not quite as lusciously fruity as the lime and passion fruit option, where lime, apple juice and jasmine tea mixes fruitfully with passion fruit and its pips. The cocktails (some of which come from Hakkasan - not literally) justifiably boast some renown but those wanting to drop a bottle of wine or two have some very decent options to choose from, including an excellent 2010 ‘Clos du Roy’ Sancerre from Pascal Jolivet and an even better 2010 Pouilly-Fuissé from Manciat-Poncet.

The Last Word
It might not be the cheapest spot in town but elevating the traditional dim sum experience to a standard this high is never going to come cheap - simply order carefully or cry to hell with it.

By Amy C.

Amazing decor, very swish, electric. It was very busy so service seemed a bit rushed, however, we had a great time and food is real tasty. It was worth a visit but not cheap.

By J.

I went Thursday night and despite some problems with booking the whole experience was good. The food is great and I found the service to be excellent. I'm, not quite sure why the hostesses and waiters/waitresses wear different uniforms. The lowliest ones wear white skirts and shirts exposing far too much midriff!

By Irene H.

I live in the midlands and was visiting London at the weekend. I visited Yauatcha on Sunday the 19th June. What an experience fantastic food, outstanding customer service, I had a fabulous evening. AJ who looked after us was extremely pleasant and couldn't have been more helpful. Thank-you far a great evening and I shall certainly recommend to my friends and family to visit. and I will be back.

By Kevin G.

The service here is absolutely appalling! The Maitre D's in particular (they stand by the entrance, wearing green dresses) are snooty, rude and condescending. My friends and I were told "be quick" by one of them as we were shown to our table on a Friday evening! AVOID!!

By Peter W.

Although I must agree they try to turn table around a little fast, I cant stop going. The di'm-sum is to die for, especially the duck rolls and venison puffs. The atmosphere is li'vely and the surroundings are great. I love the way you can see into the steam filled kitchen and the long bar is a great feature. If they smiled a little more it would help but I wont let that take away from the reason im really there. Dim sum better that ive managed to find else where in the capital. Hakkasan its big sister is also a must!

By Michael C.

Visited this restaurant a few years ago and had a reasonably good evening so thought it worth another go.

Made a reservation for 8-15 on a Friday and received a message the day before confirming the booking for Saturday – not a good sign!

This was rectified and I was told to arrive promptly at the restaurant due to time restrictions imposed on each sitting.On arrival we were told that the table was just being laid up and that we should wait and look at the menu.

There is no bar area to wait so you stand awkwardly in the way of the door – no one offered to take coats or provide a drink.

Fifteen minutes later I checked with the waitress whether or not the table had been laid and she said that it was still occupied and that people were paying the bill.

So previous excuses had been lies...I was not willing to wait any longer and said that we would be leaving. This caused a smirk coupled with a mumbled sorry ...

I’m sure they had no trouble filling the table which is why they don’t value their customers whatsoever.

By Kerry B.

I've never reviewed a restaurant before, but after visiting Yauatcha on Friday evening with some friends, I feel I have to forewarn people.

While the food and cocktails here are very good, and the decor stylish and comfortable, the service is truly terrible.

The waitresses were slow to take our order, but quick to try and rush us out, and were surly and abrupt.

It was as though they were doing us a favour by letting us have a table! The service in this restaurant needs to be addressed, because it seems to be the only thing letting the place down.

I certainly won't be returning, and wouldn't recommend anyone else to either. A huge let-down.

By B L.

The restaurant foods are amazing and i always love to bring my friends to this place as a meeting place and chat. But i strongly feel they have to do something with the service. Waiter and waiters are not very friendly recently and i been to the restaurant quite often i hope the service can provide better and make the customer feel more comfortable when they come in. Today is horrible, i had the lime and cucumber mix drinks it was taste very horrible. Taste like i'm drinking something washing liquid. I was thinking to complaint but i end up jsut leave it. I can only recomand my friends or bring them to this place but is a shame they my friends has to experience the bad services. I hope this review could improve the service in the restaurant.

By Magda P.

Never before have I ‘officially’ commented on a restaurant I have been to, but I strongly feel the need to do so now…I have been in the hospitality business for 18 years, owning my own hotel/restaurant and separate café-bar in mainland Greece. For as far back as I remember –including my BA in Hospitality- my life has always been about attitude, behavior, cleanliness, manners, quality of service and above all making your customer feel at ease, at home and welcome. I have traveled all over the world and ate in some of the best restaurants there are. I recently visited my mother in London and one night a friend took me and some friends to Yauatcha –she’d been before and had warned me about a couple of things I might find strange and disrespectful- for a meal. To cut a long story short NEVER in my life and in this business have I been so…humiliated and made to feel like a bunch of easy-to-make pound notes! The service was appalling (‘smile’ is something from the past only found in a dictionary) and in the middle of our meal (at 9pm) we were told we had to leave by 9.45pm because the table was reserved for a second seating –which by the way, according to the Official Rules and Regulations of British Restaurants is totally illegal- which left me with my chopstick ‘stuck’ in my mouth! Plus, our waiter earlier on was telling us and the tables next to us, that Madonna was actually there, dinning in the Private Room, when the next day a tabloid magazine had her photo coming out of ‘The Ivy’ –EXCELLENT place- with her husband the same night! On our way out at 10pm I ‘had a word’ with the Manageress (if you can address someone with her attitude as such) and her answer was in exact words: ‘you should be grateful I gave you an extra 15 minutes’!!! I am never, ever going there again and my apologies to the Chef, because the only comforting thing in that place is the food which is sensational. Only those who go there just to be able to tell their friends they’ve been can actually ‘

By S.

Yauatcha more than lived up to my friend's recommendation. Every waitress that served us was friendly and relaxed. We were told we only had a 90 minute slot but were later told we could stay as long as we wanted even though upstairs was at least half full and downstairs was packed.

The food was incredibly flavoursome and inventive - we tried chocolate souffle with red pepper sorbet and chocolate chilli sauce. All the dim sum were mouth watering. The cocktails were also unusual but delicious and reasonable at £7.00. Only the glass of wine my friend had seemed a bit steep at nearly £4.00 for a tiny glass. The atmosphere at Yauatcha was buzzy but not pretentious and the decor made you feel you were somewhere special. For the amount we ate we thought £40.00 per head was reasonable. I'd recommend this place to anyone.

By P.

Yauatcha is a great stylish place...I've never had a problem getting in and agree that it has a feel of a hideaway and I can only say that I've always had good service here, contrary to popular belief. The much heralded Yauatcha venison puffs are great and I love the clean tastes of the seafood/shellfish dim sum.

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