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York and Albany is a welcome addition to Gordon Ramsay's restaurant empire. The menu has been created by executive chef Colin Buchan and offers the very best in contemporary cuisine, and with stunning views over Regent's Park you're guaranteed a memorable dining experience.

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"Welcome to York & Albany in Camden If you’re looking for a bite to eat in Camden, or perhaps a hotel for a weekend getaway in London, then you’re in for a real treat at York & Albany. Tuck into a hearty meal in our restaurant and try our delicious seasonal menus featuring the freshest ingredients throughout the year. Or if you’re looking for some casual drinks (or even a night out on the town!), visit our Wine Bar for a selection of home-grown and international wines… We even have a special wine terrace for the summer months too. This stunning regency townhouse truly has it all. Situated just a stone’s throw away from some of the most scenic views London has to offer, our Gordon Ramsay restaurant and hotel near Regent’s Park will make you feel right at home as you settle in. The picturesque setting and beautiful architecture of York & Albany also makes it the perfect London wedding venue too. So whether you’re looking for a meal in a restaurant near Regent’s Park, or drinks in Camden, or even a London wedding, then you’ll find all that you need and more at York & Albany. We look forward to welcoming you soon."

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York and Albany reviews

By Probert I.

My word this is a terrible restaurant. Went there for breakfast today. 1. Ordered two Americana coffees. Was served Lattes. Sent them back, waited twenty minutes and two more Lattes arrived. Finally, went to the kitchen myself and explicitly told them what I wanted. 2. My nine-year-old daughter ordered cornflakes. After a twenty-minute wait the waitress told us that they had sent someone to the shop to buy them. My daughter switched to fruit salad, which simply consisted of very poor quality inedible melon. 3. My daughter's apple juice was off. The waiter explained that it sometimes gets like this when 'it is left in the heat…' 4. The table we were seated at was too high for the chairs. I felt like a baby seated at a grown-up table. I asked to be moved and was relocated to a table that was too low for the chairs. it was a complete joke. 5. My wife's granola was stale. No milk was served with it. All in all a terrible breakfast. In fairness, they didn't charge us for it, which was just as well. Avoid like the plague.

By Ray Z.

This restaurant is lacking enthusiasm within staff and is purely surviving on Gordon Ramsay's name alone. Food was absolutely fantastic, great atmosphere to be around however more enthusiasm from staff is needed.

By Tara B.

My husband who is a long serving fire-fighter at one of London's busiest fire stations was recently awarded a Ramsay Voucher via his work. My husband booked a table for us for 3pm Saturday 29 October 2011. We followed the directions provided on their website and allowed good time for delays and for the fact that I am heavily pregnant and can 'waddle a little slower' at the moment. We arrived at the restaurant a 3.06pm (6 minutes late). There were no staff to greet us immediately, however a well-mannered waitress passed us within a minute or so and asked if she could help. Whilst she was ticking us off the reservation list, what appeared to be a 'hostess' moved between us and the waitress, she ignored us and tutted, waggling her finger at the waitress saying "No. No. No!". We were puzzled how she could be so rude to her colleague when we realised she wasn’t criticising her colleague she was insulting us; ignoring us but instructing the waitress not to seat us as we were late. It was now only about 3.08pm. My husband asked what the problem may be and the 'hostess' curtly said without even making eye contact "What time did you book?". My husband confirmed 3pm. She then tutted again and said "3pm? Well you are late and the kitchen is now closed". I explained in a light hearted friendly manner that I am a little slower than usual walking as I am pregnant, and that we were only about 5 minutes late anyway; which is time that could have been swallowed up by us taking time looking at a menu anyway. There were several covers still left in the dining area who were still eating. My husband suggested if they could then contact one of their sister restaurants, who's kitchen was not closed, to see if they had availability and we would pop in a cab there. She completely ignored our request, and us, and reluctantly after speaking with her colleague said she would ask the chef if he would allow us to stay (??!) We both agreed that if the staff didn’t want to serve us and the chef

By Wendy J.

Service charge 12.5%.... Service appalling, seemed well staffed BUT busy doing nothing????? so what did we pay for???? Food ok.. A bit of a shake up needed. Will try again..maybe they were having an off day.

By Jess L.

Really disappointed by our meal. Had booked a 9 pm table for my fathers birthday... we weren't seated until 9.50 pm, then had to wait a long time for menus / drinks etc (even though by that point in the evening it seemed as if the bulk of the orders were out of the way). Our starter did not arrive until 10.30 - 1.5 hours after our original booking time. The food was good but this was completely ruined by the fact we were all tense, hungry and irritable by the time it finally arrived. While the Maitre D did take a bottle of wine off the menu, I didn't feel she particularly apologetic about the situation. I certainly wouldn't return, even though I am a Primrose Hill local and have been for many years - there are a multitude of better places to have an enjoyable meal in the area.

By Alan C.

It all sounds great for dinner, but has anyone tried the 15 quid lunch? Good value? Or has one to call in at McDonald's on the way home? Alan.C.

By Jessica L.

I'm really looking forward to staying here next month – it will be a serious treat.Friends living in the Camden area say the York & Albany has become one of the best places to hang out - not crazy and noisy, like so many N. London bars.

By Jean D.

From the moment we arrived to the moment we left was a delightfull experience, the food served by the head chef was top class and even had the pleasure of sitting at a table next to the kitchen pass, if the head chef keeps up this quality of food, and i am sure he will, it will not be long before he recieves the much sort after Michellin star. Every single member of staff could not be more pleasent/friendly which makes a pleasent change to some resturants i have been to in the past, this was the first time i have been to a Ramsey resturant and i now know what i have been missing, well worth a visit .

By Jean D.

Have you been to this resturant? Obviously not going by your poor negative comment, maybe try it in future before you slate it!!

By Barbra Anne F.

Not only did we have the perfect table and outstanding food and service but had brief encounters with Angela and shook hands with Gordon himself; it made my partners birthday so special and one that's really going to be hard to top! The kitchen view table was just supreme, it was like a huge TV screen and we just loved every moment! Highly recommended! Barbra Flanagan

By Michelle C.

With the opening of Murano just a few weeks in the past, Gordon Ramsay protege Angela Hartnett is already turning her talents to a new venture. Part restaurant, part bar, part deli and part hotel, York and Albany is a rustically restored retreat in an unlikely location.

The Venue
On the site of a former coaching inn built in the 1820s, York and Albany has been refurbished with an almost worshipful eye to the original pieces and design. An archway here, a mirror there: although at first glance everything is comfortingly modern, a second look reveals there are more things vintage than just the wine. If you stay in the hotel you’ll be treading across slightly uneven floorboards and brushing past glowingly refurbished antique desks and bureaus on your way to your suite’s four poster bed.

There are several different areas to the venue. The ground floor houses the large, dark bar, surrounded by high stools, whilst further out lower, cushiony seats mix with high-backed chairs and shiny lacquered grey tables. The aforementioned deli, the most rustic part of the new venue, is in a small room off to one side, accessible by a separate entrance and through the bar. Platters of freshly baked cakes and brownies take centre stage, while rows upon rows of glossy jams, pickles and oils line the shelves. Cold food, meats and cheeses are available from behind the counter.

The restaurant area is towards the back, and colours continue in the grey theme with similar tables and chairs to the bar area. Thanks to the huge glass windows (which open out onto a small, cosy patio) and high ceilings, there’s an enormous amount of light coming into the room, lending a bright and airy atmosphere. Unfortunately, though, some tables are spaced a bit too close together, making for difficult negotiating to and from seats. More tables are located downstairs in a room decorated in red that looks over the open kitchen.

The Atmosphere
Despite being under the Gordon Ramsay restaurant group, the feel that they're aiming for is more gastro pub than Michelin-starred restaurant – perhaps it has something to do with the wooden crates and hanging garlic knots in the deli. When you book a table they’re quick to tell you that the dress code is casual, but even so there’s a mainly suited and booted crowd. Jeans and T-shirts aren’t unwelcome, they just look a bit out of place amidst all the refurbished antique finery. Likewise, despite the fact that Regent’s Park is just across the road, Camden Town tube is just a few minutes further, but the pierced and mohicaned types may as well be in a different country entirely.

The Food
Seasonal British food is on offer here, and whilst prices are on the high side for a local gastro pub (and indeed for Camden) they’re nothing on other Gordon Ramsay restaurants. Starters range from £6 - £9, mains from £14 - £22 (a chicken dish for two costs £28) and most desserts are about £6. Tapas and pizzas are scheduled to be served at the bar and there’s a daily changing set lunch menu that's very good value at £15 for three courses. Plates are simply but attractively presented, with an earthy touch that matches the decor.

An amuse bouche of crisp bread and a thin, creamy chicken liver sauce arrives on a wooden cutting board, the sauce warming a rubber-topped glass jar. It’s almost the opposite of fussy amuse bouches that the capital’s restaurants usually offer and tastes lovely, salty and warm, although the thin, soupy texture takes a bit of getting used to. The smoked duck salad (£9) is more duck than salad, with lots of carpaccio-thin layers of succulent duck on the plate. The oniony leeks give it a bit of bite, but the sliced potatoes taste too sweet and, served cold, seem a strange thing to include. Grilled mackerel (£8), with its iridescent, stripy skin, is well served by bright pink, teardrop-shaped beetroot, and the salty, meaty fish goes well with the sweet, thinly shredded apple and celeriac remoulade.

Mains are heavy on the fish dishes, so the fish stew (£14) seems like a good choice. Although it’s a large portion, with big pieces of meaty monkfish and pink and succulent prawns, the thin yellow sauce is bland and could use much more spice to add some excitement in flavour. Braised neck of lamb (£14), on the other hand, is perfect in its simplicity, with a decent sized piece of meat that’s so tender, a knife is unnecessary – you could practically breathe on it and it would fall to pieces. It’s cooked well, in a thick, savoury sauce, and the large batons of carrot and parsnip are a sweet contrast to the thick, garlicky mashed potatoes.

Although there’s a dish for two to share on the dessert menu (steamed treacle sponge pudding, £11), the rice pudding (£6) is more than enough for two. Plump, fluffy grains of rice in a gooey, milky-sweet pudding are presented in a small pot, then dolloped onto a ripe, waiting fig in a bowl. It’s a simple dessert, often the stuff of school dinner nightmares, but here it’s pretty much perfect. The cheese plate, served with a handful of purple grapes, is a bit disappointing as for £8 you only get a few thin, although tasty, slivers.

The Drink
The bar has a decently long cocktail list with prices from £6.50 - £9, a good range to match the variety of bars around the area. The York and Albany Royale (£8) includes a mix of Ketel One Citroen vodka, blueberries, lemon juice, cinnamon syrup and Champagne. There are several pages of classic cocktails as well as non-alcoholic drinks and spirits. Wines are mostly European, with some new world choices, and start by the glass from £4, whereas bottles go as low as £11. Iced tap water is offered straight away with your meal, which is always a nice touch.

The Last Word
Although much of the food is good, what remains to be seen is whether the York and Albany is still a bit too posh to hope to make good friends with Camden locals. Whether it’s dressed up as a deli, a converted inn or a bar, it’s still very much a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. Whilst Camden locals could conceivably come around for a drink, they probably won’t stay for dinner. The good news is though that the folk of Primrose Hill and Belsize Park are just around the corner – maybe they’ll be the better choice of regulars.

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