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Located in the heart of the West End, Zaman restaurant combines the right blend of east meets west to create a varied food menu from mezze through to steaks. All food used is halal. Zaman also has a good choice of wines to accompany your meal.

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Zaman reviews

By James J.

Took a girl on a date here the other day, and we had a great time. I fancy checking out the casino some time too, but the restaurant itself was super sleek. Enjoyed the food immensely and had some great red wine, she picked it out but there was a great selection! Will def be going back.

By Terri L.

we came here for my uncles birthday as hes been to the casino a lot, we all enjoyed the food although the service was a little slow, great choices of wine and the desserts were yummy!

By Frank P.

Me and my girlfriend came here one night and we both enjoyed the food, she had the fish and I had the lamb, both were to die for!

By Imogen H.

Not big on casinos, but thankfully Zaman wasn't influenced or spoilt by the game room upstairs. Got taken here for a special treat from my fiancee and though I was apprehensive at first, we had such a good meal it was a nice surprise! The decor was good too, as was the service.

By Sally K.

Really enjoyed my time here. Loved the decorations and the relaxed atmosphere. Great little venue, full of charm. Food was also very nice, and we had some great wine too.

By Freddo F.

Regular casino lover and a regular to this particular restaurant, I can tell you you won't be disappointed visiting here. Its stylish with friendly staff and great food.

By Ierena O.

Whilst I'd heard some good things about Zaman, when I tried Zaman I wasn't that impressed. The food was fine, as was everything really, but nothing stood out about it for my tastes. Except the bonzai trees on the tables. Nice touch, I think, but generally there are better places around the suit me.

By Gordon G.

I love my food and always want to try something new, so when I visited here I was in heaven. So much variety, I was spoilt for choice. The menu was also reasonably priced and the service was great. I enjoyed the dishes I had there and would go back again to try some more!

By Lola P.

I'd never heard of Zaman before, but it does seem to keep itself to itself! Its really a little gem and well worth a visit. The casino there makes it even more fun, coz when you've finished your meal you can just go have a few games. Makes for a great evening out.

By Chris M.

sleek and stylish venue at Zaman, have visited the casino a few times over the years but have only eaten twice at Zaman however I would recommend it as the food is delicious

By Lisa L.

The staff at Zaman are always super friendly and attentive, I came here a few weeks ago with some friends and we throughly enjoyed the food too

By Jon J.

I'm a regular to the casino and as such, a regular to the restaurant. Its a wonderful elegant place that serves a fantastic range of food and I've never had a problem with the service or the quality. Heartily recommend it!

By Marcia Q.

I'm a vegetarian so its always hard to find good restaurants that will cater for me and meat eating boyfriend. However, Zaman did some amazing veggie options, and they were really great. The service was pretty quick too, and its stylish!

By Alice S.

I find the food at Zaman really interesting. It really is a fantastic fusion of eastern and western food. Had some great seafood dishes here and I have to say, my overall experience here was fantastic. Will definitely be returning.

By Geof F.

After a night at the casino, there is nothing better than chilling downstairs as this incredibly smart restaurant. Very stylish, the food at Zaman is great and the atmosphere is really nice.

By Penny P.

I like Zaman, the staff were so friendly and welcoming and the service was second to none, I went with my mum and we both throughly enjoyed it

By Matt S.

Zaman is a pretty good west end restaurant, I've had better food elsewhere but it was still tasty, I would return but there are other places to try too

By Marcia Q.

I really enjoyed Zaman, theres a wide choice of food on the menu which should suit most people and I thought it was reasonably priced as well as tasty. The wine wasn't great and there could have been more choice but overall a nice experience.

By Robert G.

Zaman is definitely unusual being within a casino but the food was awesome! staff were friendly and the service was really good, we went into the casino afterwards and had a great night! ;)

By Billy C.

Zaman is a weird place because it's in a casino and there's even casino games in the restaurant. It is good for lots of people though as you can get just about anything, which should stop everyone moaning! The chef came out to our group and asked us what we thought, which is a nice touch. We said we liked Zaman!

By Pete B.

This is really good. The food is outstanding and the casino really tops the night off. I love going for a meal and finishing off the night with the casino. My friends and I love it here and it is perfect for a stag do.

By Max K.

I love the food at Zaman, the chef is outstanding and the casino is great. The food is all fresh and presented really well, we will return to Zaman when we are next in the are

By Louise G.

Restaurant within Casinos, hotels etc can be hit and miss, but Zaman hit all the right notes. Great indian curries and they seem to do the basics very well. Friendly staff and has it's own feel that's separate to the casino. Would actually recommended for a quality indian. Just keep your hands in your pockets and eyes to the floor on the way out or it can turn into an expensive night out!

By Polli E.

Me and the girls really enjoy Zaman and we love the food, it is sooo good and best in the area. The choice of food is really good and a large variety.

By Matt S.

We originally went here for the casino and we enjoyed that. We decided to try the restaurant and we really enjoyed it. The food was great the waitresses were really good. The drinks were good and the wine was really nice and fruity.

By Jasmine L.

My sister went here and told me to go because she had a great night. I decided to go and got a warm welcome from the waitresses and felt really comfortable. I ordered the pan roasted duck breast and it was cooked perfectly. It couldn't have been better. The price is really good too.

By J.

Set on the ground floor of The Sportsman, a members-only casino by Marble Arch, Zaman offers an East-meets-West fusion in an unusually laid back setting.

The Venue
Whilst dining amongst an array of fruit machines might not be most people’s choice of Friday night fun, you’d be missing out if you let that put you off. Despite the fruities – and a television showing the live betting action from upstairs – Zaman is actually pretty sleek and stylish, with something approaching a fine-dining aesthetic given a touch of character from table-top bonsai trees, good looking lighting and judicious spacing.

The Atmosphere
Zaman is obviously a pretty good starting point for many of the gamers, and given the fact that this place isn’t hugely well known they’re the sorts making up the numbers. The accessible, well-priced food should soon get the word out though, so there’s still a chance that this place could be a destination restaurant in its own right. There’s no getting away from the fact that extending the gambling downstairs via the television and fruit machines brings little to the venue’s ambience, but staff help to give things a certain sophistication: they know what they’re doing and do it professionally - those rotating wheels and flashing promises of instant riches soon cease to be a distraction.

The Food
Award winning chef Mahmud Zaman has brought his experimental style to the fore by presenting a menu that could easily be confusing. However, the varied international cuisines on offer – and their impressive execution – ensure the choice is enjoyably difficult.

The reasonably priced menu (especially for the area) boasts a journey through many of the world’s most prominent cuisines. The appetisers wind through tom yum soup to smoked salmon salad via mozarella ravioli (very good, and surprisingly authentic), an authentic selection of Lebanese meze (a beautifully presented medley of hummus, falafel, tabouleh and moutabel) and plenty more besides. One word of warning, though - you'll need to pace yourself due to the generous portions.

The mains are no less varied. Strongly consider this as a group destination because everyone should find a dish to suit, and a pretty wide selection of fish, steaks and chicken will satisfy those of a less adventurous bent. Sprinkle in Italian, Singaporean and more of those impressive Lebanese dishes and there's plenty for the party to get on with.

The mixed grill of spicy lamb kebabs, marinated chicken and prime cuts of lamb is a hearty choice, with plenty of spicy Middle Eastern zing to get your teeth into. The lamb kofte is especially good, and though some foodie snobs might disagree, the beauty of the menu is you can go off piste - chuck in the delicious Singapore noodles and you'll realise that the mix and match menu is quite simply a barrel load of fun, and not as out of step as perhaps you might have thought.

Any space that remains should be filled by choices from a well-conceived dessert menu. It could be accused of being bland in comparison to the variety on offer throughout the rest of the menu but the quality doesn't slip. Sometimes a sticky toffee pudding with custard or a chocolate pudding with banana ice cream is all you need to admit that, sometimes, simple is best. And so it proves.

The Drink
If you do choose to wash it all down with a bottle of wine you won't find the widest of selections, but there’s enough flexibility to complement whatever your do settle on for your mains.

The Last Word
Whatever happens don't let the amusement arcade setting put you off. There’s value, a selection for everyone, generous portions and friendly service. And even if you venture upstairs and the house wins, it shouldn't take the shine off a veritable feast of fun.

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