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Formerly known as Akbar, Zenna is an Indian cocktail bar on Dean Street located under the iconic Red Fort Indian restaurant.

Ranked #169 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Zenna reviews

By Richard C.

Fantastic place. Had my birthday there, booked out an area which was nice and cosy. Drinks were great, but best of all (and fairly unusual in London) the staff were really friendly and willing to help. It never got too crowded either but still had a great atmosphere throughout the night. Would definitely recommend for any sort of occasion and I'll be going back there myself very soon.

By James M.

I wasnt sure about an 'Indian cocktail bar', but I actually really liked this place, the alcoves are really cool. I'll be back soon!

By Dan T.

I had a few drinks in Zenna before eating at the Red Fort restaurant above it and I was nicely surprised to find such a fascinating bar. I'd have never of known it would be there if I wasn't going to the restaurant, but it seems to be the hidden secret of London that everyone else but me knows about. The atmosphere was lovely and the service of the bartenders was great. I'll definitely be back.

By James R.

The drinks! The drinks! The drinks! The cocktails here are sooo good. Definitely worth trying out. The chilli chocolate orange martini does it for me!

By Karen R.

Sensational Cocktails - the Chocolate Orange Martini with fresh chilli was the winner. The "Garden" cocktail is also amazing. We also had the tasting plate which was bursting with yummy indian treats. Really great vibe with fun friendly staff.

By S D.

fantastic atmosphere, welcoming staff and the best cocktails in London, try the Blue Vanilla it's pure heaven in a glass!

By Jennifer L.

This is my first review, so sorry if it's a load of waffle, but I went down to Zenna with some girlfriends last night and I just cant tell enough people about it. Zenna must be the best bar in London, I think it's only just opened, which is great because not that many people know about it, it was just fantastic. We saw a couple of celebs sat having some cocktails in one of the alcove, the music was amazing, and I mean amazing, the DJ was on fire. But the really great thing about Zenna are the cocktails, they were delicious. I've already booked it for my birthday!

By Vinh H.

Fast becoming my regular bar of choice! Although it was difficult to find at first, being located beneath the Red Fort restaurant, I am definitely glad I persisted and managed to find this amazing bar. The first time I came here was with my partner. We were spoilt for choice as to what to order from the inspiring cocktail menu, so we asked for assistance from the friendly and helpful bar staff. After identifying what flavours we both liked, he was able to pick out a cocktail each for us both to which we both thoroughly enjoyed! I ordered several more that night and each were attentively and magnificently made as the last. I would definitely recommend Zenna for a brilliant cocktail.

By Jimmy L.

Went there last week for some after work drinks as we heard it had recently opened and everyone really enjoyed themselves. I tried the the 'Illiana' which is a very spicy cocktail for which I was required to sign a waiver for, it was really delicious and the cocktail 'Fire Extinguisher' it came with was very delicious and refreshing. My friend said that it was one of the best Bloody Mary's he had ever had and wouldn't stop going on about it. We all really enjoyed the atmosphere in Zenna as there was a great buzz about the bar and the bar staff were both friendly and accomodating so all in all a really worthwhile trip.

By Augustine A.

I dont often right reviews but in this scenario I feel I have to. Last week I visited Zenna Bar and I must admit Zenna Bar is one of the best cocktail bars in London, without a doubt! The staff are so welcoming and friendly, the cocktails are amazing, especially the House nectar and Augustine cocktails. I will definitely be coming here again.

By Eliza N.

Zenna has a great atmosphere this is mainly due to the great bar staff and setting. I am quite picky when it comes to Cocktails...however these were delicious! I especially recommend the house nectar which is sweet and creamy! My boyfriend loves spicy cocktails which is one of the main reasons we thought we'd try out this bar (has some of the worlds spiciest Cocktails!!) I didn't try those but he seemed to order quite a few from the menue and wants to go back next week!

By Patrick L.

I went down to check this place out last night and I must say it was great! I couldn't imagine a spicy cocktail would work (Bloody Marys aside) but decided I had to try their worlds spiciest cocktail and WOW what a great drink. Smooth and punchy and your getting two drinks for your money with the Gin based 'fire extinguisher' that comes with it (a necessary addition!). I have eaten in the Red Fort before and know just how good the food is there so it was no surprise that the bar snacks were lovely. The staff were great and I would definitely recommend going!

By Neda H.

Bringing the exoticism of India to Soho, Zenna attempts to add some spice - quite literally - to the cocktail bar scene.

The Venue
Situated on Dean Street, minutes away from countless other cocktail establishments in the area, new venue Zenna has a lot to compete with. Formerly known as Akbar, Zenna is a totally new venture that’s trying to inject a different angle into the often predictable cocktail scene.

Underneath a chic Indian restaurant (The Red Fort), the basement bar has elements of Asian influence combined with a contemporary London look. Black and white pictures, delicate candles and floating flowers set an intimate mood. Azure blue walls, gleaming tiles and the sleek bar covered in silver discs add a modern twist to the otherwise basic bar, with a few carefully placed alcoves for seating.

The Atmosphere
The quiet yet exclusive looking doorway seems to beckon the more sophisticated crowd that frequent Soho’s hectic streets. For a quiet drink, head here at the beginning of the evening, for as the hours go by the seats become fewer. As its new there doesn’t seem to be a particular set yet, just typical Soho folk wanting to enjoy a cocktail in a lively atmosphere.

The Drink
This is where the Indian influence is the most evident. Flavours such as chilli, cardamom, saffron and coriander permeate their way into the extensive menu which is full of alternative versions of popular cocktails, and some completely new creations. Prices vary from £6-£15.

The House Nectar is a fruity, sweet cocktail that has a moreish creaminess that will please most tastebuds, and the mystery ingredients make it all the more intriguing. For something stronger, the Gentleman’s Tipple is a heady mix of Montal XO cognac, ginger liqueur and orange bitters.

The refreshing variations of classics such as the coriander and lychee daiquiri or the pineapple and sage mojito smell divine and taste fresh with well-balanced sweet and sour flavours. However the star of the menu has to be the Iliana cocktail, dubbed as the world's spiciest cocktail. It may seem like a gimmick, but once you’ve signed the contract (essentially a disclaimer), and watched the extravagant scientific show that is the preparation, you begin to take it seriously. And it is spicy, really spicy, and without the gin cooler it’s served with, most will find it too difficult to finish.

For those with more conservative tastes, the delicious mango lassi with saffron gin is worth a try. During the day, Zenna Is going to trade as a lassi bar, encouraging people to understand the possibilities for the classic yogurt based drink.

The Food
The bar food in Zenna is, as expected, Indian. However it's nothing like the greasy, heavy snacks you might expect, but instead lots of delicious, well cooked meat kebabs, vegetables and fish dishes. The platter is a good sharing option, and all of the spices are intense and powerful, but they complement the cocktails well, particularly the chocolate orange martini which itself contains the kick of fresh chilli.

The Last Word
If you like proper Indian cuisine, as well as exciting new cocktails, then Zenna effectively fuses the best of both to create a range of delectable cocktails in the heart of Soho.

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