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Zuma is a Japanese restaurant in the heart of Knightsbridge, where diners can enjoy an informal environment in which to eat and drink.

Ranked #156 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours

12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00


12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00


12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00


12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00


12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00


12:30 - 15:30, 18:00 - 23:00


12:30 - 15:30, 18:00 - 22:30

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Zuma reviews

By Andrew M.

Zuma is just what you would expect from a bar and restaurant in Knightsbridge. I didn't eat at Zuma but the service was good if you order from the waitress at the bar area. Women were all around and they're pretty receptive to the well groomed alpha males. Good decor and the food looks great. Zuma is a bit pricey and closes at 11pm but apart from that it's a good place to go.

By Marilena Z.

One of the finest restaurants in London. The staff was super friendly and really helpful. Pricey but it worths it.. Try the black cod, you'll see it's one of the best dishes!! If you love sake, you will find one of the finest collections, great range for every taste, from sweet and fruity to more strict flavors. We went on a saturday around 18:00 and seated at the grill bar, they told us we couldn't sit longer than 1-2 hrs but we ended up staying for 5 and got drunk too! They even kept our shopping bags at the reception in a locker.. Great crowd as well. If you want to have a good experience, taste good food and enjoy your sake, you shouldn't miss it. I must add that if you're looking for real japanese food experience, go to Japan. You won't find anything that is even close to what Japan offers but Zuma is great on so many levels.

By Y.

Well where I start with this interesting night which I endured with 2 of my girlfriends. Firstly I am a frequent diner at Zuma, for both business and fun purpose, I must say the food is great but not above the competition such as Sumosan and Nozomi. Anyone will tell you that Zuma has a reputation for certain ladies at the bar and this goes with the territory of any London Establishment the affluent. On this night we had finished our meal which was around £500 for 3 of us and as we were leaving a vile man started propositioning us and I informed him that we were not the Chelsea Cloisters type (apart from the fact he looked like Penfold). As we left a representative of Zuma (short, blonde and with a French accent), chased us down the road and said we were involved in’ cash transactions’ and were unwelcome. Completely hilarious and we will not never ever go there again, nor will my contacts in the sports and fashion world. I usually over looked the sloppy service and never being shown to your table straight away, however this is unforgivable!

By Wai-Yin L.

London Zuma sucks.

The servers never treat their customers properly, they were chatting and playing around.

The receptionists never greet their guests but again chat. Some of the servers are quite good but sadly most of them sucks.

The food from the main kitchen is too salty or it may related to different eating styles between East and West.

The osft shell crab sushi is so loosely bound and rice were everywhere on the plate. OMG, it is so much worse than the sushi I saw in Waitrose.

I have tried to tell them to redo it and the sushi chef was like cursing me in Cantonese in the sushi bar without knowing that I speck Cantonese too.

It is so humiliating... it is DEFINITELY not a 5-stared restaurant.

The dessert can be seen as a consolation prize, they are good.

I highly recommend all of those who really want to try Zuma to go to Hong Kong Zuma, they are so much better and worth every penny.

By Mercy A.

The food. Sublime is a word I rarely use but on this occasion it is the only accurate way to describe the dining experience at this chic restaurant.

'The bar' is the perfect place, you watch the chefs prepare the dishes and have a great view of the central bar.

I love oriental food but have steered clear of dessert at the end of the evening. On this occasion I digressed and the gamble was worth it.

The most exquisite green tea and banana delight brought my taste buds to their knees with pleasure.

Big breath before the bill. If you want to experience 5 star food and service in chic surroundings head to Zuma.

Be warned it may be the beginning of a pricey love affair.

By Mercy A.

I have been here several times for drinks. I did not realise it was primarily a restaurant the first time I came.

Very classy, modern decor, friendly staff and well to do crowd. It has a relaxed atmosphere despite the fancy finishings and upmarket clientele.

I don't remember the music, which makes it a ideal place for a date or catching up with friends- you can hear yourselves talk.

The only downside is the bar closes at 11pm even on weekends. I think the management should consider making the bar separate from the restaurant as most people want to stay on. I cannot wait to experience the food.

By Steven H.

You clearly are too cheap and worry too much about everything in life to properly enjoy lunch in one of London's best restaurants, I recommend you stay home and learn to cook. Steven

By Dennis R.

I booked a table at Zuma for my girlfriends birthday and was planning to spend the evening enjoying al the best foods and sampling some of the many many saki's. we were seated at our table and our elbows were almost touuching the party on the next table. we were then shown 3 menus so full of choiuce that i was worries that the 2 hour time slot was enough to make any sort of informed decision. we decided on the hot saki and at about £30 for 300ml it was money well spent very clean tasting and it went well with out selection of sashimi and crispy spider roll. We also ordered a 750ml bottle of Saki at about £40 which was excellent for meal. the plum saki with our desserts was also very nice and something new as neither of us had tried a sweet saki before. however the food wasnt great, the sashimi was simply average with very poor presentation and the spider roll had so little crisp that we sent it back. the beef skewers were fantastic and the sweetness of the sauce compined brilliantly with the melt in your mouth texture of the beef. we ordered the lobster tampura next which was fantastic and hands down the best dish we tried that night. we followed this with the blackend cod which we had read so much about and were bitterly dissappointed in the presentation which had no imagination or colour what so ever. the fish itself seemed to be almost slimey in texture although the taste was ok but did not follow through on what had been promised. desserts were again nice but not outstanding and one actually seemed to be slightly frozen in the middle castinng suspicions on the freshness. all in all the food was adequate but not nearly as good as we anticipated. the service was slow and uninformed, the meals arrived in such a very sporaidic fashion that we actually got part of our appetizer while we were waiting for our desserts. the original bill including drinks was around £250 for 2 but after a quiet word with the manager this was reduced to £180.

By George F.

It's truly a great food experience at Zuma. They know what they're doing and you will not be disappointed. Best experience is at the bar where you sit and eat watching them prepare the food. The bar scene is also nice. Their cocktails are not badly done at all.

By V.

Great Restaurant, great food and atmosphere. We dined in Zuma on the evening of our engagment and I could not think of a better place to celebrate. The staff were friendly and the service excellent, we will definitely visit every time we come down to London. Can't speak highly enough.

By V.

My boyfriend and I were recommended Zuma so we went on Saturday night without booking. We were given an hour to wait, in which time we stood at the bar, had drinks and soaked up the atmosphere. We were seated at the bar in front of the grill watching the chefs cook the steak and seafood straight in front of us. Fantastic.

Would recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes good food and a lively atmosphere - everyone was relaxed and having fun. It was very busy but this did not detract from the service or the friendly staff. We went straight from an inpromtu proposal to buying an engagement ring and then onto Zuma. I could not think of a better way to celebrate. Not cheap but very good value for the standard of food and the enviroment.

By O.

I went to Zuma with my family for my 21st. The food was fantastic and authentic Japanese and the service was impeccable. Each time I took a sip from either of my glasses it was refilled for me as I put it back to the table.

The atmosphere at Zuma was fantastic and really buzzing. The crispy squid, black cod and sea bass were the picks from our selection. Will definitely go there again. On the table next to us was none other than Cilla and Cliff.

By S.

Zuma was an appalling experience from start to finish. We had a bad table tucked away at the back of a noisy restaurant next to the waiters station thinking that that might at least mean attentive service. However, the overpriced wine took 15 minutes to arrive and then was left unopened for a further 10. The indifferent waiter recommended a selection of sushi which would have been totally inadequate for 4 diners even if they hadn’t had to wait nearly 40 minutes for its luke warm limp arrival.

This, interestingly, was preceded by the appearance of one of our party’s main courses. Numerous waiters experienced problems with the space time continum as ‘it’ll just be two minutes’ stretched into 5, 10, 20 minutes for the various constituent parts of our main course. The signature Zuma black cod was beautifully presented but completely lacking in taste. When the rice and vegetables finally arrived they were cold and overcooked – a challenging feat that chef and waiting staff must have conspired to achieve.

Our very polite but increasingly frustrated complaints were met with apathy and disinterest, and when the manager deigned to appear she feigned shock at the situation and promised to investigate. I can only assume that investigation is still continuing as, apart from waiving the extortionate service charge, she took great care to avoid any further interaction. Perhaps the presence of 'celebrity chef' Anthony Worrall-Thompson and the fawning that entailed over-stretched the capabilities of the plentiful, but ineffective staff. A £200+ lunch bill for 4 disillusioned diners added the final insult at Zuma.

By P.

Zuma is a great restaurant serving sublime food. We grazed for two hours, seated at the sushi counter, and had a most memorable lunch. Service impeccable. Zuma's not cheap, but worth every penny.

By J.

What a great place Zuma is. I was extremely impressed and unfortunately will have to compare every other restaurant to Zuma from now on.

The food was awesome, especially the soft shelled crab. I could go into more detail but words can't describe. Very trendy but not pretentious. A good place to go to before you start your weekend.

By F.

Sensational. The food at Zuma is just out of this world. The atmosphere is really buzzing. Don't go if you want quiet and intimate.

Having said that, the private party areas at the back of Zuma are perfect but the main restaurant bit is very lively. There's a real sense of being somewhere special.

By S.

With the smartest, chic crowd in London and extremely well conceived cooking, Zuma is a guaranteed fabuluous night out in London. The main room is very noisy but has an inimitable buzz. The staff can be a little offhandish sometimes but generally friendly and helpful. Its expensive but obviously aims to cater to the top end.

By Devanshi M.

The popularity of Nobu might detract attention from this glamorous, ground-breaking Japanese restaurant, but for Japanese food Zuma remains the funkiest restaurant in Knightsbridge, if not in London.

The Venue
The swanky wood, granite and stone interior never fails to astonish. Be sure to check out the stunning open robata grill, and the sensational cocktail bar never fails to astonish.

The Atmosphere
The place throbs with the trendiest and everything and everyone about this place exudes style. If the service at times can appear a bit slow, it’s because the restaurant is always so full that the courteous staff simply cannot cope with all the orders.

The Food
Zuma’s Japanese fusion food is nothing short of flawless. The tasting menu is fantastic, but at practically £100.00 you might want to settle for the a la carte menu unless it’s a special occasion. Everything on the a la carte menu looks so fabulous that you might well end up spending even more.

Recommend dishes include the exquisite sea bass with yuzu, truffle oil and salmon roe, baked sea bream in sea salt with seaweed, garlic and ginger. But if you want to really treat yourself, then it has to be lobster with spicy ponzu sauce or wagyu beef with soy and wasabi. The tofu selection is arguably London’s best as is the chocolate fondant and you’ll be torn between this and the exotica on the dessert menu.

The Drink
Zuma is a contender for London’s best cocktail list but unfortunately you’ll be waiting quite a while for each drink. The wine list is well constructed and includes a superb selection of sakes.

The Last Word
Zuma is a delightful addiction, if you can afford it. Your meal here will be a truly special occasion.

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