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Gullivers is a traditional pub serving award-winning JW Lees beers and ales.

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Gullivers reviews

By Andy C.

Not my favourite selection of drinks by any means, but this is a cracking venue for life music. I paid a fiver yesterday for a "punk all-dayer" that was taking place up stairs. Bands were great; the room was dingy and covered in old-school music and film posters (and there was even a selection of antifa flags, which gets even more respect from me). Everyone is very friendly: From the bald guy that I think runs the place, who always greets us politely; and the punk locals who are keen to accept all personalities and races (except, of course, those Nazi bastards who're part of the "aryan race").

By Gullivers M.

Our Doorman is recognised by everyone who comes as the best in Manchester. We have only had complaints about him and our staff from people who themselves are rude and think its ok to talk to staff like dirt. £3 a pint is cheap for town as you know. Try the Castle - its £3.50, or Night and Day - its £4 a can. Our gigs and nights are mostly free. Do the math.

By Gullivers M.

The promoter had not replied to 2 emails requesting times and engineer requirements. There was no communication from him for at least a week before the event. We are used to dealing with promoters who communicate and promote. As 12 people turned up to find the gig canceled it was hardly well promoted was it?

By Gullivers M.

Apologies for your experience. We had problems with doormen for teh first couple of months. We also had to be very vigilant after taking over, as the Police and licencing were very unhappy with the previous clientele. Hopefully you will have a better experience if you returned. Thanks

By Sky B.

As a promoter I would be vary wary about booking nights here. As a customer, I really have no idea what this place is like....I travelled to a gig from London, only to find out when I got there that the owner/manager had 'forgot' about the 3 bands playing there that night. I have seen the communication from the promoter to the venue with details of the gig, there was plenty. Hadn't even bothered opening the place.As for advertising from the venue, there was none. Felt very disappointed not only for myself, but for the promoter and the bands, one of which had travelled from Italy. An utter disgrace.

By Chas L.

Heard about this as a new rock/alternative bar on Oldham St. Wasn't particularly alt dressed that evening but decided to pop in and take a look. Particularly rude doorman, rude bar staff, sorry if I didn't look as 'alt' as you would like that evening, but don't judge a book by it's cover. Poor bar selection...fine if you like Lees beers, otherwise you are stuck with Carlsberg, Strongbow, Guiness or San Miguel. Had a pint of Carlsberg which was off. £3 a pint for ropey beer and rude staff, I don't think I'll bother again. Good jukebox/music but otherwise, nothing special.

By Tony M.

Gullivers is now under new management and has completely changed! Now an alternative music pub & venue, with regular band and music nights in the live room upstairs, as well as constant genuine alternative music played in the pub. Regular nights include ska, punk, new wave, 60's garage, rockabilly, 60's psych, northern soul and many more.

By Debbie E.

Couldn't leave a positive review on Gullivers, attempted to enter on Friday evening where me and my partner were refused entry by the doorman on the grounds that we were too old! He told us students only on Fridays after midnight - isn't that ageism? We like to visit the traditional pubs as they are more welcoming and friendly but don't think we'll try to visit this one again - sorry Gullivers - a let down!

By G.

This JW Lees pub is a slice of the old Northern Quarter.

The Venue
With its Victorian-style lamps hanging outside and its bottle green tiled exterior, Gulliver's is an old-fashioned boozer. The bars on the windows don't bode well, but do speak of a previous era when this area wasn't what it is now. It has a long bar and goes quite a way back.

There are booths along the left hand side and a patterned carpet with lots of chairs and tables at the back, a pool table and fruit machines. There are historic pictures of old Manchester on the cream coloured walls. The bar is made of dark wood, it’s panelled and there’s a stained glass partition above it. With prices starting at £1.80 a pint, it attracts the cheap and cheerful beer lovers. Cheerful does not apply to all patrons, some of of whom are a bit rough and rugged.

The People
Gullivers has a regular local crowd but not that many strangers, although it’s not the sort of place where everyone turns to look at you as you come in, they’re too busy chatting among themselves.

Karaoke is very popular in here as well. It takes place during the week and attracts a varying standard of willing participants, all in all it’s good craic.

The Food and Drink
You get the JW Lees effect here with their beers including JW Lees Bitter, Greengate Smooth and Dark Smooth, alongside Carlsberg, Holsten Export, Guinness and Strongbow. In bottles there’s Bulmer’s, Newcastle Brown, Budweiser and Stella.

The Last Word
For a taste of the old style Northern Quarter you could do a lot worse than come to Gullivers.