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Opening Hours

17:00 - 12:00


17:00 - 12:00


17:00 - 12:00


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17:00 - 02:00


17:00 - 12:00

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Keko Moku reviews

By Dave N.

Called in with a few friends 05/04/2015 ordered 3 Mojitos and they were served with no alcohol deliberately !!! please don't skim I may have had a few and it may work on some people but not me . I have been coming in this place for years under the previous guys. As a result of the action of the staff Keko Moku now has a bad review and I wont be returning .

By Tony D.

I was in Keko Moku both friday and saturday 12/13th very very different made me and the missus feel like we were on holiday. What 2 brilliant nights we had so inviting from our greeting in from the doorman on the door very freindly dublin doorman which made us feel welcome into the bar room a bit small and compact but once it started to fill up it was. Its was great a really good night out not to be missed we will definatly returning again soon. Might even look into it to bring in the new year! 5 stars from us in manchester!

By Drinking B.

I had THE BEST NIGHT here last saturday. It has such a great atmosphere, everyone was friendly and up for a laugh.

The staff really make the party.We tried lots of the fab cocktails! Flames, fruit and lots of Rum!

Best fits the description, Small and Perfectly formed!New favourite bar in Manchester

By Kath M.

Has to be THE best bar EVER!!!!!The staff are incredible, the way they make their cocktails is like something out of "Cocktail" ala Mr Cruise!!!.

The atmosphere makes you smile inside and out and the Blood Orange Mojitos are make you very wobbly!!!!

If you want to feel like you're on your holidays and fancy a lively/quirky night, head to Keko's you will return time after time!!

By Beth G.

This bar is as good as it gets - anywhere.

If you're after somewhere to pose and 'be seen' amongst other people who want the same thing then you will probably do better in one of the pretentious ridiculously over priced places outside the Northern Quarter, but if you want atmosphere, decent music and a great experience amongst relaxed, good people then you won't be disappointed.

Fairly small and cozy, you won't mind waiting for a while at the bar if it's busy because the bar staff are a joy to observe at work.

They demand you have a great time, and with such a unique drinks menu you're bound to get into the swing of it. aloha!

By PJ P.

Have been in and tried the Keko Moku rum cocktail, it was okay, wasn't as good as I thought it might be. May well give it another go next time I'm in the area.

By Lucy F.

Awesome looking bar full of atmosphere and friendly staff. Amazing cocktails and every rum you could want. The only issue I have is I want more cocktails on the menu!!

By Jonathan S.

The Church Street/High Street axis, in the Northern Quarter, is one of the city’s most popular drinking destinations for locals and, indeed, tourists. The addition of the tiki-inspired Keko Moku provides something not previously seen in Manchester and attempts to add some South Pacific sun to an often dreary city.

The Venue
This tiny building was previously the Mexican tequila bar Rodeo, which was actually a decent little bar in its own right. It’s situated on the periphery of the Northern Quarter, in direct proximity to Bluu Bar and next door to Socio Rehab. Keko Moku does, however, offer something different to many of the bars in the area; a South Pacific tiki beach bar theme that focuses on rum as its house speciality.

The décor consists of a bamboo thatched hut above a simple wooden bar. It has a style that wouldn’t look out of place on an island far away from Manchester. Very minimalist wooden barrels are used as both tables and seating. It is a very intimate bar with little room to really work with inside, but the barrels utilise the space to its full capacity and the candles on the tables provide enough light and ambience to create the relaxed feel that they are striving to achieve.

The bar staff all don very bright Hawaiian shirts making them easily noticeable in the dark corners of the interior. Sadly there are no grass skirts in sight. One criticism that may be levelled at Keko Moku is that they do not seem to go the whole way with the theme. The pin-up style artwork does seem rather out of place considering the stylish wooden carved faces on a bamboo backdrop located on the trip to the toilets; some may say this a wasted opportunity not to continue this aesthetic in the main bar area.

The music is also a slight letdown as it is simply the same nondescript dance music found in many a venue in town, whereas some more drum-based music may be more conducive to the surroundings.

The People
The bright neon bar sign and the wooden exterior instantly lends itself to a fun loving clientele with very little pretension in sight. The dress code is extremely relaxed, which is customary for this area. On a busy Saturday night, the crowd is quite young with a fair few students and young professionals in attendance. It is not exclusively that kind of crowd as the venue clearly lends itself to local residents and post-work drinkers alike. Overall it is those seeking a fun-filled venue that offers something very different in the way of ambience and refreshments than their usual haunts.

The Drink
Being a South Pacific-themed bar, Keko Moku is awash with cocktails. The detailed and illustrated menu contains both simple classics with a twist and a wide variety of fruity tiki cocktails containing light, dark and overproof rum.

The bar’s namesake, the Keko Moku cocktail, is a sumptuous mix of guarana, pineapple, melon liquor, white rum and crushed ice (there’s lots of this) served in a tall pot with a Bayon temple type face carved on the outside. This is a subtle tasting cocktail, with the distinctive tropical fruit flavours giving it a very sharp and tart flavour. This cocktail is simply the tip of the iceberg. The menu contains such other tiki cocktails as the popular King Kilauea and Zombie, with the latter being served in a skull mug. The quirky nature of the way the drinks are served really adds a fun edge to the drinking experience. Rum is clearly the main focus but this doesn’t detract from the plentiful array of premium spirits - vodka, brandy, gin, etc - behind the bar enabling it to cope extremely well with the large choice of cocktails and anything the punters may require.

The tiki cocktails are priced at £6.50 which may be a little off putting to some during the current financial climate. But considering that some venues charge similar amounts for quickly dashed together concoctions, it is not unreasonable. A good selection of bottled beers can also be found for those not enamoured with the cocktail list. Negra Modelo, Corona and Bud are all available at prices between £3 and £3.50.

The Final Word
Keko Moku is a good-time bar. It is excellently situated in a very popular area, with its tiki-theme offering customers a unique experience in Manchester. Only time will tell whether this is what people want.