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Mojo is a loft bar located above Starbucks with excellent cocktails and they play a variety of music from the 50's to the 90's. A great choice for students and music enthusiasts.

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Opening Hours

12:00 - 03:00


12:00 - 03:00


12:00 - 03:00


12:00 - 03:00


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12:00 - 04:00


12:00 - 04:00

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Mojo reviews

By Rachel F.

We had been told to go by a group of people we met in another bar and who took us there themselves, but once in we knew it was a big mistake. The place was crowded, unsightly and smelly. The drinks were overpriced, the toilets were disgusting and there was hardly any room to dance without getting your nose shoved into an armpit or worse. The men in there were pushy and almost aggressively friendly. The music was alright if you like to dance to indie and rock (not really my thing) and on the upside we didn't have to queue or pay to get in. I still wouldn't go here again however.

By Bethany S.

MOJO Manchester is a God amongst men of the Manchester bar world. The music is epic, producing the best atmosphere. Everyone in there seems to share a love of good booze, good music and good times; and that's exactly what you'll get. Every time I go I tell myself I'm going for one, then I'll move on, but as soon as I get in there I know I'm in for the whole night. Every bartender is a young woman's dream and makes it their mission to make sure the bar is as buzzing as possible. MOJO tends to be filled with mainly 20-somethingers like myself, with the odd 30+. I've never had a bad experience in MOJO, unlike so many other bars. MOJO, I love you.

By Far S.

It used to be a hidden gem and mostly full of young hip professionals. The atmosphere was relaxed, fun and what you expect from drinking cocktails and listening to good music. However sometimes the place is unbalanced, a little uncomfortable and unsafe. The Rugby crowd sometimes invades with the invertible undesirables selling them "drink more powder". If its not the Rugby crowd you also sometimes find the place full of groups of guys who are openly powdering their noses in the toilets.

By Jenna H.

Mojo is one of the best rock n roll cocktail bars in Manchester. Offering the finest alcohol, the best music and the friendliest of staff, Mojo is a hidden gem. Located on Black Bridge Street, Mojo Manchester is one of four Mojo bars located in the North (and overseas) – other bars in Liverpool, Leeds and Barbados. During my visit I went to a Cocktail Masterclass for my friends 21st. We were greeted by two of the lovely Mojo staff who looked after us all night. To start with we were given a delicious cocktail and were introduced to the evening’s cocktail menu of what we were going to make. We were then split up into two teams and had a Cocktail sensory test. We were given several small tubs filled with different spirits which we had to smell and guess what they were. The winning team won a shot of Jagermeister! This was then followed by a Cocktail demonstration unlocking the secrets of great cocktail making. With our new found skills my friends and I had the opportunity to whip up some cocktails ourselves including; Whisky Sour, Mai Tai, Rum Punch and White Lady. It was so much fun, plus we got to taste them afterwards! For the grand finale we were shown how to make a mojito, and we all had a go at making our own. The Mojo guys judged our drinks to find the best mojito and the winner (luckily the birthday girl) won a professional Mojo Cocktail Set. It was a great night and was something really different - It made her 21st birthday that bit special. It’s also a great idea for stag and hen dos or just for a change, so book now because I heard they have become very popular. Check out their website for more info. For the Cocktail Masterclass, available at all Mojo bars, it cost £25 each which lasts around 2-3 hours. Plus you drink what you pay so it’s well worth it! Definitely a bar to visit when in Manchester, Leeds or Liverpool… or if you’re lucky Barbados!

By Bob C.

Really good bar if you are into music, it plays a really good mixture of tunes, has a great vibe & atmosphere.Sells loads of good beers & they aren't shy with the spirit measures!!Only one problem and it is a major drawback - it has the worst, most arrogant, door staff in Manchester (much worse than some of the "high end label" bars) - you could go there every weekend & its a complete lottery whether they'll let you in for no reason other than the wind i blowing the wrong way, 2 weeks in a row you'll get in, next week they won't like the look of you, its really odd?!?!?

By G.

A cocktail bar for rock lovers and those in the know – Mojo is one of the best bars in this part of town.

The Venue
Behind a discreet doorway down a dark, narrow side street is Manchester’s bar for bartenders. As you ascend the steps, you enter a big space with posters and framed photos of rock, pop and blues legends on every spare inch of the walls.

Likewise, the background music ranges from The Stones and Led Zep to The Killers and the Strokes. All the tunes are not spun by a DJ, no sir, but chosen by the bar staff at their custom built digital jukebox behind the bar. The bar itself is one of the longest in the city but, like the oldest pub in Manchester, there’s a very hopefuls vying for that title (who’s got a tape measure?). Up two flights of stairs is another very cool area with red walls, big black leather sofas and views out on to the street.

Ending up at Mojo at the end of night is becoming de rigueur. It opens at five but gets really busy and progressively busier and buzzier from 8pm. If you arrive here late you’ll often have to squeeze past throngs to get to the bar. It closes at 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.

The People
Since it opened its doors Mojo had made a huge impact on Manchester and has become one of the most buzzing bars in the city centre at past midnight, teeming with journos from the local newspaper offices, rock chicks, indie kids and Manchester’s movers and shakers.

The Food and Drink
There's no beer on draught but an imaginative selection of bottles makes up for it, including Modelo, Cusquena, Brooklyn, Michelob and Spanish beer Mahol. The bar is well stocked with premium spirits and there are shots, shooters and a very good cocktail list which is comprehensive enough to please any industry insider, including Sloe Gin Fizz, Woo Woo and Smokey Martini (Hendrick’s Gin, Caol Isla malt whisky and a twist of lemon) - all for around £5-£6.

The Last Word
One of the best late-night retreats in Manchester, especially if you’re into rock, fantastic drinks and excited banter.

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