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Satans Hollow is a great place for fans of punk, metal and rock music. Also, check out the live music from bands on Sundays.

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Satans Hollow reviews

By Kim F.

Its really hard to find somewhere that plays half decent music but now I have found just that. Satans hollow is rocking. The music is loud and the place is always heaving with other people that appreciate what good music is.

By Tara S.

I've been down to the Bhangra night on Wednesday nights.I would really recommend it. If you love Desi music, Bhangra, Bollywood, RnB, Desi music then this is the place to be!Price wise, its not bad only £5 in and cheaper or free if you get there before 11pm.The décor is really different, its themed like a ghost train and the name "Satan's Hollow " really suits it.Its a unique place. Being into Asian music I have been to many events and nightclubs and one off events and I have to say that in my opinion this is the best place to got to in Manchester.If you want a better club, atmosphere or experience then you have to go to London.The DJs are really cool. Resident DJ Ravi from Apnabeat DJs and his crew Apnabeat Entertainment have done a great job and do some great mixes.The DJs have also set up a fan page and a group on social media for all the regulars to request their favourite tracks and mixes. They also do private parties and events. I got Apnabeat DJs for my friend's mehndi night and they mixed the Bhangra with RnB really well.On certain week's you get Apnabeat Dhol Players playing in there too.I would give it high marks. The only thing its missing is food. If they started to serve Indian snacks to go with the music I'd be buzzing but that's a minor as we normally get takeaway after the night!

By Leo S.

Nice club except the doorman, extremely rude and disrespectful. We visit all around but this place wants you to get on your knees to get in.

By You Know W.

I completely agree with the person re commom courtesy! Calling the bouncers on the door rude is an understatement. They are just a bunch of underpaid commoners with no manners or etiquette whatsoever. They have no regard or respect for punters in general. Customer service skills does not mean anything to them and they are obviously disloyal and adopt an ungrateful attitude towards their employer. Would love to have given a higher rating for the music and the crowd inside but you have to get past these immoral animals first before you can start commenting on what's happening inside! The management team really need to put some revised strategies in place. Your bouncers do not give a damn about your customers and ultimately you! So please get it sorted.

By Kristofer K.

Scumbags bouncers

Great music but they hire THE worst doormen I have ever came across. I've seen more people ejected from the line than there probably is at US customs. They all claim to have known each other for so long that none of them could ever do anything wrong which is sickening when all you want to do is go in, spend money in there, and not be hassled by assholes.

In order for this place to become a place actually taken serious by everyone. They need to dump their wannabe "bouncers" and get people who have respect. Even their "manager" is a scumbag who calls the police when you question what their problem is with you. When he can't answer apart from the fact he has known the bouncer for over 20 years, the police come and literally laugh off the claims, says it happens all the time, apologise for the inconvenience and send you on your way. If that doesn't speak volumes for the scumbags who work here, I don't know what will.

Stay away.

By Brian M.

What's with the music

Simon, the DJ has been one of my best friends for a long time now. I was informed that Tuesday night's is "pop punk night" but they played tracks such as My Generation by Limp Biscuit and Pantera's - Walk such are very good tracks in my opinion, only to be told that they won't play the smash hit Thoughtless from the one and only KoRn, as "people won't know it" What is the deal with that? Other that that it's an absolute banging place to be!

By Rachel P.

The club absolutely reaks of sick, the floors are sticky, the toilets are grim, the music is outdated and the staff are rude. Worst night out.

By Veanna C.

Extremely rude dirt man aged 21, disgusting attitude and has mad me feel like satans has changed! , I have been going to satans since 2003 and was disgusted by the door and sexist comments

By Laura P.

I'll get the bad bit out of the way first: the play-lists tend to be quite similar from week to week, and the toilets frickin' reek. However, the people I've come across in Satan's have all been lovely and although it's repetitive, the music is really good if you're into metal, rock and so on. The best part is, everyone's a 'mosher' in there, so the people who try to come in and laugh at us just end up being sent away looking really silly. I'd recommend it as long as you're into metal/rock/emo/bit of punk. It's a lot of fun.

By Xyz A.

amazing night out! Check out the wednesday bhangra night brrrraaaahhhh only thing that could be better if there was more guys! We went with a group of girls and the places was full of girls and most of the guys were ugly and not up to our standards

By Desi C.

I really love this place. It is unusual and themed like a ghost train or a film set. I go down on Wednesdays where they do the Bhangra night and the Djs play a great mix of Bhangra, RnB and Bollywood. Its friendly and safe and has been running for ages. So you know that trouble makers can not go there and ruin the night. The bar is really cheap, one of the cheapest in Manchester infact the cheapest I know in Manchester. I cant think of any downsides. you are allowed to go in and out for a smoke and once the bouncers get to know you if you go every week they treat you well.

By Angus D.

you couldn't sound more like some sell out promoter if you tried! it's quite obvious you either work there or are affiliated with the venue. if you'd actually gone in there as a patron then you wouldn't be talking the place up as much as you have.

By Sea F.

I agree with a person who has already posted about the short change. A friend was short changed a fiver just at the door paying to come in nevermind the at the bar, they're either plain stupid or they do it on purpose to rip you off and claim tips. I've been going for about 2 years now and the place is just getting ridiculous. It is the only place I know where the staff are unpleasant, I mean I know the place is a dive but there's a thing such as common courtesy.

By Claire M.

What a dive - we went looking for a rock club, were told this was it. Wrong! It was half-full of kids, smelt of blue wicked, staff were rushed off their feet on minimum wage (how would you serve in those conditions?!), toilets were minging. It's a cheap dive in a back street - paid next to nothing for a drink, but after having a night there - I think it's overpriced.

By Rebecca B.

Gotta love Satans Hollow simply for the interesting decor (a gigantic model of Satan 'breaking through' the wall behind the dj both, and also a 'graveyard' seating area, skeletons in tombs and other related ghoulish paraphernalia). Cheap drinks too, good offers on constantly. I agree that the toilets are pretty bad, but to be fair, I'd rather have a good number of skanky ones than having to queue for an hour for one holy grail. In and out, whats the problem?! You have to expect grotty toilets in a place that generally houses the Jillys honouraries and rock/emo collective of Manchester. Disappointed that the usually amazing Saturday night theme of the past has been taken over to honour the Jillys quota and plays screaming metal compared to the fun, retro mix of punk rock and familiar guilty pleasure tunes from the 90s and now which always packed in a good crowd. Regardless of what night you attend, make sure you attempt to dress for the occasion if you don't want to stick out like a sore (unwelcome) thumb. It isn't called Satan's Hollow for nothing. Black, gothic gear is best if you want to blend.

By Emma M.

Good atmosphere Good(ish) music Moody looking bar staff Most of the time they're out of pretty much every beer they have on tap Horrible toilets Bouncers can be a bit rude sometimes but mostly they're nice enough guys On tuesday for the free bar, (which is supposed to start at 10 and last for an hour) the doors don't even open for us until 10.15 at the earliest; last night they didn't open until 10.30.

By Lucy D.

I would given this place 4 out of 5 but the female toilets are the true Satan's Hollow here so I'm taking 3 away- pee and used tissue (from a roll on the floor) everywhere, no seats or locks and no handle to the main door, meaning you have to prize it open by holding the edge which is pretty gross. They ID on the door so you know you won't be surrounded by crying teenagers by midnight and the people in there seemed pretty nice. They'd get 2 stars back for the bar because it's cheap and you get served quickly but they're only getting 1 because the coke is like Ben Shaw's or Tesco value or some other generic cola, they ran out of most tapped drinks pretty early and they don't do ice!! The place is like a steamroom- we need ice!! Decor is cool if bordering on the cliched- all industrial urban decay, skulls and graveyards but a massive improvement on Jilly's black effort. As the obvious heir to Jilly's this place definitely passes- the music is really good; I went on a Saturday- metal/alt metal in the main room (bit too much hair metal for me though), emo in the other room; gotta say emo is not my thing but you don't have to go far for a change of aural scenery if either room is playing a song you hate, so I'm gonna give them 1 star back for that. They seriously have to sort those toilets out though- I'd rather go in a sweaty fly-filled portaloo on the last day of Glastonbury than there. Grim grim grim. On the whole though, bar the foul bogs and generic mixers, this place is cool.

By Emma B.

Over all Satan's hollow is a good night out - drinks are affordable and most of the time the music is OK. But about 90% of the bar staff are just plain moody (especially the blonde, short-haired girl), plus i have been short changed on many occasions as have loads of people i know so be sure to check your change before you leave the bar area. The toilets are absolutely disgusting. Only 1 toilet actually has a seat yet fails to flush most of the time.

By Louise P.

Absolutely loved the farewell Jilly's night at Satan's Hollow. What a place. It has awesome decor and the layout is pretty cool, even if we were jam packed! It was easy to find and everyone was dead friendly. Only downfall is the loos, wasn't expecting much to begin with but at least a toilet seat and a lock, yeah? Besides that awesome!

By Matt G.

Hidden down the back alley you'll find a great club, that plays great music, opens at 10 and stays open til 3. Music was pretty much spot on throughout the night, and where there were some shockers, you could always seek refuge in the heavier room (DJ'd by a very good looking girl). Before the cider tax rise, snakebites are available at £1.70 and you can get a pint of Grolsch and change from £3. The place filled up pretty quickly, but was by no means over-packed. My only downsides are the bouncers treat you like scum, most of the beer taps were off and DJs in the main room don't take requests. Will go back because of the music, the patrons and the cheap drinks.

By Kayla M.

i went to satans hollow last night. im not local to manchester at all i live about an hour away but i absolutely loved it!

the place is amazing and id recomend it to anybody! :)

By Robert K.

Satans Hollow may well be named after the 1982 arcade game which involved huge fleets of gargoyles floating down screen, inviting torrents of bullets to be fired at them. The club, thankfully, isn’t stuck in the 80s, and it is one of the few places in Manchester that caters for the metal, hardcore and punk music scene.

The Venue
If you’re trying to find Satans Hollow for the first time, it might be an idea to study Google-maps before you go as it has no obvious sign and sits down a little back street off Princess Street. When you’ve found it, depending on the night, the queue can either be non-existent or trailing around the corner, but the consistently cheap entry fees, at under a fiver, means you won’t be out of pocket whatever night you go on.

Once inside the place, the scene is breathtaking; it looks like a set from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. The walls are textured and fleshy-looking with faces and bones emerging floor-to-ceiling, and looming large over the DJ is a statue of Satan himself that, amid the smoke and drunken haze, can be quite unnerving. There are two bars, one at either end of the space, while the dance floor sits snugly in the middle. Seating areas are at a minimum, there’s really only one place which is through some appropriately eerie looking gates, but the music is really not the kind to be sat through. A definite negative is the lack of an outdoor area: smokers spill into an alley which provides no shelter from the elements.

The People
The people here are young and pierced, almost without exception. Floppy fringes and drainpipes rule supreme so anyone that doesn’t fit the description might feel a little out of place. It seems poetic that a club without any kind of dress code has developed one of its own that is perhaps even more of a pre-requisite than the traditional shirt and shoes malarkey. Having said that, everyone is friendly and relaxed enough to be singing or shouting to whatever song may be on at the time and you are soon absorbed into the revelry.

The Music
The music in this venue is varied, a good thing you might imagine but it can also disappoint the purists. If metal is what you’re after, and you think that going to a night called Road Kill (Fridays) at a club called Satans Hollow will deliver (who wouldn’t?), then expect to be a tad disappointed as the first Bon Jovi track of the night spews out of the speakers. Spiked is another night that feels unfocused as the metal/punk theme is stretched to cover styles like emo, pop and various requests. Other nights include Seduction on a Wednesday night, playing Bollywood, Bomb Ibiza on selected Saturdays which concentrates on punk/ska, and on Sundays there’s live music.

The Drink
Drinks are cheap with pints generally at £1.50 and bottles at £1, including a reasonable selection of lagers. Spirits and mixers are equally well priced and with a free bar, between 10pm-11pm, included as part of the admission fee on Tuesday nights, Satans Hollow is definitely affordable and student friendly. The two bars help alleviate any crush during busier nights but, especially during the free hour on a Tuesday, the queues can be a painful experience.

The Last Word
Satans Hollow is a good place to drink, the prices are very low and the decor is interesting to say the least. Musically it is a broad church of underground, guitar-based music but its desire to please may be its undoing for those expecting a little less evil in the walls and a little more malevolence in the music.