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Teacup is a cafe with a difference, serving a huge range of teas, coffees and smoothies alongside vintage crockery, posters and t-shirts in a funky atmosphere.

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Teacup reviews

By Diederik S.

Rainbow Cake, enough said!

I ended up in Teacup with my 5 year old niece, it was pouring down with rain and she was like a drown rat. So saw Teacup passing by while we where enjoying the rain... and decided to pop in. Anyway my niece, eye lit up when she saw the cakes, especially one! The Rainbow cake! This was definitely not escaping this 5 year old which was in need of cheering up due to being drenched. So the cake arrived, and the excitement was expressed via a high pitch squeal which i am sure only dogs could hear, which is a plus as it did not disturb everyone else in side, I was told that the cake was great! Guess the key sign was that it was demolished in 5 minutes flat, always a good sign! Anyway I recommend the Tea, there was a good selection to choose from, will definitely be back.

By Teacup O.

Hi Retrogirl360, Please accept our deepest apologies that you experienced bad service with us. We've recently undergone some big changes, including new management and staff training, and we hope that if you try us again you'll notice the difference. We hope you'll visit us again and see the positive changes that have been made. Our apologies once again. Best wishes, Teacup on Thomas Street

By Teacup O.

Hi Takarakitten, We're sorry you didn't enjoy your experience with us. In the past year we've undergone some big transformations, including a refurbishment and the introduction of new management. We hope you'll come in and try us again and see the positive changes that have been made. Please accept our deepest apologies once again. Best wishes, Teacup on Thomas Street

By Teacup O.

Hi Takarakitten, We're sorry you didn't enjoy your experience with us. In the past year we've undergone some big transformations, including a refurbishment and the introduction of new management. We hope you'll come in and try us again and see the positive changes that have been made. Please accept our deepest apologies once again. Best wishes, Teacup on Thomas Street

By Teacup O.

Hi Chucky, We're delighted you have enjoyed dining with us. Have you been in to try our new menu? We're now open for an evening service using the best produce and cutting edge cooking techniques to create some wonderful dishes and eating experiences. Hope to see you soon. Teacup on Thomas Street

By Teacup O.

Hi Lozisung, We're really sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your experience with us. As you may have noticed, we've recently undergone a refurbishment and staff have been working hard to get up to speed with our new menu and service processes. Thank you for the useful feedback, this will be taken on board. Please accept our deepest apologies and we hope to see you again. Best wishes. Teacup on Thomas Street

By J L.

I love my food and I live in the Northern Quarter and have eaten at pretty much every establishment available. I've been to Teacup a few times, always was a bit disappointed with the cost of some tea leaves and boiling water but the cakes just about made up for it. The poached eggs on toast are decent, if pricey. The cooking ability of the 'chefs' is questionable though: they proudly serve fish finger sandwiches which I ordered yesterday, and, after eating half of it, realised the fish fingers were not cooked through. The manager struck it off the bill, but frankly, when I was ill later, I felt that it was not good enough. When I asked for a top up on my pot of tea, the waitress just poured some hot water in over the spent leaves. Ironically, they tell you how long to wait for the tea to stew, whilst they look down their nose at you (maybe because I can afford to be ripped off in there) and blatantly don't know that leaves should be topped up when you top up the pot. To top it off (no pun intended), when we were waiting in the queue to be seated (in a cafe!) I watched the pastry chef preparing a fresh Victoria sponge cake, delicately paring the excess sponge, throwing that away then wiping his hands on his bottom, no doubt covered from curb dirt when he crouches outside for a smoke. My other half will want to drag me back there for tea and cakes at some point, but I shall hold back from eating anything or drinking £4 boiling water.

By Niall H.

After reading a few reviews of Teacup before I actually went I was, lets say hesitant and not too optimistic. Many people commented that the staff were unpleasant, and the portion sizes were disappointing... I found this not to be the case at all. The first time I tried to go there was a notice on the door saying something about a friends only day, so I returned with my girlfriend on valentines day. We waited maybe a minute or two for a seat, the amount of people in the cafe put my mind at ease straight away as this many people would obviously not be in an awful cafe. The staff were friendly explaining in detail the process of brewing the fresh teas, some joked with families and children as they left the cafe. The carrot cake was delicious and the service was prompt. The quality and quantity of loose leaf teas was brilliant and I am not aware of anywhere else in Manchester that serves these other than Parched (Manchester Arndale.) Some people may consider Teacup a little expensive, although for the range of unique/ speciality teas available and the quality of service and food. I would definitely recommend it. All I can say is don't let the bad reviews dissuade you see for yourself, and if this place wasn't great before (which I can't really comment on) they have certainly turned it around.

By Kitten S.

Was walking past with partner and though it looked nice and Inviting place to have something to eat. After want to sit in back away from the crowed and have a intimate conversation with my partner. we were told we could not sit there by a very snooty staff member who then sat us next to toilet. After ordering a Milkshake and cake each the bill came too £16.00 which for milkshake and a tiny bit of cake it felt a bit of rip off for what you got. the Raspberry milkshake was bitter and really I have tasted better milkshakes at McD's. Staff seems like they we busy doing nothing and felt really snooty, the girl who took our order. was leaning against a post and just could not careless. will never go back overpriced and unfriendly staff.

By Amanda L.

The tea and food is lovely but the customer service is appalling! I spent 3 hours with a friend there and apart from taking our initial order, we were ignored the whole time. There were at least six waitstaff buzzing around, several of them made eye contact with us, even smiled at us, looked at our empty cups as they walked past our table, but no one bothered to take our cups away, ask if we wanted anything (we did, we'd been there long enough) and just ignored us. When I went to the counter to ask for the bill I also asked why we had been ignored for so long and all the waitress had to say was "We're really busy." She didn't have anything to say when I told her that the staff had noticed and nothing was done. Absolutely unforgivable behavior for the service industry, especially when there's a tip jar at the counter. Tips should be earned, not owed. There could have been some decent money spent and a big tip after three hours.

By Linda B.

I came in here a couple of days ago, and loved it. The service was prompt, and the food lovely. The atmosphere was inviting, and I've already recommended it to friends. Not sure what to make of the reviews below, but they have clearly improved, I had a fab time.

By Holly B.

To anyone unsure of Teacup. You should really try Teacup again! I've been going to cup for last 4 years and it truly is a little piece of magic in Manchester. Although on occasion I have had a disenchanting visit, Teacup is worth every penny! So many 'coffee shops' are overpriced, have stale sandwiches and the cakes are usually no better than you can buy at Tesco. Cup however has an ever changing array of cakes from Blueberry cake, apple and poppyseed loaf to the best raspberry cupcakes in the world! I do miss their Maltester cake! Please don't write off this great little place. With so many Cafe Neros and Starbucks, we have to support our locals who try to give us something a little but special. I have written a review for them in Hardens and hope others do too! Ps try their Dippy eggs (always cooked to perfection) or their Roasted Vegetale pie with pine nuts! Yummy! Happy tea drinking everyone! Hollybee. :-)

By Gary M.

Hi Steg. Sorry that you had a bad experience, and that your server didn't acknowledge your dissatisfaction and respond favourably. Your experience is exceptional, and we would like to offer some kind of resolve to prove that we care about quality, and how we make you feel as a customer. Please call Dom on 0161 832 3233, and let us make amends. Once again, my sincere apologies. Gary from Teacup On Thomas St.

By Steve G.

The 'Say balls to hunger' written on a steamy window was invitation enough to two hungry people. Inside was a pleasant enough café and a table was found quickly. The best part now over our order took 30 minutes to arrive. For a bill totalling £16.50 we got: 2 bowls of uninspired beetroot soup; 1 tiny humous and olives (sic) sandwich – two ungenerous slices of bread cut from a torpedo loaf about 12cm across. Inspection revealed no more than about a teaspoon of humous, two thin slices of a small green olive, two leaves of watercress (I think) and two strands as thick as cotton of sundried tomato 1 chicken sandwich just as small with equally little chicken in it with a small pot of sliced jalopeno. No bread with the soup as the menu says – no coleslaw with the sandwiches, the waiter dumped and vanished - no menu around to check we understood what we’d ordered - staff too busy to even ask the traditional ‘is everything alright?’ – none of the ingredients were either exotic or expensive. Needless to say we left disappointed and hungry and I’m afraid I made that plain to the cashier. For a cozy place to linger over a coffee it’s possibly for you. For a meal go elsewhere for service and better value.

By D H.

Loved it! Came in for breakfast twice this week, Teacup stood out like a shining light amongst all the roller doors and windows. The first time I had a lovely young gent serve me with slightly curly blondish hair, and the second time a lovely young blonde girl (there were two there, sorry I can't be more specific). On both occasions I had the Eggs Royale, the second I added Tomato which was probably the best idea I've had in a long time. The food was promptly served, and the waiters were knowledgeable and helpful in recommending tea. I loved the colours in the meal, always a good indicator, and the capers were a beautiful touch. Also Teacup, I must commend you on your coffees. I have struggled (and so had my travel buddies) to find a good coffee in the UK and yours were fantastic. and the desserts, oohhh the desserts! Indulgent to a T. If I lived nearby I'd be over for breakfast regularly. Thank you Teacup!

By Alison L.

Hi Pheonix25, at Teacup we pride ourselves on our tea and cakes! November is an exciting month for us, with the menu changing at the end of the month so I hope that you will give us another chance and I promise you will be impressed. Alison

By Alison L.

Hi audiovideodisco, there are some really exciting changes coming in to play at Teacup this month and I hope that you will come and give us another chance. Alison

By Alison L.

There are some exciting changes afoot and the whole team are working hard to make Teacup the best cafe in Manchester! I hope that you will come in again and see the changes for yourself, Alison

By Niall O.

For the life of me I don't get the fact that this place is always full-maybe it's the same people who are busy not being served. I've had several bad experiences of extremely slow service and poor waitering here, as have people I know. The menu is underwhelming, it's not exactly cheap and the portions of cake they serve are tiny. Avoid.


I was really looking forward to going to the Teacup Cafe, as I've been meaning to go on several other trips to Manchester! Quirky, interesting looking staff and peoples tables stacked high with tea pots, cups, saucers and cakes! The food was good, that's about all I can say really! A slither of Carrot Cake. Maybe I'm just greedy but I did expect more than a slither! . Then my friends were told to drink up their tea! Not that it should make a difference but it wasnt even busy! Shocked! We didn't leave a tip and I'll try somewhere else on my next trip down!

By Mathieu C.

I went to Teacup today and I don't know if they've been stung by the reviews below, but the service was excellent - friendly and attentive. As others have said, the decor and atmosphere are great and the food (I had eggs Benedict) was top notch. This was a busy Saturday lunchtime as well, so whatever glitches there might have been with the service before, they seemed to have it sorted today...

By Matt S.

This cafe has the trendy look, it stocks the trendy tea, and is in the trendy Northern Quarter of Manchester. The cafe has the potential to be amazing, world class. Sadly, the cafe is let down by its staff. Having been a few times, although have vowed never to return after my last trip, I have identified the following characters: 1. The slovenly, cheese-in-his-beard-from-last-nights-McDonalds guy. He's cheery enough, but you get a distinct feeling he's just picked his nose before dishing out your tea. 2. The dominatrix purple-haired girl. If she doesn't like you, she'll be bitter, rude and condescending. I saw someone ask her once if they did takeaway coffee. Well, you'd think they'd just eaten her family gerbil and said it tasted sinewy. 3. The keep-quiet runner. He's a mean tidier-away, but ask him for help? Oh no, that's not his job. He'll smile, 'oh yes, no problem'. But it's a ruse to keep you quiet so he can go clean away more plates. There's plenty of cafes in the Northern Quarter, all with their charms. If you want to leave feeling like a valued customer, I'd try somewhere else. If looks-over-substance is your thing, then take just one piece of advice - do NOT sit at one of the back tables. You might as well be a leper. On an island colony. With halitosis. Nil points Teacup. And yet you could be sooo good!

By Gary M.

Hi Squirrelwifel own Teacup. It's news to me that you had bad service. Being busy is no excuse for bad service, so please accept my apologies. Please send me an email to cup@sparklestreet.Net and let me know when you would like to come in and have lunch on me and give Teacup a chance to make amends. Thanks Gary

By Jessica T.

A cutesy, friendly interior complete with mismatched china and polka dot fabrics hides some of the worst service I have ever received. We waited over half an hour for two bagels, enquired after them twice, and got nowhere. On the third attempt we were told by a rude and defensive waitress that obviously it a was busy Saturday afternoon and we couldn't just jump the queue (as if we'd asked to do that). The waitress then insisted that the manager came over to us, despite the fact we stated we did not want to speak to the manager. Our food then arrived, with scant apology from the manager. And truly in the spirit of 'the customer is always right', the waitress then returned to tell us that she had checked the time on our ticket and we had only been waiting 15 minutes. Which was not the case. I was utterly shocked by the brazen rudeness of returning to argue with a customer until they admitted that they were wrong, in fact we had to ask her to leave us alone. I will not be returning. I'd rather give my money to Starbucks

By Chris M.

it's not true i've really enjoied every time i've been and i've been served always as soon as possible and the staff were all nice...maybe u have found a busy day or maybe u were to busy looking the servers...i love the cakes (so many choices) and the tea pots....

By Emma W.

looks like Sarah leech went in on a different day from the rest of us!! good food but the staff are a bit of a standing joke.

you can wait 15 minutes for a cup of coffee and pretty staff don't really make up for that. still, at least the loud woman who used to dress up as a milk maid (yes really!!) -so desperate she was for attention- has gone.

she loved shouting out numbers as she paraded about with a plate of food. then cup had the incredible idea of giving the tables numbers so the milk maid didn't have to stomp about shouting like an angry bingo-caller!

maybe the staff all think they are too good for the place or something? not sure of the reason, but they just too often don't come up with the basic goods.

pity cos it IS a good lil place!

By Sarah L.

Cute and stylish, Teacup, formerly known as Cup, is Mr Scruff’s vegetarian tea shop. The Manchester DJ is renowned for his fondness of a good cuppa and that’s exactly what you can get here with some lovely added extras.

The Venue
Teacup is a bright airy cafe in the heart of the Northern Quarter. As you walk down Thomas Street the first thing to catch your eye is the collection of beautiful vintage cups and saucers for sale in the window. Inside, the place is modern, minimalist and split into three sections - coffee shop, cup shop and T-shirt shop. The T-shirts are quirky from American company Threadless and the cups come in all shapes and sizes, however some do have eye-watering high prices. Vox Pop Records, which used to be at the back of the cafe is sadly no more and has been replaced by extra tables and chairs to cope with the ever-growing Teacup crowd.

The Atmosphere
This place has an extremely relaxed atmosphere. You can chill out and read the paper, catch up with friends over a brew or just browse the crockery and t-shirts at the front of the shop. The Cup clientele are cool and creative with lots of arty types popping in for a quick pit stop. Every now and then, they put on live music and poetry events and even Moby has previously dropped by to do an intimate acoustic gig. As for the staff, they are friendly and always helpful when you can’t decide what to have for lunch.

The Food
From all day breakfasts to crepes and sandwiches, Teacup has a great range of veggie food on offer at reasonable prices. The soups (£3) are hearty and the beetroot and horseradish is particularly good with its vibrant pink colour and tangy flavour. Heavier options include bangers and mash (£5.95) and pie of the day (£4) that can be accompanied by gravy, mash and peas. And for those with a sweet tooth, home-made cookies, muffins and cakes are also on offer alongside yummy organic chocolate bars.

The Drink
Teacup’s pride and joy is its tea. From Mr Scruff’s fair-trade English Breakfast to the more unusual chilli and mint (£1.20), there is something for everyone. The coffee is good and strong and the hot chocolate (£1.80) is rich and creamy. But it’s not only hot drinks on offer. You might want to try one of the refreshing organic juices or a shot of wheatgrass (£2.25) for a quick feel good boost. Milkshakes and smoothies (£3.50) are also on the menu and are interestingly named after famous musicians and songs.

The Last Word
There’s more to Teacup than just good food and drink. It’s a great hangout with quirky crockery and T-shirts thrown in. A perfect one-stop shop in the Northern Quarter.