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Capo Landa reviews

By Claire W.

My Parents had booked Capo-lando for the venue of their Ruby Wedding Anniversary, but after reading the last review I was a bit apprehensive about going. As I have food intolerances I ordered an omellette and it turned out to be delicious. I was a bit worried as the previous rating said it was very salty but after tasting mine I couldn't disagree more. It didn't need any seasoning whatsoever.We had a fantastic time, the staff were all really friendly and the atmosphere was fabulous. So much so that we have booked for Christmas Day!!!

By Gill C.

Have eaten at Capo Landa and previously, La Campagnola for some 30yrs, I arranged to meet my mum there for lunch. The young staff were friendly and chatty, starters lovely, served our main courses. I had lasagne from the lunch menu and although a small portion, was very tasty. Mum had the omelette with spinache and prawns & fries.Neither of us are big salt fans so a small shake of salt on the chips (I couldnt even taste it on the odd one I pinched from her plate!) After a few mouthfuls, mum wasnt making much progress with the omelette and commented that it was VERY salty. By this time,,I had finished the tasty lasagne so tried a piece of omelette, just the egg part. The salty taste actually made me draw my cheeks in and I dont know how mum had managed to eat as much as she had.The waiter took our plates, we asked to see the chef re the salty omelette. The proprietor came and to be quite frank, made an embarassing spectacle of not only himself but us too. He wanted to know why we waited until the end of the meal to "complain", I assured him we were not "complaining" simply commenting for his information. He then made point of showing that he could see grains of salt on the plate. He became accusatory and offensive. I asked him to let me speak and told him we were NOT complaining, simply commenting and that I didnt appreciate his aggresive manner. We were, til this point actually quite apologetic about even raising it (how very British!) He got very theatrical, picked up the salt cellar and flourished over the leftover omelette stating "he didnt like it when people complained after adding their own salt" and brandished "IM THE PROPRIETOR" like a threat. Im disappointed he's the proprietor as to be frank, he should not be public facing and I would have escalated. By this time the salt issue was the least of my concerns. This man is a foot stomping bully, his staff felt the need to apologise on his behalf. Good experience, tell a few,,Bad....TELL ALL

By Gill C.

In reply to debareebop..on the salt question, the 'manager' told us categorically they 'dont add salt' and tried to say it was parmesan cheese. Do NOT insult my intelligence, it was Salt,, pure and simple. Yes, to all those who have nothing but good stories and examples, so did I, until this point,,and to the rudest manager I have ever come across, that 1 bad experience is ALL it takes to ensure we do not frequent your establishment again.

By Deborah S.

totally agree with you i was there on friday 29/07/2011 with a friend and i was in and out within 30 mins in which time we had our drinks and 2 courses !!! i would not return to this restaurant again the food was salty and the manager was very unfriendly. we were indeed made to feel like the poor relations.very dissapointed , embarrassed and angry i have never been in and out of a restaurant as quick in my life .

By David M.

I wanted to respond to this review, not because I don't believe the person but I would not want anyone reading this in isolation to think it representative of the restaurant. For the sake of clarity, I have no connection with the restaurant other than as a very pleased customer over many years. I've been going to Capo Lando for the better part of ten years (maybe more) but no more than two or three times a year. We're always greeted and made very very welcome, regardless of which menu we choose from, and the food is always fabulous. For ambiance, service and quality of food I would find it very difficult to beat and would recommend it to anyone without reservation.

By Frank H.

My wife and i went to the Capo Landa on 4th july 2010 for my wifes 50th birthday, when we arrived we were shown to a table which was within a seperate room from the restaurante set in an elevated position, this room had about 6 tables and appeared to us to be an overspill room, we were a bit perturbed as we felt excluded from the main atmosphere of the restaurante , we could hear the singer for instance but couldent see him or anyone else, we would have been as well sitting outside, after we had ordered i was dismayed to overhear another waiter explaining to a couple who had just arrived in the table next to us about the days specials which included monkfish,which i would certainly have chosen if id been aware,our waiter never told us ! i ordered a fillet steak with diane sauce which was top drawer the nicest steak i have tasted for years, it was served with 3 smaller than ping pong ball potatoes a few sprigs of broccoli and a few sticks of carrots delicious but not anywhere enough to fill me up, i left the place still slightly hungry, my wife had the strogganoff which was lovely, all in all taking into account all of the above and the fact we were served with a bottle of house rose which hadent been chilled properly we felt a bit let down.

By Jenny F.

What a great idea. We had our Mothers Day meal in an Authentic Family run restaurant. Great food, great fun and all the Mums made to feel special. Shame for the mum working so hard with the rest of her family. I recommend this restaurant to everyone who enjoys good food, good wines, good company and lots of fun. JennyF

By Ronald H.

This privately owned and managed is the perfect place to spend a quiet, romantic evening, a family celebration or a Saturday night with dancing.

The owners and staff are always there to meet your every need and the atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly.

The fish choices are exceptional and the fillet steak will not be matched anywhere. Come once and you'll be hooked.

There is ample parking adjacent to the restaurant and for those who choose to be carried the local bus and taxi services are very good.

Gary & Mary

By Rob F.

On a busy Saturday night we were made very welcome.

The restaurant was well staffed and the food was just great Italian cuisine, a wide ranging menu and a large number of specials on the chalk board.

There were obviously a large number of regulars but we were never left feeling missed out, I think we will be regulars from now on.

This family run restaurant gave us one of the best nights out we have ever had anywhere, at any time.

Thank you for reading my review, you certainly will not be disappointed if you chose to visit.

By Carlo D.

this is one of the best restaurants in Glasgow for serves food and value and i cant believe for a second that the family would act in such a manner

i have been dining a capo landa for 5 years i have seen nothing but happy people and staff something just is not quite right with this story.

By Fran M.

Myself & a group of friends of mixed ages went here for a quiet pre theatre meal. Within 5 mins of arriving we were made to feel like second hand customers ( we feel it was because we were not spending on the a la carte menu.

The rudest manager I have ever come across approached to say because we had altered our booking time ( we had NOT!!!) we must vacate our table at 7-30 not 8pm as first agreed.

We refused as the error was their’s and proceeded to order and were stared at throughout our meal by several staff. We all found this most intimidating..

we ate our food which was average to say the least, and asked again to speak with the manager to explain how angry we felt.

He said as one of the party had not turned up ( She had called us to say sorry she had become ill ) he would withhold her deposit ( £5 ). we stated she could not foresee her sickness but we und. and were not minding the fiver.

Next his wife approached our table ( everyone by this time looking at us.) we stated the customer service was appalling and wee got the bill money together after they slapped it down in front of me rudely.

as we approached to pay we were ordered Loudly ..."OUT!!!"We said we will pay when we get an apology and as none came we left with money in hand.

One of our party had got into her car to leave and her way was blocked by the manager & his arrogant son which caused the lady to become upset and tearful.

we paid for the bill in full