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The Grosvenor is a authentic British which serves a delightful menu of traditional pub food and a fantastic variety of drinks. Why not pop in for one of the regular curry and steak nights.

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Grosvenor reviews

By Jon A.

One word sums up this pub... Frustrating. Excellent location, great building, nice mix of people, reasonable atmosphere. All squandered by terrible management and a complete lack of any concept of customer service. Bar staff - uninterested, vacant, lazy, occasionally rude. Management - uninterested, vacant, lazy, regularly rude. And so frustrating, it's clear to me if the owners went on a weekend course in customer service they could turn the place into a real gem. Come on the Grosvenor, pull your socks up!

By H H.

my fiance worked in notts for the past 9 month and used this pub everynight. the barmaid sarah slept with him last week on the Wednesday. she flirts with all the contractors no matter what age they are she is a student of 22 years old and mt now ex is 42 years old and a father of 2 the eldest only being 10 year younger than her.and that night she spent in his bed she supplied cocaine to everyone. so if you want a pub where you a hit ask for sarah she more than happy to help split up a family

By Martin H.

Couldn't agree more smeghead. For 10 years it's been my local - well, the nearest pub to my house, I hardly go there really because for 10 years the food has been average, the beer OK and the service atrocious. Recently took me 25 minutes to get served as there was a big football game on (the only reason I was there) and only 2 behind the bar. Something of a record even for there I think. Basically no one who works there really cares, and it shows. I'd rather walk a few minutes further up the road to the Gladstone where you get good beer, friendly service and a good atmosphere

By Someoen S.

Upon many visits to this pub, as it is the nearest one to me! I've always found the staff uninterested, the beer very average or below, and thats assuming they even have any on, as it would seem if it runs out, no one knows how to change it. Even so far as to say, rude and naff service, but that said its a nice building and if there was better staff and beer that was looked after this really would be a great pub, but its not, enter with no high hopes and you will be not too unsurprised!

By Kelly H.

The Grosvenor is a decent pub, but it seems to be missing a trick. It attracts a mixed crowd, like most run of the mill boozers. Maybe its new comedy nights will help to breath new life into it.

The Venue
The Grosvenor has long been a favoured drinking spot. Since its recent refurbishment though, it has lost some of its character. It was a bit spit and sawdust, but not grotty, and it was the sort of place you could go happy in the knowledge that you didn’t have to dress up.

It hasn't been transformed into a swanky bar and you still don’t have to dress up, but it's had a facelift, and to be honest, it hasn't done The Grovesnor any favours.

It is a healthy size with a great outside area that attracts plenty of summertime drinkers. It’s not the prettiest of outside areas as it’s right next to the main road, but it is a great spot to sit and watch the world go by.

The biggest problem is finding the toilets (they are a proper trek up the stairs and not at all well signed). It’s all well and good when you are sober, but after a few shandies it seems like an event on the Krypton Factor.

The People
This is one of those places that has no particular demographic. Regulars and occasional customers come in all shapes, sizes and ages and this makes for a nice atmosphere where anyone could happily walk in alone or with a group and feel relaxed.

Things liven up a little on Sunday and Tuesday when they host a good quality pub quiz, and they've also recently signed up to be one of the venues for the Funhouse Comedy Club, with monthly stand-up spots.

The staff are mainly students (with the exception of the cellar man who has completed his second decade here) and they are perfectly pleasant and provide all you need from a good boozer.

The Food
It’s so disappointing to walk into pubs and find almost the same menu, and sadly The Grosvenor hasn't broken the mould. The food is of a fair quality with decent prices, but there's no hint of originality, and it really is a crying shame.

There’s such a huge opportunity for places like The Grosvenor to create something away from the norm, but this pub certainly hasn’t stepped up to the mark as yet.

The Drink
The Grosvenor is yet another pub that has signed up to serve Becks Vier, along with a good selection of other draught beers. There is also something for the bitter drinkers, with Bombardier and London Pride regular fixtures along with a couple of other rotating ales.

The Last Word
The Grosvenor has always been a lovely pub for a drink, but you can’t help but feel that, if it really wanted, it could be so much more.