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Ashmolean Dinning Room is located above the museum and offers a variety of Modern European fare such as duck cassoulet, wild game terrine or roast suckling pig.

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Ashmolean Dining Room reviews

By Susannah M.

I am so disappointed with the way that this restaurant is managed. We had a booking for a table last Saturday with them and when we arrived we were told by the security on the door that the restaurant was closed for a private event! When we said that can't be right because we have a table booked, he said that there were many people who had come in the same situation but there was nothing that he could do because the manager and all the staff had gone home. I couldn't believe that they hadn't at least phoned us to tell us/cancel our booking! I left it a few days, thinking that perhaps we would get a phone call from them to apologise and to offer us some kind of explanation but heard nothing. So today I phoned and asked to speak to the manager - when I explained what had happened he basically said that it wasn't his fault, that he had phoned the people that he had details for but that there were a lot of people who he didn't know had booked a table! I asked why he didn't have the details and he could give me no explanation - just tried to convince me that it wasn't his fault whilst offering to book me a new table on a different day! He was very aggressive and angry on the phone and kept saying "what do you want me to do?" - I explained that I wanted an apology for what had been a big mess up on their part. I have enjoyed going to this restaurant in the past, but won't be going again until I hear that it is managed by someone different. Don't assume that because you have a table booked, there will be one for you (or that they will even be open!). And certainly don't assume that you are going to be dining somewhere where they think that customer service is important. Unbelievable.

By Donald P.

The location is great, but the service is crap. The place is in chaos. The staff was clustered in the distance, talking among themselves, ignoring diners and newcomers. Eventually, I flagged down a waitress who jammed a card into my hand detailing afternoon tea (which I didn't want) and said 'Anywhere.' Ignored, I found my own wine list. I ordered twice before a drink arrived. I had to ask for a menu. It arrived, but no-one came to take an order. I left, but not before observing that other diners were in various stages of disorganisation, as well. It's great to be up there on a sunny day, but take a sandwich. Don't worry about being caught, no-one will notice.

By Nick W.

A great setting, with a view out over the spires and rooftops of central Oxford. I took my wife there for our wedding anniversary. It was a pity that the food and service did not live up to the wonderful setting.

By Lisa C.

Went to the restaurant on a Friday evening at 8.30. It was a gorgeous evening and the terrace was full. We were seated quickly inside the restaurant and then had to wait an age for anyone to come and ask us if we wanted drinks, we practically had to haul a waiter over. We were then told that they only had one cold bottle of the wine we ordered and they would have to go to their storeroom to get some more (the wine is very expensive). We eventually received our drinks and then had to wait another age for our orders to be taken. I am not sure whether they were understaffed or just inept, the restaurant was probably half full so god help you if you go when they are at capacity. They placed bread on the table with our drinks and this was thick tasty bread with butter. Once the food arrived it was lovely. We shared a few of their small starter dishes and then I had the fish for main which was full of flavour. We then had to wait 20 minutes for our plates to be cleared away. Maybe we were just unlucky, the food made up for the terrible service, and I think I will go back and give them another chance.

By Lois M.

I visited this restaurant for the first time this evening as I had heard good things about it and wanted to try it out for myself. It's a great setting in terms of its location and decor but that's not enough to sell a restaurant...we expected good food as well!! Our waitress was friendly and helpful. However, my friend and I had the most disappointing meal we have had for a long time and came away feeling totally ripped off. We both had the mezze main course which was not good. It consisted of 3 bowls of basic mezze vegetarian dishes, a few slivers of flat bread and a very basic, unadorned and nasty tasting green salad. When we complained to the maitre d', she asked us if the waitress had sufficiently explained the dish to us!! We felt it was insulting to us that she asked this (did we know what mezze was when we ordered it?!) and unprofessional to try and blame the poor waitress for the chef's inadequacies in the kitchen. We decided not to risk dessert and got our bill. Just to add insult to injury, the maitre d' said she'd taken some money off our bill - aproximately £3!! - when we'd paid for two very poor dishes that each cost £16. Not impressed Ashmolean Dining Room! If this was your end of term report, I would be saying 'could do better'....and hauling you back in for detention!! :o(

By Heather M.

In a word, yuk. Arrogant, aggressive staff. Fish that was 2 days old (at least). Pork belly was dry. The manager doesn't respond to complaints. Horrible experience.

By Hathija S.

This is by all one of the fantastic restaurant i have been for a long time. Food is fabulous , with the whole seabass ,and the rosat suckling pig, absolutely delicious. Pudding are fantastic,and the chocolate mouse is heavenly, tart tatin very hard to see nowadays in any restaurant. delicious. The service team is really good and very attentive. and the house wine is by far the best ever house wine i have tasted. Fantastic experience , defenitely recommand to all my freinds.

By Henrik E.

A little hard to find the entrance in the evening but once you are there, the reception is very friendly and the hostess shows you the way to the restaurant on the top floor.The room is very spacious but the atmosphere nice and cosy and staff very friendly. The food selection is pretty large and ideal if you like to share your food as they have loads of nice little foreign dishes to try. Main course portions are generous and steak tartar is prepared to your specification in front of you by your friendly waiter- a must!

Wine selection is huge and should really satisfy any taste, the waiters are pretty good at helping you make the right choice.The desserts are something else, beautiful tart tatin, juicy rum baba, melt in the mouth egg custard tart. A good diner for two with wine coast around £60, which was well worth it considering the view into the museum and the terasse!