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The Brown Bear offers a beautiful home cooked lunch menu and a superb array of beers and wines. The atmosphere is always warm and friendly and is popular with locals.

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Opening Hours

11:00 - 23:00


11:00 - 23:00


11:00 - 23:00


11:00 - 23:00


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Brown Bear reviews

A once nice pub. But not now. Give it a miss

Been going in for many years ' i wont be any more. New land lord and landladey are drunks. The woman is terrible. And also got sacked when she worked in the mulburry tavern. Landlord was a big drinker in their. How have they got this job! I whent to the filthy toilets were two old men were having sex. Sickning. It seems to be a gay bar now. With allsorts working behind to bar. A once lovely pub ' but not now. A well known pedofile sits in the corner most days.

Sheffields new gay bar with a dishonest twist

The new landlords are alcoholics rude nastey allso sacked for stealing when they worked in the mulberry The pub might as well be classed as a gay bar. All custermers that were bard are back in. Drunks' trouble causers the dregs of town. Who gave theese idiots the job of landlord. To sum up' its a gay bar full of dishonest people inc landlords

By Mark P.

Cheap drinks, yes, but evening completely ruined by one of the regulars who started aggressively shouting at me out of the blue and haranguing me because he didn't like where I'd put my chair. The bar staff seemed not surprised by it, and seemed to know the individual and his behavior. Regular or not, people who behave like that should be warned, and then chucked out and even banned if they keep doing it. We won't be going back there again.

By Andrew M.

PLease get in touch. We would love to hear of your experiences as we are applying to manage the Brown Bear. Take care. Andrew and Deirdre.

By Andrew M.

Thank you for a lovely review of the Brown Bear. I, along with my wife are currently applying for the vacant manager's role. I love Sheffield, having lived there for 14 years in the '80s and 90s before emigrating to New Zealand. I'm back, with my Kiwi wife, and we would really relish the chance to put our customer service skills to the test. I can guarantee that Brown Bear will become one of the most popular pubs in Sheffield.

By Tracey P.

A fantastic pub, with really welcoming staff and customers. My husband and I stumbled on the pub by accident a year ago when visiting Sheffield. We were made to feel really at home by the customers. March this year we stopped off on route to Newcastle purely to visit the pub and the friends we made. This weekend we are heading back and are deliberately staying an extra day, so we can join our friends for a pint who only visit the pub weekday lunchtimes. Wonderful place, but let's keep it a secret!

By William C.

As i am used to paying a fiver for a pint of beer and a pint of lager for myself and my wife,I was very pleased to be paying 3 pounds 14 pence for the same.We usually have about 6 drinks when we go out, so instead of paying 30 pounds at the usual pub it cost us 18 pounds 84 pence.Aswell as saving a load of money,the beer and lager were great,and the pub is very friendly and cosy.Other breweries are just rip off merchants so go to the Brown Bear for a good cheap night,we certainly will.

By Dee M.

A three star rating for this pub only held back because its a Sams pub with all the restrictions that the company puts in place. Local to both of the best theatres outside london and Sheffields University campus the Brown Bear is frequented by locals,visitors and even tourists at times. I have visisted many times in the last few months and met and had conversations with many of the local characters who are friendly and informative about the locality and have also enjoyed conversations with local students on several issues of the day A most interesting and well run establishment A five star rating for the quality of the drinks available and for service

By Deanne L.

After reading this review i thought for the first time in my life rather than just read and then stumble onto other articles of public houses i would write an insiders review myself having been a former manager of the public house itself. The pub itself is actually very well refurbished and also is the living quarters upstairs and even though it dosnt look very big from the outside when you walk into the pub it is quite an impressive size as you have two rooms on either side with the bar itself sat inbetween the two rooms which does actually make this easier on serving the customers compared to a long thin bar. And as you make your way from one room to another around the back side of the bar you will find a long corridoor with the kitchen and toilets and also the store room located there with a door at the very end that takes you into the courtyard and to help the managers and bar staff keep there eye on things is cctv camera's. But the main thing about this pub is not only the alcohol which makes this pub the second cheapest in sheffield but the fabulous range of customers it has from the old gentlemen in the morning to the youger range at tea time to the young people that come in on a night time from the theatres or universities. But the regulars are the most fantastic people i have ever had the pleasure of working with throughout my life in this trade they are polite , funy and very helpfull and caring. Even though i was only there for a short time these people caught my heart and if we were ever too busy to get from behind the bar to collect glasses (which was at least 3 days out of 7) they would only be too happy to help. the pleasure was all mine in running one of the best public houses sheffield .

By Matt K.

The Brown Bear, hidden away in the heart of the city, is almost certainly Sheffield’s cheapest pub.

The Venue
The Brown Bear can be found on Norfolk Street, a narrow, partly cobbled street running parallel to Tudor Square (home to the famous Crucible) which is close to the Peace Gardens, Winter Gardens and the Fargate areas of the city centre. A single doorway in a very narrow frontage make the Brown Bear a little invisible in such a busy part of town, so keep your eyes out for its hanging sign. Inside, two smallish rooms – the so-called public and lounge bars – stand either side of a single bar in the centre. Recently refurbished, The Brown Bear has a very warm, modern feel, though its walls remain decorated with many photos and memorabilia of Sheffield’s past.

The People
The vast majority of the Brown Bear’s customers are locals. For a pub in the very centre of the city it’s relatively obscure and isn’t the kind of place a casual tourist is likely to stumble into. It is well-known to locals, however, as being the cheapest pub in the city centre. It draws, therefore, quite a mixed crowd, from office workers on lunch and shoppers taking a break to after work drinkers and numerous regulars later in the evening.

Be warned, though: The Brown Bear does attract some of Sheffield’s heavier drinkers amongst its eclectic local mix. Perhaps surprisingly, for all this, it’s not a rowdy pub by any stretch of the imagination and largely avoids the kind of hordes of young lads who scour pubs and bars for the cheapest beer and the quickest route to drunkenness. Mostly the Brown Bear’s clientele are those with a taste for the traditional pub.

The Food
Food is served daily, but without a set menu it consists instead of a choice of specials written on the board. These are largely traditional, if no longer typical, pub fare such as cottage pie, steak and ale pie, bangers and mash or scampi and chips. All are priced at under £6 and burgers are available at £3.95, as well as the usual snacks and sides.

The Drink
The Brown Bear is a Samuel Smith’s pub. This rather eccentric brewery is known for keeping prices as low as possible by serving only their own products in their pubs. Rather than the usual range of big name lagers you’ll find, therefore, Samuel Smith’s Alpine Lager, while Sovereign and Old Brewery Best Bitter provide the choice of ales.

Samuel Smith’s own range of lagers, ales and ciders is reasonably comprehensive, so you’ll find a counterpart to most of the more common brands, at considerably cheaper prices. With the exception of a couple of very premium beers all pints are well under £2, with the cheapest (the Mild) being a truly astonishing £1.25 a pint. Spirits are likewise restricted to the brewery’s own brands, but don’t offer nearly the same savings. A range of wine is available, prices go from £2.60 upwards.

The Last Word
Almost certainly the city centre’s cheapest pub and, as it’s nestled right in its heart, it’s an ideal choice for those wanting a few pints in a traditional pub rather than the upmarket bars that populate much of the area.

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